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Straight Pride UK claims ‘it’s not easy to be straight’ because straight people are ‘persecuted’

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Reader comments

  1. Robert in S. Kensington 29 Jun 2013, 6:34pm

    Sounds like a bunch of Tory or UKIP religious loons to me. What a joke, they’re discriminated against? When were they ever banned from marriage and sacked from a job for being straight or denied delivery of goods and services before the Equalities Act was legal?

    1. Rudehamster 29 Jun 2013, 6:39pm

      Yeah, they forget that everything in sight is based on heterosexual ideals & lifestyle.

    2. Sounds very childish, whoever it is. Has no one told them they are allowed to marry?

    3. Christians are persecuted?
      eg they were freaking out in the USA when we had to go to war against the xtians who supported slavery as per the bible

      they were persecuted and freaked out when women got the right to vote in 1920

      They freaked out in persecution when the last 16 states (of about 41 total) in 1967 got their bans on inter-racial marriage crushed by Scotus

      Now they are freaking out about with the recent rulings 40% of America’s population lives in states with marriage equality

      I’m the guy who outed a guy named Dyson in the MD senate to his wife re his boy affairs. He’s wll known in the legislature as a closet case but its more fun to wreck his SHAM marriage

      she filed for divorce after hiring a detective to follow the biatch’s political meetings which were mostly Pubic meetings with other guys – including gay college prof I know. He he he

    4. Christians are persecuted- are you kidding me, fcking crybabies
      eg they were freaking out in the USA when we had to go to war against the xtians who supported slavery as per the bible

      they were persecuted and freaked out when women got the right to vote in 1920

      They freaked out in persecution when the last 16 states (of about 41 total) in 1967 got their bans on inter-racial marriage crushed by Scotus

      Now they are freaking out about with the recent rulings 40% of America’s population lives in states with marriage equality

      I’m the guy who outed a guy named Dyson in the MD senate to his wife re his boy affairs. He’s wll known in the legislature as a closet case but its more fun to wreck his SHAM marriage

      she filed for divorce after hiring a detective to follow the biatch’s political meetings which were mostly Pubic meetings with other guys – including gay college prof I know. He he he

    5. Yes, hatred manifests itself in many forms and this is the strangest and most deluded manifestation of homophobia that I’ve ever heard of. It’s a sick mind that’s dreamt this one up.

    6. These people are definitely not UKIP or Tory – they’ve been tweeting from Glastonbury for heavens sakes! A festival which supposedly grew from liberal, independent thinking.

      1. I reckon they are C4M flying under a different name.

    7. St Sebastian 1 Jul 2013, 2:22am

      Whenever I hear people shouting about ‘Political Correctness’, all I think is that they regret having lost their ability to discriminate/be prejudicial, incite intolerance/hate, subjugate, be disrespectful of others difference, be disrespectful of others dignity etc without having to justify their ideas through rational debate.

      ‘Freedom of Speech’ is a wonderful thing, but it is not absolute because like other rights, it comes with responsibility. Those that complain of ‘Political Correctness’ want freedom of speech without the responsibility.

      The same goes for those that complain of the ‘Nanny State’ – they want the freedom to act as they please without taking responsibility for the consequences of their (often selfish) actions nor contributing to the society in which the exist.

      The common thread is the lack of responsibility i.e. be held to account for irresponsible, selfish and inconsiderate behaviour.

  2. How desperate are these people?

    They have to fight for nothing as everything is handed to them and now they are attempting to play the victim card. What numpties

    Thankfully, I don’t think that not too many people will pay them much notice so I urge the editors of this site to do the same

    1. “What is straight? A line can be straight, or a street, but the human heart, oh, no, it’s curved like a road through mountains.”

      Tennessee Williams

  3. Rudehamster 29 Jun 2013, 6:37pm

    This really is infuriating. Lift up the rocks of religion & we really do see some unpleasant creatures scuttling out. This has undoubtedly got some kind of religious link. I recognise the smell.
    With what they write about gay people, I’d like to think that these guys can have their website marked as a Hate Site. However, with the police slipping quickly backwards in an already practically non-existent attempt to counteract homophobia, I seriously doubt it.
    This sort of rubbish can only fuel homophobes, but the police only seem to get involved if it hits the headlines after the event.

  4. “Straight Pride, we believe are normal everyday people, dressed normally, walking and behaving normally”

    Urm, so people just walking down the street then?

    1. white squirrel 5 Jul 2013, 7:29pm

      im also curious that it seems to suggest that gay people dont walk and dress normally?
      who defines this ‘normal ‘ dress code
      punk rockers? bikers? Goths? Muslims? busiiness men? new age travellers? Hare Khrisna’s?

