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South Africa: Lesbian found murdered and sexually mutilated east of Johannesburg

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Reader comments

  1. Colin (London) 2 Jul 2013, 11:58am

    Please United Nations use your influence to force change in all of Africa.

    Please the leaders of the world one letter to the world signed by you all saying that the world has to mature and to let go the negative thinking of the past. I beg you all come together on this please.

    Please world leaders contact the churches and influence them to stop their hate speeches and embrace an inclusive society.

    Only you can make this happen.

  2. only solution castrate ALL Afrian MEN – cause this sure as hell wasn’t commited by women was it!!!

    I despair of Humanity I really do – F*@kin animals!

    1. Rape is a horrendous crime but I think your solution is somewhat extreme. As women give birth to males why don’t we kill all African women then there will be no African males. End of problem…(I am not serious – just making a point)

    2. GingerlyColors 2 Jul 2013, 12:47pm

      Sorry, but we don’t do racism here. White people are just as capable of committing horrendous crimes as well. We don;t want to go back to the old days of Apartheid where a black man who commits rape was likely to be hanged while a white rapist can get away with a paltry sentence. It is two decades since the end of Apartheid but it will be a long time before racial divisions in South Africa are anything like healed. It took over 100 years from the abolition of slavery in the USA for black people to be granted equal rights in the Deep South.

      1. And there is no Racism going on, don’t be so hyper sensitive – its a crime that happened in Africa – discussing such barbaric behaviour does not make it racist, nobody mentioned colour!!

      2. GulliverUK 2 Jul 2013, 1:05pm

        The US didn’t even allow interracial marriage until 1967.

        Slavery lasted until 1865, and segregation only ended in 1965.


        All of this discrimination was rooted in religion, slavery, the ban on interracial marriage (fascinating court documents available on the Internet, you can read what judges were saying at the time), and segregation.

      3. and yet they don’t

      4. WTF are you going on about – You bought up colour – comments of disgust are about those in Africa – Africans – der!

        Over sensitive Liberal twat!

        1. Listen, JD. Not all Africans are black. I am a white African and millions of my fellow Africans of various races are told regularly by some of our fellow Africans that happen to be black that we do not belong here and are not African. Your statement that Africans are black shows you are either igorant or racist. Are all Europeans white in your book?

          1. Sorry, JD. I misread part of the thread. I do disagree though with your solution. It is not fair to punish the innocent for what the guilty did.

    3. Silly cnut. a por wioman is dead and all you can do is spew racism.

      Shame on you

      1. Well said, thoughts are with her and her family xxxxx

  3. GulliverUK 2 Jul 2013, 1:05pm

    They talk about how before 2006, before gay couples were provided protections from discrimination, and before they were allowed to marry, they lived in total fear.

    There is still hate, particularly comments sections on the Internet, and sites like 76crimes and other advocacy sites can be a magnet for the haters. I know myself that a story about gay equality on the Telegraph, for example, will often attract a lot of very homophobic posters, many actually posting from overseas.

    As a species there are some who have carried our heinous crimes, torchered and murdered others, for power, money, jealousy, in the name of their religion, or just because they could. I believe a lot is rooted in our history, and a large part of that is religion. ….

    1. GulliverUK 2 Jul 2013, 1:06pm

      … Some are motivated by fear and insecurity, some people have become pure evil, but I don’t believe people are born evil, but moulded, some by their religions to hate others, to deny them rights, and harm them as much as possible.
      Her name was Duduzile Zozo and she was just 26. She had her whole life in front of her. Now the point I’m wondering is if some gay people are finding things ok and others are not, is the violence related to particular areas. Are there no-go areas for people who are gay? It seems she was liked and had no problems before. Is it gangs, is it individuals, is it black-on-black crime, or white on blacks? A number of Lesbians have been attacked and murdered over the last few years, and it seems the state has been very slow to do anything.

      1. I remember reading an article in the past associating a lot of rape cases in SA (both against lesbians and women in general, let’s not forget that even though lesbians face extra obstacles an incredibly high number of South African women are raped) with townships where unemployment can be over 80% and men often feel “emasculated”. I don’t remember how well this was backed up by figures though.

        As for the state, although I don’t live in SA both figures and reports suggest that violence against women and LGBT people, especially sexual violence, long since passed the point of being a national emergency. Maybe it needs a national office specifically for investigating police responses to rape allegations, with prosecutions for officers and forces where there’s not deemed to be an appropriate response (to be honest I’d like this in GB too). It’s hard to see anything changing with Zuma still in charge given the allegations against him though.

        It’s just extraordinarily depressing.

  4. I truly fear for all LGBT people in SA. There has always been it seems an underlying current of hatred from Black SAfricans towards the LGBT community not because it is in built or wired from birth but due to the oppresive nature of the church to stir up hatred against the LGBT communities and when these people don’t see there government acting against the LGBT community, but supporting it with laws gaining equal rights in some areas,then they themselves take the law into their own hands to deliver what punishment they deem as appropriate. The church has been pivitol in changing the mindset of many SA people and now the hatred is spreding out. When Mandela goes from this earth, i think things will get much worse. We have already had a white farmer murdered recently for defending his home, with packs of black men organised into gangs to kill. They stole nothing from the house and took no cars. Their only motive was to murder. I fear the future.

    1. You say there’s an undercurrent of hatred amongst blacks but then ascribe it to the church. So why even mention race if it’s a religious problem? It’s not like there’s a shortage of Afrikaaner hatred towards queers. Dividing the problem on racial rather than religious (or more pertinently economic) lines isn’t helpful or heathy. It’s not excusing violence against any group to examine some of the environmental conditions which lead to the perfect storm.

      The epidemic of violence against white farmers (there’s nothing recent about it) is hugely troubling and completely appalling, but we don’t often hear about the withheld wages and poor working conditions which lead to confrontations which spill into bloodshed. If we allow this to become a problem of race rather than a problem of universal human rights then there really will be a reason to fear for the future. It’s in neither the interest of white farmers or black lesbians in townships to entrench these problems along colour lines.

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