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Dame Helen Mirren: The next Doctor Who should be a gay black woman

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Reader comments

  1. because tokenism is so much fun and not at all insulting we should do it all at once?

    Why not address why there are not enough quality original roles, that don’t hinge on stereotypes, written for these minorities individually.

    1. Tokenism can certainly be insulting, but the problem of many sectors of society not being adequately reflected in the major roles of film and TV can only be tackled by forcible casting. This may look like tokenism, but you have to start somewhere. Addressing why the problem exists is fine, but let’s tackle it as well.

  2. to tick all of the boxes, she ought to have a disability, too! But a disabled Time Lord doesn’t really work!

    (note sarcasm)

    I’ll be glad when they annouce the new Doctor and all this nonsense is over.

  3. Colin Andrew 1966 3 Jul 2013, 1:52pm

    Can’t the Doctor regenerate only 12 times? This will be the 12th time I think.Or has that been quietly dropped like the fact that he had a granddaughter who is never mentioned now.

    1. theotherhalf 3 Jul 2013, 2:19pm

      there are…inconsistancies in dr who :-)

      i really don’t see why a female dr who would be a bad thing

      1. The granddaughter was mentioned in a recent episode.

        1. theotherone 3 Jul 2013, 6:58pm

          i havn’t watched enough of the new stuff, i like the 80s doctors (weird i know)

  4. the Doctor can no more change his gender than change his sexuality – because like humans neither are life style choices they are biologically pre determined.

    1. Midnighter 3 Jul 2013, 2:51pm

      When I raised this previously I was corrected and it was pointed out that there are other characters in the associated fiction who have demonstrated both genders (the Corsair was one such).

      Personally I don’t feel this necessarily justification for the Doctor doing so, as it might be argued to be a similar issue to any human who has a fluid or non-typical gender identity. They Doctor apparently largely or wholly identifies as the male gender. For that reason I would be against it.

    2. Actually it is a fact that Time Lords can regenerate into a different Gender

      Should the 12th Doctor be female? In my eyes no, the character has always been male and there is no need to change that

      Could a Time Lord change gender? Yes, in canon it says they can

      1. Yes whose to say the Doctor isn’t like Jack Harkness? Given this fact there is nothing to say the Doctor can’t be or isn’t actually omnisexual. To actually change sexuality makes less sense than what I said.

    3. The Doctor isn’t real, I don’t see why how it matters what gender he/she is.

      Some comments by Doctor Who fans prove that they take this programme a little bit too seriously.

  5. GulliverUK 3 Jul 2013, 3:13pm

    Rubbish. It should be replaced by The Doctors, two gay couples, one female couple, one male couple. :-p

    I was a devotee of the original stuff, Tom Baker and others, but the modern Doctor Who is very hit and miss – I like one episode, and hate another. I tend not to watch now to save myself disappointment. And who needs that when you have … STARGATE ATLANTIS, with “the wrath” !!!!!!

    1. on a completely random note you know what the wraith remind me of? the morlock leader from that terrible 2002 version of the time machine lol i mean the costume just looks so similar :D

    2. Colin Andrew 1966 3 Jul 2013, 3:26pm

      Nowadays actors like Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker would never get the role as they would be considered too old or eccentric, the modern Doctors seem bland and safe on the rare times I’ve seen it.

  6. Christopher Coleman 3 Jul 2013, 3:41pm

    I’d vote for an aristocratic Doctor Whom.

  7. Colin (London) 3 Jul 2013, 4:10pm

    Spot on girl and she could be disabled as well. My mum became half paraplegic at 29.

    I assure you she has her own way of doing things which looks awkward to others but she is one independant woman. Still going at 75.

  8. Beelezeebub 3 Jul 2013, 4:47pm

    I always thought he came across as camp as t1ts and very sexually ambiguous.

    Perhaps that was just me not getting the “aristocratic eccentric” nature of the character at that time.

    Mind you. Tom Baker just came across as being wildly insane.

    Bless him. Still does……

  9. 1. She was most likely joking
    2. Personally, i don’t think the doctor should be gay or straight. I mean, in the original series, he was very much asexual, i don’t see why we can’t have that in the modern version

  10. I don’t really think that the Doctor should be labelled as gay but more fluid sexuality; like it matters more about the person/being(if they’re alien) as opposed to gender.
    My only concern is about the idea of changing the Doctor’s gender, simply because the Doctor has always been male, it would take a lot of work and plot hole filling to make that work.
    However, androgyny could be interesting, don’t you think?

  11. I’m so behind on the series. lol I was watching the original seasons recently season 3 I think from 1963/64 I did start ahead of time and saw season 27(2005) and saw up to when David regenerated into Matt smith but then stopped. I didnt see it after that. Because I wanted to get more of a history lesson and watch the older seasons try to get in order for a change. lol Watching the new stuff is confusing now xD As for her saying a black “female” Doctor? hmm..I don’t know. The Doctor was always male but I guess it doesn’t matter, I don’t think Time Lords have a specific gender anyway since they are alien. I would be up for a female doctor and a gay female doctor would be cool. But then what if Rose suddenly showed up? Would Rose be confused and be like “Doctor?…” There would be no words to describe her shock. That would make Rose Bi I guess And what if Rose showed up With David? Remember they split into two of the same doctor…wow that would be kind of messed up XD

    1. To continue what I was saying I can see David Tennat saying “WHAT!?
      WHAT!??” Over and over xDD

  12. I’m sorry but no.

    The Doctor is a character with defining traits, with the exception of Eccleston (who was suffering from post-war trauma), all the Doctors were upper class white males

    As for the issue of whether or not he’s gay, firstly he has a Granddaughter, secondly, the Doctor up until the new series was a distinctly non-sexual entity, as for his sexuality in the new series, he’s very clearly shown to be bisexual already, ot at least not conforming to human sexuality

  13. No no no! I am a woman and I am gay. I am also a huge Doctor Who fan and I don’t want a female Doctor and I see no reason WHY they need to be gay. The Doctor’s sexuality is and has always irrelevant and I see no reason why that should change for political bloody correctness!

    And as someone who isn’t black I cannot and will not comment on that. I’ll leave that to those who are qualified to have an opinion on that.

    1. On the other hand why should it matter at all?

      If the Doctor’s sexuality is irrelevant then why not their gender?

      It’s only a fictional storyline with fictional character’s for Christ’s sake, I watch it but I don’t take it that seriously, as long as the storyline is good I don’t care what gender or ethnicity the Doctor is.

  14. in her defence Wanda skykes would be an excellent dr who

    1. “In her defence” implies someone has specifically targeted Wanda Sykes in the conversation before, and yet they haven’t as far as I can see…

      No she wouldn’t be an excellent Dr. Who, lovely as she is, if she were cast as the Doctor it would be the worst idea in the history of television.

  15. Spanner1960 5 Jul 2013, 11:14am

    Stupid Leftie bitch.

    If Doctor Who was a woman, she would be a nurse… ;)

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