  5. Slow news weekend then, twice in one day PN. How boring.

  6. Oh yes, as a straight person I agree it is soooo hard to be straight, I am persecuted every day by being in the majority and never having to hide my sexuality or justify it to anyone. And you know it’s completely illegal to dress outrageously if you’re straight – that’s why everyone who joins in a carnival anywhere in the UK is first required to enter a civil partnership or risk being thrown in jail …

    I imagine most of the members of this group also have to deal with persecution for being white and male as well.

    (And yes in case anyone can’t tell I am abusing sarcasm at this point)

    1. Nicely said! Always good to have allies, and ones with great humor and sarcasm are all the better :)

  7. GulliverUK 29 Jun 2013, 7:15pm

    A group you say? Is this not the same tosser I met on Digital Spy, who got banned several times for baiting people who are gay?

    Most straight people who contributed to his threads there thought he was a total dick, and didn’t see any need to Straight Pride, and thought he was just being homophobic. They saw the need for Gay Pride. In that respect it’s no different than the Notting Hill Carnival – perhaps he doesn’t see any need for that, or wants a White Pride Carnival.

    1. “perhaps he doesn’t see any need for that, or wants a White Pride Carnival.”

      Most of them would be saying that if they could get away with it. The mentality of the school yard bully in an adult body.

      1. Let me guess, his first name is Aiden and now on twitter he is ranting and raving about being ‘silenced’.

        1. GulliverUK 29 Jun 2013, 8:22pm

          Sounds familiar. But there were so many dropkicks, DavidCH (Banned), FERGAL SHARKEY (Banned), .. etc. Time-wasters really. As a species we could achieve so much more in life if we just got over these things and all pulled together for the common good. So many things we need to do, poverty, homelessness, famine, disease, inequality, climate change.

        2. Robert in S. Kensington 29 Jun 2013, 8:30pm

          Could also be that other loon, Adrian Hilton. Google him and you’ll find out the kind of nutter he is.

          1. GulliverUK 29 Jun 2013, 8:35pm

            As there are only 25 on their facebook page I’ve offered my back garden for their Pride party – I can do 25, any more and it’d be a bit cosy, and I wouldn’t want them to feel uncomfortable ! :) Also, although a bit strange in society, there is an actual straight pub across the road – obviously I don’t go in there – but I imagine that will make them feel ….. less persecuted.

            Poor things, I feel for them. :-p

  8. How do we know this twitter page is anything more than the work of one person? Straight Pride is desxribed in this article an ‘organisation’. What makes you so certain this is the work of an organisation? If this is really just one person, then you are hyping up the work of one twitter troll to outrageous extremes. Can we investigate who Straight Pride is first.

  9. Dear Pink News, this is a one man band. If you’re going to report on every single nut case then you’re in for a hard time as there are loads of those around. With “articles” like this one I can’t help but thinking you’re trolling your readers.

    1. GulliverUK 29 Jun 2013, 8:39pm

      What, like Christian Voice? That’s pretty much a one-man band also.

      ANYONE can make a web site these days. I have my own domain and email addresses, various web sites (mostly holding pages), and I can have a separate phone number via Skype or any other provider in minutes.

      I read the web site. That is exactly what the crackpot I used to converse with on Digital Spy said. He got really annoyed because everybody thought he was crazy and a nutter. He’s obviously never got over it.

  10. David Skinner 29 Jun 2013, 7:48pm

    Straight people are not allowed to marry in the church if they are divorced or trying to marry someone else’s spouse. Neither are they allowed to marry more than one partner, their mother, brother if they are a man, or their sister if they are a woman, or their father if they are a man, or their pet donkey. In fact the marriage service does not automatically give the right to marry for it says, ” If anyone knows a just cause or reason why these two people should not be married, speak up now or forever hold your peace”

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 29 Jun 2013, 8:29pm

      Depends which church you marry in. Episcopalians, Unitarians, and a few others marry divorced heteros. My divorced aunt remarried in a Presbyterian church thirty years ago because her own wouldn’t, i.e. RCC.

      We can’t even marry, end of. Everything else you reference is equally applicable to the rest of us. And who on earth would want to marry a relative or animal? Heteros by the sounds of it since you bring it up and none of us do. Moreover, its against the law in every civilised society. Your point is?

      1. GulliverUK 29 Jun 2013, 8:42pm

        My mother married twice in the Methodist church – although she wore cream not white the 2nd time, so that’s ok ! :D

    2. Jock S. Trap 30 Jun 2013, 9:56am

      Sounds like you have issues that don’t really concern the LGBT community being that nothing will change.

    3. Diddums.

    4. Is Skinner not dead yet?

      Pity. He’s consuming resources and putting nothing back into humanity.

