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Hugh Jackman: I’m not gay, why do people keep asking that?

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Reader comments

  1. Yeah yeah whatever…lol. Who excactly is saying that he is gay? It’s getting boring now. I hope he gets some support from John, Tom and Kevin ;-)

  2. I’ve never heard anyone or seen an interview where anyone has asked if he is gay. But, I’ve seen him go on about not being gay quite a bit. Who cares anyway? He’s probs got a film coming out in the next few weeks and needs some publicity.

    1. Mark, He has been asked and teased in interviews. In one of my favorite interviews he was asked “for $20 who would you turn gay for” Like many other he’s always had a amusing and appropriate response.

      Does this make him gay? nah! he’s just a gentleman about the whole thing and shows he’s the better man because he never says anything derogatory to his host, or demeans any one with his reply,

      1. It doesn’t – but living for years with a man does!

        1. What man, and when? If you’re going to state that Jackman’s marriage is a sham, please provide some incontrovertible evidence.

  3. Robert in S. Kensington 1 Jul 2013, 2:29pm

    What I find revealing is that his wife said the rumours are offensive to her children. Offensive, really? What kind of values is she teaching them, to be homophobic perhaps? So would they find it offensive if their father cheated on their mother or just upset? Even if he were gay, would that make him any less of a father to their children? She needs to lighten up and get over it. It wouldn’t bother me if someone called my partner straight or bisexual.

    1. That There Other David 1 Jul 2013, 3:05pm

      I think the connotation in the gossip is that the couple have had to adopt the children because he’s secretly gay. Which is a bit offensive to the kids all in all. The last thing an adopted child needs to hear is that they’re only wanted in order to be Daddy’s Beard.

      1. Precisely.

      2. Agree completely.

    2. Agreed. Find offensive her/his/their attitude to the rumours.
      Couldn’t they just relax and have a laugh of the whole thing.

      Offensive? Really??

      1. Christina 1 Jul 2013, 6:33pm

        Wouldn’t you be offended if someone told you your partner was using you and your children as a front and that your relationship wasn’t real lol.

    3. I’d be offended if someone insinuated that, by being with me, my partner was living a lie. Wouldn’t you?

      1. Exactly the point.

        1. Something many homosexuals have been doing for hundreds/thousands of years. The closet.

  4. Mr Jackman is a greatly talented man he seems to be a gentleman and incredibly charismatic – I believe some misguided people assume such extensive creativity must mean he is gay – He Clearly isn’t – he’s just a great man. And he deals with this nonsense very graciously and has never felt insulted by the accusation. All credit to him.

  5. Oh Hugh – we know you’re not gay. But we can dream (or at least fantasize)

    1. That There Other David 1 Jul 2013, 3:06pm

      Oh totally. He could fart in my bed any day :-D

  6. Ive always thought he was gay and always WILL

  7. James Savik 1 Jul 2013, 2:45pm

    some people are optimistic

  8. Colin Andrew 1966 1 Jul 2013, 2:47pm

    Perhaps it’s those homoerotic pictures of him as Wolverine, by the way he’s as much like Marvel’s Wolverine as he is like Lady Ga Ga.

    1. Colin (London) 2 Jul 2013, 11:25am


    2. Is called acting, its his job to portray the character the way the director wants. It has nothing to do with the real life straight gentleman he is and always has been who is obviously in love with his wife and children.

      To say a talented handsome actor has to be gay is actually a huge compliment to gay people and massive insult to straight people.

  9. Fascinating stuff.

  10. Who is this man and who gives a stuff?

    1. He’s an actor and nobody really except his wife and maybe his kids?

  11. Id be offended if people kept saying my rleationship was a sham. Leave him alone.

  12. Hugh Jackman: I’m not gay, why do people keep asking that?

    Because Hugh and John Dominic Palermo were great couple!

  13. Answer: Wishful thinking?

  14. Michaelandfred 1 Jul 2013, 8:04pm

    I can understand her frustration. For her and her children and it doesn’t have to have anything to do with being homophobic, just having strangers constantly push a rumor that isn’t true. Why would it bother the kids? Because he’s their dad and they are a family and people keep saying things that undermine how they see their world.

    What if papers or kids at school were saying your parents were divorcing? Or any other rumor that makes you unsure of the stability of your parents marriage or your future as a family?

    Plus there comes a point where an idea passes humor into the irritating stage. I think they’ve reached it.

  15. fredyfred 1 Jul 2013, 8:46pm

    god the messages on here are getting more homophobic every day.

  16. (a) wish fulfilment fantasies
    (b) you’re intelligent, articulate, capable and charismatic, Hugh. :)
    People wonder…:) :) :) :)
    Nah, he’s straight-but-solid.

  17. I think it’s time for a reporter to ask his wife if she finds it so offensive because she thinks being gay is wrong.

  18. I don’t get how anyone can possible believe he is gay. Are they blind, or what.!? I like how relaxed he seems to be about it though (kudos).. and I totally get how it might be considered offensive by the children.. being that particular age, in school, and so forth..

    1. Are they blind, or what.!?

      What exactly is your point? The issue is that Jackman is good-looking, well-presented and has a lot of experience in music theatre, which makes some silly people, who can’t cope with anything other than stale stereotypes, believe makes him gay. On what basis are you suggesting he isn’t gay, his appearance?

  19. Tom (Winnipeg) 2 Jul 2013, 3:42am

    There is one actor (Is it Brad Pitt?) who said that he never denies that he’s gay, which he isn’t as far as I know, because it is a put-down of gays. I admire that type of guy.

    1. George Clooney. But he isn’t married and he doesn’t have children, so the rumours only affect him.

  20. Colin (London) 2 Jul 2013, 11:22am


    You are a very attractive man and we would like to claim you as one of us…However we can’t…(sob sob)… so we will just have to get over it.

    (I do like a man in leather.)

    Now gay community leave him, his wife etc alone.

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