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Tory MP Mike Freer: The HPV vaccine needs to be extended to protect gay men

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Reader comments

  1. I suspect all the MPs who will be against this proposal would also be the same MPs who complain about the relatively poor understanding LGBT citizens have about health issues.

  2. John of 2 Jul 2013, 4:47pm

    I sincerely hope he has more luck. As government hid behind the Joint Immunisation and Vaccination Committee’s “data” the last time to state it wouldn’t be cost effective. Also would be great if both boys and girls were given Gardasil – its more effective

  3. GulliverUK 2 Jul 2013, 5:26pm

    It actually needs to be extended to everyone, the only thing stopping that is cost. If there is any justification from withholding it, other than cost, I’d love to hear that. It affects everybody, it’s a particular problem with heterosexuals, because men give it to women which may then lead to cervical cancer.

    I may watch to debate later because it’s another serious issue which I suspect this coalition will dodge.

    1. John of 3 Jul 2013, 9:13am

      If memory serves me right, given the many strains of the HPV virus, it is much less beneficial to give it to those sexually active and thus considerably less economic. Thus why it is given to girls at the age 14-16, typically. The reason for also giving it to boys it to harness the “herd” approach effectively, over time, eradicating the various strains the chosen vaccine prevents.

      1. GulliverUK 3 Jul 2013, 9:52am

        14-16 might be leaving it a little late, and it tends to suggest there is a morality influence at work, the implication that if you give it to them at 13 they might be have sex at 13.

        Anything which makes gay people feel concerned about sexual health should be tackled head on – we have a right to be happy also. I just don’t want this government to screw up like the HIV issue – not seizing the chance when they have options, but leaving it too late and then having far fewer options. They’re notorious for wanting to buy nuclear warheads rather than putting the well-being of the general public first. Germany doesn’t have nukes – why the hell should be spend tens of billions on nuclear weapons we will not ever fire – what sort of society is this? We would never send a nuke off to vaporise millions of innocent citizens.

        If we could vaccinate just all children, male and female, and anyone 30 (plucked from thin air) and under who wants it. Do it via STD clinics.

  4. At the very least, any concerned man or concerned parents should be able to go get/get their son vaccinated at their GP free of charge and without fuss.

    At the moment that’s not possible. You have to go private and pay for it which I think is disgusting and is discrimination.

    1. GulliverUK 2 Jul 2013, 5:49pm;
      “You will need to have a total of three vaccinations, which in total cost £297”.

      3 injections over a 6 month period.

      It is estimated that 2 out of 3 women will get HPV at some point, and for majority the body can get rid of it. For others it stays in the cervix and can cause cancer (from

      £297 !! What’s the true cost? How come women can’t get it for free, as they are particularly at risk?

      1. Most sexually active women have HPV anyway, so offering the vaccine to older women for free is a lot less cost-effective than giving it to teenage girls.

    2. GulliverUK 2 Jul 2013, 5:52pm

      Fleet Street Clinic will charge you £72.50 for a GP referral from one of their doctors, then £150 per injection! I sense profiteering here.

  5. Paul Halsall 2 Jul 2013, 6:13pm

    And straight men. They east pussy, you know.

    1. If the vast majority of women are vaccinated, straight men aren’t really at risk as they are very unlikely to have sex with someone who is susceptible to HPV, so the disease just stops spreading. The principle is called herd immunity – with a lot of the diseases that most people are vaccinated against (measles, for example), you only need to vaccinate about 90% of the population for cases of the disease plummet to near zero.

      1. GulliverUK 2 Jul 2013, 7:24pm

        Right now it sounds more like the government plans are to vaccinate just 5-10% of the population. I realise it’s a bit more complex than vaccinating everybody – probably not required for those over a certain age, but all younger to middle-aged people could be vaccinated. Even if you vaccinated everybody under 35 who requested it, that would be a start. Gay men should also get the Hep-B and related vaccinations. Those are free.

        If it’s a case of renewing Trident or looking after the health of the general public, it’s a simple decision.

        1. GulliverUK 2 Jul 2013, 7:25pm

          And if it’s a choice between wasting £600m on some stupid married couples tax allowance, or this, there is no contest.

      2. The vast majority of women aren’t vaccinated though and because of immigration and air travel it does make sense to vaccinate men.

        Plus since you need to vaccinate young people you can’t only target out gay boys for various reasons, the main being that they may not yet be out to themselves or they may be afraid to come forward in case of a homophobic response.

  6. This is an important health issue for all young men, but particularly pertinent to young gay men.

    HPV is increasingly seem amongst HIV positive men, but I suspect this is because of the heightened awareness & some screening that takes place in many HIV clinics.

    Either way a preventative program for both boys & girls has to be cost effective in the long run & it is about time the Government invested in future prevention rather than the usual lets deal with it when it becomes a problem & cost becomes a factor.

    This is an important step in the fight for total equality, sadly health equality has been rather left behind with marriage equality taking center stage in recent yrs. Both are extremely important in my view!

  7. This is a serious issue for gay men and transexual women,as well, it can cause rectal and anal, mouth and throat and cervical cancer and genital warts.
    HPV is not one virus strain the most important ones are protected against by “Guardisil” which is now given to all young females in Scotland and protects against 4 different viruses.
    I have had a cancer caused by one of them thankfully cured but the treatment almost killed me as I got septocemia following two types of chemo. My gynocogolist who I saw a few weeks ago we talked about the cancer and she told me she could not understand why the NHS was not giving the vaccine to boys, her collegues were making sure THEIR sons had the course of vaccine. To be most effective it should be given before any sexual activity ie. preteen, 12 -25 is the recomended age.

  8. Just watching the debate. You could fit the MP’s who have turned up for the debate in a closet! Shows how much they really care about us, the public!

    1. Mike Freer 3 Jul 2013, 1:37pm

      Adjournment debates are traditionally the MP requesting it and the Minister. Few attending is the norm not an insult.


    The HPV vacination debate starts at
    20:58 40

  10. Perhap’s if my partner had the HPV jab, he would’nt be living with cancer now.

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