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Boris Johnson quizzed on LBC over his ‘up the Arcelor’ gay pride gala dinner joke

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Reader comments

  1. Colin (London) 2 Jul 2013, 10:55am

    For goodness sake who is keeping this alive….Mr Johnson…I found it funny and am not offended at all. I can laugh at myself from many angles..
    Now media leave this alone….Have you nothing more important to do!

    Keep going Mr Johnson

    1. I cannot stand him as a politician but find him amusing as a comedian. I was not offended by this and in the context and given his prior support thought it was funny and an updating of the old Arsenal joke which was quite often not meant in a funny way but a disparaging way in the bad old days.

      I think it was very tongue in cheek. Oooooooh Missus! and in the Carry on tradition of old fashioned British double entendres.

      A woman went into a bar and asked for a “Double Entendre”, so the barman gave her one.

    2. All this “outrage” is fake and gay.

  2. Let it rest FFS! I think more people were amused by the joke than those who were offended by it.

    I only read about the joke after the event and found it to be amusing.

    Angela Eagle and Chris Bryant clearly have had a sense of humour bypass.

    Boris has already apologised for the joke. Personally, I don’t think that he needed to, although I know many will disagree with me on that.


    1. Well said.

    2. No need to SHOUT :)

  4. I think the Labour Party generally likes having client groups whose votes the can rely on. As the conservative (indeed all) parties modernise and a new generation takes over, it’s harder to justify voting on an underdog group basis.

    Therefore the longer Labour has the Conservative party being anti-gay or anti-immigrant or anti- etc the better they see it for themselves.

    It’s getting harder (though I acknowledge that some (mostly older) tories are anti gay) to paint the whole party as such especially as it it a Conservative led Government which is putting equal marriage through parliament.

    1. The Tories remain a horrifically bigoted partt. Over 50% of Tory MP’
      S think gay people are 2nd class citizens.

      Boris is an utter buffoon but remember he also has. Vile history of homophobic extremism.

      1. JackAlison 2 Jul 2013, 2:43pm

        sorry about ur negative rating Steve C
        most ppl. on this site make a difference btw homophobia and homophobia ” lite” i despise either flavour
        thx 4 ur post.!

  5. I agree…I think it was funny coming from Boris. I don’t think it would have been funny if Julian Clary has said it though.

    Surely it is no different if Boris had been addressing a straight crowd and made a “cat” joke (assuming it was relevant and funny).

    I also think this has been discussed to death in the media. Enough is enough.

    1. If Boris Had Made a similar joke abput black or Muslim or jewish people it would Not be forgotten.

      We must not forget that he is a member of a party whetr a majority of theor MP’s are homophobic scum.

  6. According to tape of the speech on what he actually said was:

    “Now you can take your partner up the ….(pause for laughter)…. Orbit”.

    So that make the faux outrage of Eagle & Bryant all the more ridiculous.

  7. Oh for christ sake all of you defending Boris…he has actively LOATHED us in the recent past and so far has never given a reason for his change(?) of position.

    Given Boris’ dreadful anti LGBT history he at least ought to keep his crass offensive gob shut.

    To all of the above, you’ve got very short memories.

    1. People mature over time & change their views Dan. Isn’t that what we want?? Otherwise what’s the point of ever putting any arguments forward about anything if we don’t want people to change their minds?!

      I’m afraid Dan, in blindly focusing solely on BJ’s past, you come across as more of a bigot than anyone.

      Johnson, as Mayor, has championed gay rights. Why bother second-guessing his motives?

      1. JackAlison 2 Jul 2013, 2:47pm

        You bother second guessing his motives bc hes a politician and when political winds change and they do u want true friends who you can rely on not fashionable show ponies who want you vote and fair weather friends

      2. @Andrew, if you bothered swatting up on BJ, and its not hard to do, he has NEVER come clean as to why he made so many hateful anti LGBT statements (another things you’ll need to swat up on) Boris has been asked why many times and all he dose is deny or wriggle out of answering.

        Lastly resorting to ‘name calling’ just shows you’ve lost the argument before you’ve even started. I suggest you watch BJ on YouTube being questioned about this very issue. Put in gay hustings its on the pink news YouTube page.

        1. JackAlison 3 Jul 2013, 3:45am

          Our gay biography stands on the shoulders of the past and reminds us now how lucky we are. Whilst it is certainly positive to move on, like the jews we can forgive BUT NEVER 4GET. Outside of the EU in both Africa and Russia we have 21st century legislation being enacted now as a very clear reminder of the bad old days and much worse when u look at recent laws in Nigeria. Part of gay history has been that was hidden or not talked about and therefore airbrushed from the mainstream history….lets not be to quick to rush to ppl. who have been known homophobes in the past. Yes ..gr8 that they have changed but lets hold our council and c wot theyre like when the going gets rough.

          1. Superb post Jack…thanks Dan

    2. His history is exactly that, history. He has changed his viewpoints recently.

      Shouldn’t he now be judged on the decisions he is making now, which have been supportive.

  8. Robert in S. Kensington 2 Jul 2013, 12:20pm

    Give it a rest I say. There’s always someone looking for trouble where there really isn’t any. I’ll concede that Boris isn’t the most tactful politician but his comment was harmless. It’s a sad day when we can’t laugh at ourselves once in a while. It wasn’t offensive to me, in fact I laughed. Whoever is trying to make this an issue, my advice is…’get a life’ and move on and while they’re at it, concentrate on the really important issues at hand such as the Marriage Bill by doing something positive and constructive by lobbying a Lord.

  9. If you can take a dick, you can take a joke.

    1. Thank you for that information. I hadn’t realised that wit or humour had a causal relationship with anal sex.

    2. You straddle the line and blur any separation between the two, which means you a joke of a dick – doke or jick.

  10. If you can take a, you can take a joke.

  11. He’s as funny as a dose of the crabs, and just as useful!

  12. Jock S. Trap 2 Jul 2013, 1:12pm

    Oh for pity sake. So just because a couple of bitchy Labour MP’s don’t have a sense of humour is Boris really supposed to apologise for that? NO!!

    To drag this out is pathetic and rather than see the joke they have to try to make it political.

    Have to think that Ms Eagle and Mr Bryant and LBC clearly have nothing better to do.

  13. A joke is justa joke whether gay, straight, welsh, jewish or whatever. Anyone who gets upsetwith just a joke shows great insecurity

    1. Nonsense – “jokes” can be incredibly offensive, especially if they capitalise on offensive stereotypes. Do you think European football fans who make monkey noises when a black player come on are “funny”? I bet you they do.

      “Can’t you take a joke?” is also often the punchline of many a violent bully. Having said all this, BJ’s joke might have been tasteless and, arguably, inappropriate in its setting, but I think it’s fairly clear it was meant good-naturedly and not as some sort of put-down. The fuss over this one comment is ridiculously exaggerated.

      1. JackAlison 2 Jul 2013, 2:50pm

        ” justa joke” is a cop out

      2. Well said Rehan…so many trolls out tonight. X

  14. Even as someone who actually didn’t like Johnson’s joke, I too am fed up with the backlash. He apologised, let’s move on.

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