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Video: Lady Gaga wows New York Pride with National Anthem performance

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Reader comments

  1. Touching words. Thank you.

  2. Proud to be a gay Little Monster. Gaga’s speech was awesome, made me cry.

  3. Why is it New York gets Gaga and Londoon gets Rowetta? Seriously, are there no artists willing to give their time to perform in Trafalgar Square and speak out for gay rights? Depressing.

    1. The budget is much higher for NY pride and the organisation is much better. Add to this that the USA has a much more politicised gay rights movement and doesn’t suffer from our level of political apathy, you can very much see why it is worthwhile for someone like Lady Gaga to perform there.

      Blaming artists is ridiculous, you should point your finger at your own community for being much less politically engaged and organised than our American friends

  4. Thank you Lady Gaga. A wonderful ally and a Great role model for future generations.

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