    5. Cade in Aus 1 Jul 2013, 4:42am

      Troll alert.

      That’s all you’re good at. Trolling.

      I bet you’ve done nothing about this “heterophobia” other than troll on websites like this one. Get a life.

  11. Blimey, I’ve never heard about anyone being persecuted on the grounds of heterosexuality.
    But they say they just want same rights as homosexuals. Isn’t this a good thing…..promoting equality, I mean?! ^^

    1. GulliverUK 29 Jun 2013, 8:45pm

      They should take a case to court, see how they get on, and stop bothering the rest of us with this nonsense.

      For the rest of us … we FULLY support equal rights, and when we actually get full equality we’ll let him know.

  12. I know people on here will mock but the hardest thing I ever had to do was come out as straight. I’m lucky that my family is pretty Conservative and supported me. But my partners family are all liberals and were heartbroken to discover they didnt have a gay. “all the neighbors have a trendy gay kid” they said and “Being out is very in.” :-(

    1. GulliverUK 29 Jun 2013, 8:54pm

      My poor little bleeds for you ! :D

      Actually, there’s loads of gay-themes commercials – knock yourself out

      1. GulliverUK 29 Jun 2013, 8:55pm

        heart, my poor little “heart” bleeds for you !

        1. ha, thank you!

          In reality 2 years after coming out as lesbian, my family still asks “are you sure sure?”

  13. lukefromcanada 29 Jun 2013, 8:02pm

    if they were discriminated against by a b&b for some reason, they could sue as well. Such an example would be if an unmarried couple were refused due to the possibility they might have sex and thus “violate” an owners religious beliefs

  14. David Skinner 29 Jun 2013, 8:05pm

    The fellow human beings are not exactly heterophiles or tolerant, incluve and live and let live >

    Neither are these ladies in Gothenberg, Sweden with their hetero hate fest.

    Come now a bit of charity.

    1. This was a week after the Proposition 8 vote, when Christianists like you promoted hatred and fear of LGBT people. Them some Bible bashers started preaching in the middle of SF’s gay area. No wonder the locals were angry, and hopefully they learned their lesson.. It is always fun to ridicule street preachers, the kind of loons who pretend evolution didn’t happen etc. when you expose things like, how old they believe the earth to be, you can really make idiots of them.

  15. David Skinner 29 Jun 2013, 8:08pm

    How come Hamilton Hall at Bournemouth only allows homosexuals and Chymorgen B&B, St Juste, Lands End only allows lesbians and LGBT friendly women?
    Isn’t this discrimination against hets.?

    1. Yes, it must be dreadful, such persecution.. Still never mind, stiff upper lip.

      1. GulliverUK 30 Jun 2013, 6:24am

        Ray, ^^ that line just cracks me up :D

        For David, what does it feel like, this discrimination. Not nice is it. Now imagine never knowing when you turn up at a B&B whether you’ll be welcomes or meet Edward and Tubbs.

    2. Jock S. Trap 30 Jun 2013, 9:58am

      No it’s against hates, peoples intolerance, people like you.

  16. Pretty much every Pride some jerk comes out with this crap. I once watched a policeman explain to a mother of two small children that Brockwell Park doesn’t have quite so high a gay population 364 days of the year: “Yes, but I want to take my kids to the park today. Get them out!”.

  17. Jesus moran 29 Jun 2013, 8:21pm


  18. You know, there is actually something that is harder for straights, much harder.

    There are two things actually, and they are: 1) dreaming up ways that life is harder for straights and 2) coming up with examples of how straights are discriminated against.

  19. Life isn’t easy, we’re all aware of it, they can do what ever they like, if they wanna march down the street holding hands and kissing each other, I’m sure no one will object. As long as they don’t get in the way of other human’s rights, I don’t care.

    1. GulliverUK 29 Jun 2013, 9:10pm

      I keep finding myself shouting at the screen …. “get a fcuking room” !!!!!!

      Bl**dy heterosexuals, they get everywhere. :(

      And it’s not easy having heterosexual parents, I mean, what an embarrassment.

  20. It reminds me of when I complained to my mother about there being a Mother’s Day and a Father’s Day but no Kid’s Day. Her response: Every day is Kid’s Day.

  21. ‘Have a great evening. Tell everyone how great to be straight is.’

    Hahahahaha. Come on, this is clearly a wind up.

    And even if it wasn’t, who cares? Seriously, they’re campaigning for nothing.

  22. David Skinner 29 Jun 2013, 11:21pm

    Gulliver, a little respect please. You wouldn’t be here if were not for the fact that you a biological mother and father. You are dishonoring your mother and father, which is breaking the fifth commandment.

