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John Barrowman marries his long-term partner Scott Gill

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Reader comments

  1. I’ll make the first comment!! Congratulations guys…Totally brilliant!!

    It also means they’re rights as a couple are protected. When John was filming Torchwood in the US in 2010 he noted that Scott had no more protection than a house mate.

    Now we’re just waiting here in the UK :)

    1. Congratulations!! My son and his civil partner want to be married when it becomes lawful in the UK, let’s hope it won’t be too long to wait.

      1. Beelzeebub 3 Jul 2013, 9:34pm

        Much to my surprise, my 70 year old Mother and 73 year old father burst into tears when I told them over the phone that I, at the time, a 45 year old man had proposed to my 35 year old partner of 7 years.

        I really did not expect the tear falls and love that they gave.

        Both families have now merged and function perfectly fine despite all the poison that sometimes surrounds.

        Best of luck to your son and his partner and to yourself as an obviously loving parent doing what parents do.

        Please ignore the monicker.

        It was only to irritate bad Christians.

        1. That’s absolutely beautiful :)

        2. Rev. Peter 4 Jul 2013, 10:47pm

          I went to give this a thumbs up on my iPad, but my finger hit the Report button instead. I hope nothing comes of it.
          It was great to read your story.

  2. Congratulations to John and Scott! They are a great couple and I’m happy that they could get legally married now in the US. They are such an obviously happy long-term couple and this step will make life much easier for them in the US, especially for Scott. Cheers to them!

    1. Hi Claudia :)

  3. GingerlyColors 3 Jul 2013, 8:25pm

    Congratulations, John and I wish you all the best for the future with Scott. John Barrowman is a fantastic role model and I look forward to seeing this beautiful man on ‘Doctor’ Who and hopefully a new series of ‘Torchwood’ soon.
    I hope that the marriage between John and Scott will spur on the cause of marriage equality both in the USA and the UK.

  4. Congratulations! Best news ever. The UK should better catch up with CA :-)

  5. Congratulation to you both. The only thing I don’t understand is why Pink News feel it necessary to describe your relationship as “committed” after twenty years – surely it’s obvious!

    1. Beelzeebub 3 Jul 2013, 9:24pm

      Its a word.


      “THAT” Which most religious people should be.

      In this context.


      to each other.

      Despite the religious.

      1. Totally Beelzeebub

        Just wondering why someone gave you a thumbs down for you perfect comment :)

    2. Personally I think they used it to make a point. These bigots use it against us trying to imply that because we are gay, how can we be possibly be ‘commited’ to another person. In their minds all we do is bed hope because we’re all sex addicts and only think about sex. That might be true ;) but there’s more to us than that lol so I can see why they used it.

  6. Christine 3 Jul 2013, 9:03pm

    Adopt a teenager? I’m 15 please adopt me!!!!!!!! Ha lol kidding, so glad these two are married

  7. Congratulations to John and Scott! Wishing you both many more happy years and anniversaries.

    Your commitment to each other prior to CP’s and Equal Marriage sends a strong and emphatic message of example to society that LGBT relationships are no different to any other attraction. We too can have long and enduring loving committed relationships worthy of equal recognition.

  8. Beelzeebub 3 Jul 2013, 9:20pm

    Its telling that John in his UK Civil Partnership had to nip off to California to get married whilst we suffer the House of Zombies debating our same right.

    1. Whilst I relate to your frustration with the house of Zombies, it is a logical practicality for him to marry in California. With the ruling against DOMA many bi-national couples will marry in both their respective countries until their respective countries recognize both partners in Equal Marriages.

    2. What you must remember is that when John is working in the US and Scott his staying, he had no rights. They were deemed no different than two friends living in the same house. John and Scott getting married means that they have the same rights as any other heterosexual couple and that Scott, if he so wants, could do some work whilst there.

      John and Scott didn’t just HOP over to the US to do this. Due to work commitments in the US John was already there and has been for about 6 months.

      And frankly, if I had the money, I would do the same. And there are plenty of UK residents who have gone over to Canada in the past to get married

  9. How romantic! Congratulations, guys…so are you going to have another wedding back in the UK when you get marriage equality over there?

    1. That would not be legal unless it was a show ceremony.

    2. When it becomes legal in the UK you will be able to opt for your CP to be converted to marriage. So there’s no need to get married as you have already had a ceremony.

  10. Derek Peters 3 Jul 2013, 10:22pm

    gay twat

    1. BIGOTED TROLL!!! Bugger off somewhere else!

  11. He said that Cardinal Keith O’Brien helped change his mind about marriage –

  12. Spanner1960 5 Jul 2013, 11:12am

    …and a million queens burst into tears… “but *I* wanted him!!”

    Nice one John!
    Congrats to you both!

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