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Labour welcomes LGBT consultation but says government could be doing things now

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Reader comments

  1. Jock S. Trap 1 Jul 2013, 11:48am

    I do agree but I also agree with a government minister who is willing to ask us as well.

    Sure, lets sort things now but there may be issues ministers, including Ms Cooper, haven’t thought about.

    I like a government that acts as if it wants to listen to the community.

    I like more, a government that acts as if it wants to listen to the community and acts upon what it’s listened to.

  2. I realise that bullying and schooling are important for the long term creation of a better and more equal society, but there are some things that we need to deal with NOW, in an acute sense. In particular the increasing criminalisation and shrinking of rights of trans people. Why are none of the major organisations or politicians talking about that?

  3. Robert in S. Kensington 1 Jul 2013, 12:22pm

    Bullying and harassment in the workplace followed by trans issues and mandatory sex education should be a top priority. I don’t know why a consultation is needed for these since they are widely known to be problematic.

    Parents who don’t want their children exposed to life-saving sex education especially when it comes to sexually transmitted diseases are part of the problem and so too is a government that refuses to implement it. The reality is, school children are engaging in sexual activity whether the parents like it or not at a much younger age with no information. Either confront it or deal with the consequences. It’s been proved that countries with mandatory sex education have better results.

    1. It’s not just parents it’s also the schools, “free” schools, religious schools, schools with an institutionalised homophobic hierarchy. They all need to be told to stfu and give kids proper sex ed.

      I went to a school with a pretty good (straight) sex ed programme. There was one teenage pregnancy in our year and maybe a couple the whole time I was in highschool.

      Some of my friends went to schools where sex ed was terribly taught, and teenage pregnancies were much higher in their years and the lower years. They seemed to think it was some sort of norm, whereas for us it was really weird to contemplate one of our peers pregnant.

      Our attitude was always double, dutch pill and condom, or no sex. It was drilled into us (no pun intended). There were open discussions about the morning after pill should anyone forget this rule in the heat of the moment. This is tangental to LGBT issues because it’s all straight, however good sex ed works. It requires a lack of squeamishness about teen sex

      1. We were also well educated on STIs and regular testing. The symptoms of HIV, the difference between HIV and AIDS, and popular HIV/AIDS myths were discussed and examined. Even if there was no mention of the words gay, I think it still was emphasised that STIs affect ALL people.

  4. Jan Bridget 1 Jul 2013, 1:26pm

    The number one priority for me is tackling homophobic/transphobic bullying in schools.
    That way lives will be saved (meeting suicide prevention targets); alcohol and drug misuse will be reduced (meeting reduction targets); homelessness will be reduced; HIV/STI infections reduced; pregnancies reduced (LGBT youth are twice as likely as het youth to get/beget pregnant/cy; not to mention a reduction in mental health problems.

    These are short term benefits. Longer term ones will reduce homophobia/transphobia generally.

    And make people more accepting of difference!

  5. GulliverUK 1 Jul 2013, 3:06pm

    Just a small point.

    Labour brought in Civil Partnerships in 2005 with discriminatory unequal survivor pensions, and they left power in 2010.

    What the flip were you people doing all that time? You can to fix it now, even though the government doesn’t, but you could have fixed it any time in the 6+ years before 2010.

    And yes, I’m still a Labour supporter, for many, many reasons, but it doesn’t mean I will vote Labour if the pensions discrimination remains – I’ll probably vote Green instead, and encourage as many as I can to do the same. They tried to put the pensions amendment through, and I know Labour tried hard too, but it wasn’t hard enough. Now we’re left at the mercy of the government, who don’t want ‘proper’ equal pension rights.

  6. “Repair the damage done in Labour’s half-arsed LGBT rights legislation” would probably be plenty enough of a list to keep Miller busy. Repeal of the transphobic laws they passed, overturning the “trans disclosure” thing that has been all over the LGBT social media for the last week and is a consequence of Labour’s 2003 Act, reinstate the things that were in the original versions of the gender recognition bill and the civil partnerships bill that Labour then expunged… basically, they could do a lot worse than just decide to clean up your mess Yvette!

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