    1. GulliverUK 30 Jun 2013, 6:53am

      There are no commandments, because the Bible is a work of fiction. It’s just a collection of musings and writings from 1200 BC to about 600 AD, and we’re now in 2013 … AD. The Bible has about as much relevance to society today as a horse and cart have to the aerospace industry.

      Firstly, the Old Testament first 5 books below only to the Jewish people, they are the Torah. How this minor Jewish cult spin-off calling itself Christianity has the impudence to claim the Old Testament is unknown.

      In the New Testament, glossing over all other many errors and impossibilities, can you tell us why only 4 were chosen of almost 50 Gospels written? Can you tell us why ALL 4 Gospel stories of the resurrection are different in detail? And did you know that the resurrection never existed – it wasn’t in the early manuscripts – it was manufactured and added later – it’s not real.

      If your God was real why does he like to make people suffer? Why kill 120,00 on Boxing Day, why allow famine?

    2. Who said anything about dishonouring mothers and fathers?
      Most straight people (y’know, the ones who’s lives aren’t ruined when others are treated equally) don’t have any problem with us.

      1. guess what? LGBT people aren’t sterile we can have our own biological children as well.

  23. Who are these idiots? Little Britain finished its run years ago…

  24. David Skinner 29 Jun 2013, 11:46pm

    Gulliver Uk
    Peter Tatchell says that being gay is like being black, but he also says he sees “sexuality as being primarily a social construction, rather than a biological given. Who we are attracted to largely derives from a combination of social experience and ideology.”
    So if we apply that to being coloured, Tatchell can say everyone is born with the potential to be black. Exclusive whiteness is mainly the result of a socially-encouraged repression of being black. . In a society where there were no pressures or privileges associated with being white, a lot more people would be coloured. Being coloured would cease to be a minority experience and become something that almost everyone would experience.

    1. “Being coloured”? Bless. Says it all.

    2. Skin pigmentation is a matter of genetics and biology. Sexual orientation is also a matter of genetics and biology. There is more than enough scientific evidence now to assert that sexual orientation is predetermined.

      Peter was talking about Queer Politics. You seemed to have selectively quoted from his essay, he also said “Exclusive heterosexuality is mainly the result of a socially-encouraged repression of same-sex desire.”. Where does that desire come from? From within, innate, biological. Queer Theory is just one belief, and not one I share. I prefer to deal with analytics, logic, scientific evidence and observation, and these very clearly show there isn’t anything you can do to change your sexuality, and nor should you. The only question is … who wants you to and for what purpose?

      But I did like your attempt to conflate the silly notion you can chose your sexual orientation and thus why can’t you chose your skin colour ! Inventive :D You can’t chose either.

  25. David Skinner 29 Jun 2013, 11:49pm

    According to the Bible, irrespective of what this church or that church says. Any man or woman who marries a divorced person is committing adultery.

    Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles, for instance are living in an adulterous relationship.

  26. David Skinner 30 Jun 2013, 12:00am

    I am neither straight or bent, I am merely a man who has the potential to either act like a saint or a demon.

    The one’s whose human rights are overlooked are children. The United Nation Convention on Children’s human rights states that every child has right, wherever possible to be brought up by a mother and father and if not to at least know who their biological parents are. The gay lobby are only interested in their interests and have no empathy whatsover with the suffering of little children, or even less with the unborn child.
    As for Gulliver UK , tell me what are you doing personally for poverty, injustice, disease, sex trafficking, paedophilia and violence?

    1. Wow the Jesus freaks are here again. the old mother and father routine.

      never in years have I seen the mother and father thing put together with the UN

      Save your ire for the kids being brought up by parents destroying marriage by divorce etc

      Damned hypocites who know the battle is lost and gays will be marrying very soon in GBr. And the rest of the world except the commie and Islamic states Dont like gays marrying go to those sewer pits of hate where it wont happen for a thousand years

  27. Samuel Payne 30 Jun 2013, 12:02am

    What a load of rubish. Saying that esentislly we are not normal people. So what if we aren’t normal!! I know lots of straight people that are completely mental and dress very strangely

  28. David Skinner 30 Jun 2013, 12:03am

    Gulliver UK, this is all about gay rights . What about the rights of children to have a mother and father. The United Nations Convention on the rights of Children says that wherever possible they have right to this and not then at least be able to know their biological parents.

    And since when, or even, more to the point, what are you doing about poverty, sex trafficking, the abuse of children in social care, injustice and increasing violence within society.

    1. GulliverUK 30 Jun 2013, 6:37am

      Don’t be absurd, 50% of heterosexual marriages fail, with the children caught in the middle. If you had any concern for children you’d have to ask why you encourage people to stay together who clearly hate each other, and why so many marriages fail in the first place. If heterosexual marriages is some kind of Gold Standard we’re fcuked.

