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Microsoft plans to isolate homophobic Xbox gamers in online multiplayer games

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Reader comments

  1. Well I’ll still not be buying an Xbox 180.

    As a staunch defender of the 360, I felt royally backstabbed by the DRM and always online nonsense, so my loyalty has completely switched.

    I do commend them for tackling the huge issue, but I’m not even sure that I like this system. If it’s simply grouping the homophobes together, it’s not exactly “punishing” them, is it? Will it not just make them feel like they’ve found other like minds, and help them build THEIR community spirit?

    1. Racist white people in the 50’s were all in favour of separating themselves from black people in the US. In fact they struggled tooth and nail in order to try and hold on to this separatist state of being. These did this right unto the end of segregation. In this the homophobes and racists will probably LOVE this grouping of like minds together as there is no true love in their hearts to begin with. Hate and love cannot reside in the same person.

  2. After playing games for more than 30 years, it was experiences on Xbox Live (especially given that so many games rely on online content to compensate short campaigns) that made me reconsider my leisure time.

    I am sure the demented howler monkeys that inhabit the service – and who do behave chronically sometimes – will consider it a “badge of honour” to be sequestered away from everyone else and will enjoy diving into their self-constructed cesspit of loathsome bigotry. In fact I wonder if Xbox have this misjudged and there will be more people in the “segregated” area than anywhere else.

    Either way, if considering a return to gaming, I’d rather have a PS4 because Microsoft’s marketing strategy and cavalier concept of ownership is a bloody joke.

  3. Sounds like a dose of real life to me. Probably the best answer.

    In real life these people would lose friends and end up feeling cut off from society. It is the classic form of societal punishment. In some societies it is called shunning.

    Not sure they will get on with the other shunned individuals because those that give it very often can’t take it themselves.

  4. Oh, please. Gay people are too sensitive.

    1. Staircase2 4 Jul 2013, 3:42pm

      What a load of bollocks

  5. Or just ban them. That would shut them up. Separate them so they can say the same things but with gamers who have similar opinions. Ergo, encouraging them to be more offensive.

    1. Yeah but this way Microsoft get to keep their subscription money. If you ban the from Xbox live, they’re not going to pay for Xbox live.

      I think they’re trying desperately to improve their image with this after the recent PR sh1t storm and u-turn. I don’t think it convince many people to buy an xbone now though. The PS4 is a better machine. PS+ is a better subscription service and you don’t have to be a member to watch iplayer, Netflix, love film etc. I’ve never understood the later when it comes to the 360.

  6. white squirrel 4 Jul 2013, 6:51pm

    who sets the bar?
    who ensures the bar is fair and justly applied?

  7. Seems fair.

    If you want to act like a child, play in the ‘children’s’ area.

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