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Obituary: Michael Brown – a long-standing gay activist

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Reader comments

  1. Paul Halsall 2 Jul 2013, 6:19pm

    Thank you, Michael. Rest in Peace.

  2. Norman Goldner 2 Jul 2013, 9:11pm

    he was not the founder of JGLG, and had hardly any contact with the group. I should know.

    he started JAT principally as a riposte to my work at THT, which opened avenues to the Jewish Community through leaflets and meetings with Rabbis and representatives of the Office of the Chief Rabbi.

    1. At the end of the day this guy done so much for us all in a time when the Uk was very hostile towards gays

  3. I feel totally ashamed to say I don’t recall this man name – and yet he as achieved so much for so many.

    makes me wonder why a man who done so much was never given a OBE or some other award.

    Thank you Michael for all you have done to make life better for us today.


    1. Nettie Pollard 2 Jul 2013, 10:11pm

      I met Michael in April 1971 in GLF and knew him ever since. He did so much
      all the time for gay liberation – often behind the scenes. He was still very
      active this year in spite of being so ill.
      The most amazing thing was how he thought outside the box.
      Also he was av ery good (published) poet

      1. Nettie,
        We must have met at some point.
        I gather from ringing St Anne’s Soho that there is a memorial service
        1st Sep at 3p.m. See my comments below.
        Hop to see you there.
        Colin Hall

  4. what as this got to do with Michael’ passing at least have some respect ?

  5. nettie pollard 2 Jul 2013, 10:07pm

    What make you think he was keen on any kind of marriage? I spoke to him
    about this very recently

  6. Damn it! I was just reading about him in the June 2013 Gay Times. He sounds like a remarkable fellow and I hope that his considerable contribution to UK LGBT rights is recognised.

  7. When will the memorial be? I would like to go.

    1. Read Roger Burg below he may have other info.

  8. Dan Filson 3 Jul 2013, 1:39pm

    Such a familiar face, I almost wonder if I am confusing him with someone else from the early days (being now myself of an age when I have problems remembering names when confronted with faces and vice versa). But I recall an intelligent and authoritative voice that commanded respect, though I don’t think we ever spoke to each other.

  9. Nick Maxwell (Opeing Doors Men's Coordinator) 3 Jul 2013, 3:27pm

    Michael Brown, as mentioned in the main article, was a founder member, 6 years ago, of Age UK Camden’s “Opening Doors London” project. His LGBT activism, his actually having been there, made him a shining light in achieving all the rights and regulations that we, the LGBT community, have today. We owe him thanks. Throughout his life, right up to the end, he remained a keen activist on LGBT and especially older LGBT issues. The stories he would tell, often with a very mischievous glint in his eye, were mesmerising. Michael, you will be missed, from all your friends and colleagues at Opening Doors London.

  10. Roger Burg 4 Jul 2013, 12:41pm

    Next Sunday Michael will be remembered in the CHE meeting 1:30pm, The Marchmont Community Centre, 62 Marchmont Street, London WC1N 1AB.

    Visitors are always welcome and there will be many there who remember Michael from GLF and elsewhere.

    See for up-to-date details.

    1. Apparently St Annes Soho 1st Sept

  11. Nick Simons 4 Jul 2013, 12:52pm

    I first met Michael when I started working for MORI in 2003, He was good to chat to & I had no idea of his prominent participation in the Gay Rights Movement. He was interesting to talk to, accessible and pleasant. I shall miss his enthusiasm & positivity. Nick Simons

    1. Last time I saw Michael I was driving him and Jeremy (a mutual friend) to a pet shop in Finchley. I attended quite a few events at which Michael was in the early years and he was a ver persistent activist. Greatly missed. Regards to David.

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