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Church of England postpones internal debate on allowing civil partnership ceremonies

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Reader comments

  1. Leonardo Ricardo 2 Jul 2013, 2:24pm

    ++Canterbury and ++York are both cowards (and dangerous to the public good health, spiritual and otherwise).

  2. Beelzeebub 2 Jul 2013, 2:32pm

    Who gives a baboons gonads what these silly old deluded men in frocks think.

    After the centuries of poison that these cults have spewed on us do they really think that we are interested in them sanctifying our relationships with there invisible sky friend.

  3. Robert in S. Kensington 2 Jul 2013, 2:38pm

    Haven’t had time to debate it? They’ve had centuries to denigrate and participate in blatant discrimination against us and to this day have refused to issue an official apology for the grievous, unforgiveable harm they’ve inflicted. This is another reason why there must be a serious movement to disestablish the cult and get them out of government altogether. Not everyone is an Anglican, not everyone is religious, not everyone believes. Get rid of them I say.

  4. GulliverUK 2 Jul 2013, 2:52pm

    Only one or two PMMs get chosen, although two have been in since Feb 2012, one by our old friend Mrs Andrea Minichiello Williams — we know who she is don’t we, and she want the church to affirm 1man/1women “as the only basis for engagement with public policy on marriage and family life.'”. And this one for Civil Partnerships. They have over 100 signatures, so can be chosen, but I don’t think it’s a bad thing if they wait until next year … I know nobody wants to wait … but I think they want to wait for the CofE “Pilling” report, due December, otherwise they won’t have all the info they need to have a proper debate. But if it puts off Andrea Williams PMM also then that’s worth it.

    Most people wouldn’t have expected them to move on this for years, but there may be some hope there.

  5. Narrow minded and backwards, to put it mildly! and we allow these people to sit in the second chamber of government to deliberate and vote on our rights and constitution!!!? Lets start,not just a petition to have these devisive members removed from the Lords, how about re-starting the mechanism to get rid of the Lords altogether! Do we really need this outdated unelected chamber any more?

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 2 Jul 2013, 6:42pm

      The National Secular Society supports disestablishment of the CoE but doesn’t have broad appeal across the country. If more of us joined, perhaps it might have more influence.

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