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US: Pastors blame photograph of gay politician kissing partner for Colorado wildfires

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Reader comments

  1. agentprovokatur 3 Jul 2013, 6:34pm

    In response to this article, and others I have read this morning regarding proposed legislation across the United States, comments by Catholic Church “Leaders” and other religious leaders I can only say:

    “My head is full of F%#K

  2. GulliverUK 3 Jul 2013, 6:41pm

    Oh, that is really naughty PN. They said much more than that, including blaming Christian women who wear pant-suits for it !! They were on a roll.

    Crazy, should be locked up and medicated, daft as a brush, … I heard the audio, they spoke as if they actually believed this, I wouldn’t have been able to keep a straight face if I’d been interviewing them.

  3. Pink News is really tiresome.

    This endless promotion of homophobia serves no worthwhile purpose at all.

    1. But this stuff is so daft that it’s funny. A bit of light relief.

    2. John in Toronto Canada 3 Jul 2013, 10:13pm

      The worthwhile purpose is to know what people who would just as soon have you killed, are up to. You can’t pretend that homophobia doesn’t existed even if you’re fortunate enough to live somewhere that doesn’t persecute you. Others ARE being persecuted all around us, by people who place no value in reason and have no respect for anyone who doesn’t believe as they do. It may be hard to take in steady streams, but it’s dangerous to ignore.

      1. But do you think (for example) the Westboro Baptist Church would do all they do without the attention it gets them?

        There’s enough mad people in the world that you can find someone who’ll say anything… I wonder how healthy it is actively seeking out the very worst, craziest, most offensive people in order to be shocked by them.

        Is it not a little to do with validating oneself by reinforcing how extreme our opponents are?

        It’s true that we shouldn’t underestimate or ignore homophobia wherever it happens but I’m not sure giving professional trolls what they want really helps.

    3. Steve – you are missing the point COMPLETELY! The more publicity these nut jobs get, the more they will be revilled. Even right-wing christians are embarrassed by them. I used to think like you …. but I have realised that the vile views of these self-proclaimed religious ‘leaders’ backfire and turn their supporters into agnostics.

  4. I find it incredulous that every time there is a natural disaster, Jewish, Muslim and especially Christian religious leaders can’t help themselves but associate these natural phenomenon to the wrath of their sky god against the LGBT community and political/ social policies that support LGBT rights.
    These a-hole nuts are indeed unthinking, unschooled, stupid bigots.

    1. The real scary thing is that an economic collapse may very well create opportunity to super re-invigorate these fundamentalist groups. This by placing all the blame of an economic crash on us. People in a state of panic become psychologically quite vulnerable and extremely desperate to accept anything for the sake of relief during desperate times. This is the precise way Hitler came to power after WWI. Good times and religion wanes. Bad times and religion waxes strong.

      1. … I thought the devil was responsible for everything bad that happens. Or was ‘the devil’ just another of man’s inventions to expalin away why god appears to inflict such wicked things on us like childhood cancers and famine?


  6. I’m thinking that must have been one really hot kiss! Lucky them!!!

  7. These are in the Twilight Zone.Do do do do, do do do do. Theme song to the TV series.

  8. Well PN… you did surprise me! I assumed this was another WBC story.

    Instead it was yet more idiots using the same demonic scare tactic.

    I cringe to think what they will come up with for global warming! (I’ll stay away from that one, wouldn’t want to give them idea’s)

  9. reykjavik 3 Jul 2013, 9:39pm

    maybe these pastors and there thinking is a reason God is mad not the gay community…. I laugh at stupid.

  10. Swanson responded: “When you have “a state where the House leadership is performing a homosexual act on the front page of the Denver Post two months ago? Does God read the Denver Post? Do you think He picks up a copy of the Denver Post? He gets it. God gets the Denver Post.”

    “How?” does he walk down the street and deposit his $ in the Denver Post paper box at the same time as he picks up his USA Today?

    Is it delivered to his house? is he on a mailing list? this is a big story maybe we can finally get a sighting of him!

    Sounds like a great interview/guest for Ellen! maybe they can give her his phone number?

    Silly me… I forgot she must already have it!

  11. if anyone is to be blamed for the negative and horrible things that are happening in our world today, would be the asshats who spread negative energy by their ignorance and hatefulness…

    1. floridahank 4 Jul 2013, 3:23pm

      You said, “spread negative energy.” Interesting concept. Just exactly how does that work in our world?

  12. Stupid pastors, the fires in Colorado weren’t starting with this picture or other same-sex pictures! It started with some person being careless or mother nature with thunder and lightening !!!

  13. Christopher Coleman 4 Jul 2013, 5:03am

    I can’t remember who they blamed for last year’s Colorado wildfires. On this evening’s news I heard that a 47 year old man was arrested for causing some of this year’s wildfires in California. At least some of these natural disasters are not the result of divine wrath.

    1. Agreed. Most of the natural disasters – wildfires are frequently man made caused by careless discard of cigarette butts or lightening strikes. The lightening strikes I wouldn’t put past these pastors to allude to divine wrath. Fortunately this not being the UK they can’t allude wildfires caused by discarded cigarette butts to us ;)

  14. Does God read the Denver Post? Do you think He picks up a copy of the Denver Post? He gets it. God gets the Denver Post.”

    It must be comforting in a way to be so very narrow-minded, self-absorbed and ignorant to believe that whatever part of the world you’re in, it’s the centre of Gaad’s attention. But while it might have been excusable in the Stone Age Eastern Mediterranean, it’s pathetic in the developed West – I mean, do these people not even have a TV?

  15. They really are barking mad aren’t they?

    And they beat the WBC to laying the blame at the gay community.

  16. God told me that he started the fire because he’d been watching both Kevin Swanson and Dave Buehner secretly jacking-off over the photograph of the gay politician kissing his partner, that’s the truth of the matter.

  17. 6th century Byzantine emperor Justinian said that sodomy caused earthquakes. Nice to note progress in Christian thought.

    1. Midnighter 4 Jul 2013, 12:35pm

      Wow that’s some seriously hot sex right there. Sounds like Justinian may have been a touch jealous to me.

      1. The empress Theodora was an acrobat and a prostitute before he married her, so maybe he wasn’t missing so much. Basically he was just a thug.

  18. They really do seem to believe their god fiction is a small-minded, petty, vindictive, sociopathic douchebag…

    …hey, so I finally found that I have something in common with these absurd wingnuts…

  19. This is SO true – I kissed my girlfriend once and a whole avenue of poplars burst into flames and three passing Christians spontaneously combusted. We don’t know our own power, people!

  20. I am a very strong Christian, but I am ashamed of some so called “leaders” that claim natural disasters are a result of human behavior. There is no connection at all! If you honestly think there is, than you are not fit to have the title “pastor” I hope and pray that people do not listen to their false claims. If you do than you are being led astray!

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