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Poll: US support for equal marriage at record high in wake of Supreme Court rulings

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Reader comments

  1. 27% to 55% in support of same sex marriage in the space of 17 years, is damn impressive! It’s not enough, and barely above half, but it’s heading in the right direction, and I dare predict two-thirds will be supporting it in a decade. Given he trend, and the discovery that states with same sex marriage haven’t ‘gone to hell;’, either figuratively, or, for some religious fundies, literally.

  2. SilenceIsGolden 3 Jul 2013, 1:48am

    It’s odd that they haven’t noticed that neither country-wide marriage equality (for 10 years by now) nor a social health care system has sent Canada to hell — and they are so close!

    1. Unfortunately you speak a great truth! Many (respectfully not all) Americans know little of the rest of the world until they live or travel extensively outside the US.

      As a Canadian, it is not unheard of for US media to have on occasion referred to our Provinces as States, or to our “President” Harper…. which speaks volumes about the knowledge of some regarding their northern neighbor

      1. cont: case in point (but let’s be honest and fair this is hardly representational!)

  3. Doesn’t this imply that the American population is incapable of thinking for itself? It had to wait to be told what to think by a court? No wonder religion has been such a powerful force in the US …..

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