      There is only an advantage to having two parents – that is blindingly obvious, two incomes, and redundancy in case one parent dies. That, btw, is from the IFS report.

      There is not anything which a male can teach their children which a female cannot, and not anything which a female can teach which a male cannot.

      If you disagree then kindly list which things ONLY a male can teach, and which things ONLY a female can teach. Bear in mind that children get most of their FACTUAL evidence-based learning from school, from a mixture of male and female teachers. Next thing you’ll be telling is that women are incapable of driving lorries and buses !

      1. They do fail this is true-but they are not started with the intention of failure.

        It doesn’t matter if one of those parents happen to be gay as long as they are of the opposite sex. I’m sure that nobody would deny a gay man the right to have a child with a woman and co-parent it, or a lesbian with a man.

        But two people of the same sex who use IVF and surrogates (there’s an argument for same sex couple adoption as there is no better alternative) who deliberately set out to deny a child an opposite sex parent are just behaving selfishly. It amazes me that those who were lucky enough to have a good mother and father can be so casual about denying others the opportunity to have the same.

        And if you truly believe that men and women are no different, why aren’t we all bisexual? After all, why should gender matter in any sphere of life?

        The fact that some of us are straight and others gay, surely proves that men and women have different qualities.

          1. If this is true, then it’s happened by accident and not design.

            The truth is to identify as gay or straight means, by definition, to differentiate between the sexes.

            So why would anybody deliberately/consciously set out to not give a child input from it’s mother and father given that they appreciate that men and women are different and bring different things to the table? Don’t they think, ‘Ah but the child will have no mother/father?’ Don’t they feel that having a mother and father to be important? Sure that most gay people had mums and dads themselves that they loved and loved them back.

            I’m sure that other gay people think this way and that it is not exclusively a hetero vs homo-sexual thing. But like I said earlier, nothing at all wrong with a gay person co-parenting with a member of the opposite sex.

        1. “And if you truly believe that men and women are no different, why aren’t we all bisexual?”

          Good grief !! Sexual orientation has nothing to do with gender identity. The roles of women and men in societies across the world is a) different and b) invented, a societal construct. We are, I hope, in this country, nearing the end of gender stereotyping children so they grow up with limited imagination and opportunity, and feel some pressure and obligation to conform to these nasty bigoted roles of the past. Gone are the days when women could be home-makers and little else, and men couldn’t design women’s dresses, or be cooks. Religion has had a very nasty influence, even thought the original feminist movement started back in the 1st century or earlier – it was stamped on by religious bigots and the Bible suitably rewritten to deny women full rights.

          1. Gulliver you seem a pleasant enough guy and all but if you seriously believe that men and women are not essentially different then I have to ask you -if indeed this IS the case-why are you exclusively attracted to men? I mean just why aren’t you attracted to women? Because according to you, there’s no differences.

            By your reasoning, you’d find all other adults attractive- be they male or female.

            If we were truly gender-blind, we’d all be bisexual. Simple as that: you like guys, fine. Straights like the opposite sex, also fine, but to pretend that men and women are the same is just not true.

            There’s nothing remotely homophobic about this statement so why the negative ‘rep’, god knows.

          2. GulliverUK 30 Jun 2013, 3:46pm

            Sam, I already said sexual orientation, romantic and sexual attraction, having nothing to do with gender. A person of either gender can be born with any sexual orientation. I’m saying that womens’ roles have expanded considerably, to drive buses, to be electricians, to work in IT, to be CEOs, and men’s opportunities have increased as well.

            What job can ONLY a man do, or only a women do?
            This ^^ is the fundamental question I want an answer to.

            We are not blind to gender, because we have a sexual orientation and are attracted to a particular gender based on that.

            I’m not really interested in where these archaic and nonsensical ideas came from, that men and women are essentially very different in all sorts of ways, I’m interested in scientific empirical evidence.

            Where is the evidence that men and women are fundamentally different – I don’t believe they are. Just because your sex organs are on the outside, and theirs on the inside, isn’t a fundamental difference !

    2. GulliverUK 30 Jun 2013, 6:44am

      Just to pick up on your other points. What would you like me to do about these other issues? Poverty is something we should all be concerned about – as Good Samaritans to our fellow mankind – you don’t need to be even remotely religious to know that caring about others is an integral part of animal life on the planet – even educated fleas do it.

      As for abuse of children in social care, sex trafficking, these seem to be centered around a small number of heterosexuals. Injustice is something us queers are experts at, we’ve suffered from it from birth, because of a tiny minority of heterosexuals, and as for increasing violence in society – how come crime stats are coming down? I’ve never suffered violent crime – most people take one look at me and decide it’s a really bad idea. :)

  29. David Skinner 30 Jun 2013, 12:05am

    I don’t think any one is listening. How come Hamilton Hall at Bournemouth only allows homosexuals and Chymorgen B&B, St Juste, Lands End only allows lesbians and LGBT friendly women?
    Isn’t this discrimination against hets.

    1. The law is clear. No one can be discriminated against due to sexual orientation in employment, goods, services.

      The website for Hamilton Hall says men only, not homosexuals only.

      1. Commander Thor 30 Jun 2013, 11:52am

        “I don’t think any one is listening.”

        Now it sounds like he is the one who was never listening…

  30. David Skinner 30 Jun 2013, 12:10am

    Richard Dawkins says that not believing in God is good.

    Peter Tatchell says that being gay is good.

    God says in Romans 1 that if you don’t believe in him you might become gay.

    So Richard Dawkins would say, So don’t worry, enjoy yourself.

    1. “God says”? Do you hear voices in your head? Given the way you write, it would be unsurprising.

  31. But gays are not interested in marriage and lesbian civil partnerships dissolve faster that straight marriages. So what want something you neither want or have no use for?

    1. But gays are not interested in marriage

      Speak for yourself, my poor child. You don’t speak for all gays.

    2. Some of us might have no use for marriage, but that doesn’t mean we’d miss an opportunity rub the noses of bigoted pieces of sh*t like you in it.

    3. Well I’m not sure I’m qualified to speak about the secrets of a successful marriage having never had the right to get married before.

      Perhaps I should look to some straight couples for pointers.
      I hear Brittany Spears had one in Vegas, and it lasted a little bit longer than her hangover did.
      Let’s ask her for the lowdown on how straight couples are doing setting the bar on the whole “sanctity of marriage” malarchy.

  32. Yes it’s a small twitter site run by a lunatic. I ignored it. I wish Pink News had too.

    1. I thought having read this article that it was a hoax or an April Fool’s joke, I certainly wouldn’t get rattled by it.

  33. It is a natural side-effect of the fact that St. George’s Day is not a big festival in the U.K. In other countries, straight people have the opportunity to make spectacles of themselves on days like St. Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Mardi Gras, Carnival and many, many more. The U.K. must not be providing enough opportunities for them to party in the streets until they are vomiting in the gutters as elsewhere…

  34. Clearly these people do not know how stupid they sound. Are they a bunch of 5th graders?! PinkNews don’t waste the keystrokes on these fools.

  35. I wonder what the organisers of Glastonbury think of this? do they support homophobic bigots or have they made a public statement condemning their hatred and using the name of their festival in their propaganda. Glastonbury looks so contrived and conservative now anyhow , but great time at London Pride …… so many great peeps from all over and loved all the alternative looking people, Glastonbury take note.

    1. The organisers would be totally against it. It’s completely against the ethos of Glastonbury. I can assure you Glastonbury isn’t contrived and I would attend it in preference to the ghastly spectacle that Pride can be. At least Glastonbury has a soul…

      1. Pride although not political anymore has a voice and a reason for being there – it’s showing the nation in a loud and brash manner that we’re here.

  36. “Invade hotels and B&B’s run and owned by people who object to homosexuality”

    So they want the right to be objected against? I can give them that with great pleasure!

  37. Christians are persecuted?
    eg they were freaking out in the USA when we had to go to war against the xtians who supported slavery as per the bible

    they were persecuted and freaked out when women got the right to vote in 1920

    They freaked out in persecution when the last 16 states (of about 41 total) in 1967 got their bans on inter-racial marriage crushed by Scotus

    Now they are freaking out about with the recent rulings 40% of America’s population lives in states with marriage equality

    I’m the guy who outed a guy named Dyson in the MD senate to his wife re his boy affairs. He’s wll known in the legislature as a closet case but its more fun to wreck his SHAM marriage

    she filed for divorce after hiring a detective to follow the biatch’s political meetings which were mostly Pubic meetings with other guys – including gay college prof I know. He he he

  38. Jock S. Trap 30 Jun 2013, 9:52am

    Here we again again with the reverse psychology.

    Instead of apologising for the centuries of abuse, murder, torture suddenly these religious idiots are the victim.


    If they are so ashamed of what they have done, the decent thing would be to say sorry not try and change history to suit bigotry.

  39. Pinknews – stories like this make you look like a tacky tabloid. Worse, you’re giving air time to this clearly nothing of note group which is probably some sort of crass student joke. But by running the story, the organisers will feel compelled to defend and legitimise themselves. A joke suddenly becomes real.

  40. Michael 2912 30 Jun 2013, 10:35am

    My heart bleeds.

    A few years ago a friend of mine three himself to his death because he couldn’t cope with his parents’ rejection when he told them he was gay.

    As a lawyer I acted for people who were bullied at work and even dismissed because they were gay.

    People have been forced from their homes and persecuted because they were gay.

    Show me the equivalent for heterosexuals.

    1. I think that some people are making assumptions about this guy or organisation, but underlying it there is a serious point. Whilst straight people are not openly discriminated against, there is a perception by some of the majority that, because of progressive policies, that they are being.
      For instance, straight people can’t enter into a civil partnership. For most that’s not important, but it’s still not equality, and some straight people like the idea of civil partnerships.

      When I was unemployed, filling in job applications that apertained to gender, sexuality and race filled me with despair? Why, because I’m white, male and straight. I know that these stats are used in post recruitment to assess in general equality measures, but at the time it felt like I didn’t stand a chance because it felt like an equality quota.

      Not a reality – but a perception. Perceptions matter, and can be dangerous, and should be addressed,

      But being in favour of EQUALITY isn’t being homophobic.

      1. It’s gay people who’ve been at the forefront of trying to open up Civil Partnerships to straight couples – most of us want the ability to access marriage, but many still want to keep Civil Partnerships, and make sure everybody has access to them.

        For one thing, when heterosexual couples are getting Civil Partnerships we will feel less isolated. At the moment simply ticking the Civil Partnership box on a form means you’ve told them you’re gay – which is one way people can discriminate against us … like in job applications. We certainly don’t want Civil Partnerships to remain exclusive to gay couples.

        There are many things on job application forms which can make you wonder why they’re asking them. As far as I know some of that data is used to work out if their job advertising is hitting a broad enough selection of people, and are they attracting applications from everywhere. I agree, perceptions are very important.

  41. Yes, because heterosexuals…

    – Get ‘straight-bashed’ and/ or viciously bullied at school for being straight.
    – Have to come out as straight to their family, sometimes at risk of causing a rift or worse.
    – Have religious firebrands attributing natural disasters to their sex lives if not thinking them deserving of execution.
    – Had to campaign for decades to get the same rights as homosexuals regarding having relationships recognised by law.

    Anyway, that’s enough from the Onion.

    1. Damn, and it’s not even April 1st. I actually went there because I thought I’d missed a story ! Doh! :D

  42. Stacy Novak 30 Jun 2013, 12:09pm

    What a load of tosh, I am a straight heterosexual female, and this type of thing makes me feel ashamed that others the same as my self are behaving in such a ridiculous manner.I have never heard such rubbish.

  43. Just checked out their website, the usual right wing crap, coupled with the same old lies. Yawn.

  44. In order for straight people to have full equality with gay people, they would need to LOSE some of their rights, not gain more.

    1. GulliverUK 30 Jun 2013, 4:03pm

      How do you work that out? It’s not quite clear.

      Straight people don’t lose any rights when gay people are given protections as a protected minority, unless you think it’s acceptable for gay people to be denied goods and services in the private and public sector based peoples prejudices. I’m anti “some” Tories and if I was running a B&B I’d love to be able to deny them the right to stay there – but I wouldn’t, because it would be wrong.

      Gay people don’t have any rights to give up to straight people, we have less rights – unequal pension benefits, still no right to get married, and we’re eager for straight couples to have the right to Civil Partnerships – that is not within our control, that is down to the whim of government thinking and policy.

      Who would have to lose what rights? Are you talking about some sort of “religious” rights? Because that’s not true either, religious rights expand with equal marriage, because some religious groups want to offer same-sex marriages.

    2. GulliverUK 30 Jun 2013, 4:08pm

      Or did you mean, because we have less rights – they would need to lose some to be where we are now, and be equal with us? In which case our desire to bring our rights up-to those of heterosexuals is a valid course, because we don’t want anyone to lose rights, but all to be brought up-to the same level.

    3. “Or did you mean, because we have less rights – they would need to lose some to be where we are now, and be equal with us?”

      Bingo. That was precisely what I mean.

  45. They listed nothing they can’t have that any other group isn’t allowed. The right they seem to want is the right to persecute LGBT people. Who has the right o persecute others?

  46. I think they must be really insecure about their sexuality…… Kinda “Look at me I am so straight and Proud YEAH” which they hope would hide their own latent homosexuality

  47. Straight people moaning because they feel persecuted by straight people. How very straight of them. And pathetically childish too.

  48. Michael Knell 30 Jun 2013, 2:48pm

    As a gay person, I feel sorry for these straights – I mean, they only get to have half the fun, don’t they?
    I’ve always found life to be a matter of give and take.

  49. theotherone 30 Jun 2013, 3:53pm

    this is a complete non story, twitter has been laughing at these fools for a while now and has moved on since then.

    you can’t even question them never mind troll them because they do not respond to anything you say.

    thanks for giving them ‘the oxygen of publicity’

    1. I agree, though I dispute it is even ‘they’.

  50. GulliverUK 30 Jun 2013, 4:19pm

    It’s certainly a bunch of homophobes, and in league with religious groups also.

    But although they are lunitics, there is a very nasty side to them also;

    Will Varney ‏@Willvarney22 27 Mar
    We should just punch all the gay people in the face. #StraightPride

    When you get wackos like that you put yourself in the category of hate crimes and domestic criminals, like the EDL. I notice they’ve used twitter to expand their reach worldwide, with idiots from states like Texas, the the religious right.

    Their web sites hides its identity behind a proxy registration. But I’m sure it originates here, in the UK, and I think it is that guy from the Digital Spy forums. He certainly didn’t like that fact everybody, including all the straights, were against him. Probably gave him an even greater persecution complex.

  51. I’ve never seen any straight people(including all the hen party women) get thrown out of any gay bar yet and no one is stopping anyone, straight, gay or alien fromdressing as they like as far as I can see :)
    Isn’t the Notting Hill carnival made up of minority straight people? surely they are taking over city streets as well.This is ridiculous and I agree, probably religion based.

    1. GulliverUK 30 Jun 2013, 7:13pm

      I’ve met loads of straight people in gay bars – there’s no reason to turn them away because if they really want to come in, they’re not likely to cause trouble, and are likely to be tolerant and supportive people. Met some really great straight people – although Keith isn’t the sort of person who would be a) comfortable b) tolerant and c) supportive. His real problem is the chip on his shoulder, which prevents him from engaging with the rest of humanity. I think he thinks the only thing left for him is to come on here and bait and harass people who are gay. Such a wasted life, so pointless.

      Get me know some of us Keith. Virtually everybody I’ve met who’s gay is a nice person. On here we may vent a little anger and frustration, but if you knew us in person I bet you couldn’t fail to like us.

      1. Sweetie, the only person who even knows there’s anything such as an s-cat “community” is you. Presumably you’ve found like-minded persons who share your obsession with faeces. Trust you also to be the one who can find a “consensual incest community”.

      2. GulliverUK 1 Jul 2013, 11:06am

        This seems to be the result of out-of-control Evangelicalism, taking literally what has been mistranslated, from books written up to 3000 years ago. The 4 Gospels were not written by the people they are named after, only half of Paul’s letters are authentic – the others are forgeries – which was common at the time. There are currently over 5,500 manuscript copies of the New Testament, with hundreds of thousands of discrepancies. It’s been mistranslated time and time again, and misinterpreted by those with an agenda of hatred and who seek to control everybody else, and force them to comply with religious beliefs which aren’t their own.

        Others take it in an entirely different way, like prominent Evangelical minister Steve Chalke.
        It’s a long article but I really wish you would at least read this and see if you still feel the same way afterwards. Your hate is harmful to others.

      3. MJA 94114 7 Jul 2013, 4:54pm

        He may have “issues”, if you know what I mean. (And I think that you do!)

    2. “This means that heteronormals have the same legal right as homosexuals to enter establishments.”

      Yeah, and I’m fairly sure your one of those “heterosexuals” who spends a lot of time in the shadows in gay bars, you vile little reptile.

      1. MJA 94114 7 Jul 2013, 4:56pm

        Mustn’t make assumptions, Will. No. Wait. Go ahead! It’s probably true.

  52. David Skinner 30 Jun 2013, 9:28pm

    Will, you are so right when you say, “In order for straight people to have full equality with gay people, they would need to LOSE some of their rights, not gain more.” How right you are. The gaystapo have invaded Britain to liberate heterosexuals from being incarcerated in repressive marriage defined by prohibitions of the Bible. Hence heterosexuals have to lose the right to hang on to the constraints stopping their marriages and families from disintegrating and instead be liberated in the fullness of sexual anarchy of the Gaystapo.
    Clearly Pink News suffer not only from heterophobia but aletheiaphobia : a hatred of truth.

    1. “Gaystapo” . . . !!!

      Constantly invoking Godwin’s law instead of developing an argument, reveals not only a lack of argument, but rather shameless ignorance.

      . . . . . . . . . .'s%20law

      ‘A term that originated on Usenet, Godwin’s Law states that as an online argument grows longer and more heated, it becomes increasingly likely that somebody will bring up Adolf Hitler or the Nazis. When such an event occurs, the person guilty of invoking Godwin’s Law has effectively forfieted the argument.’

    2. Jock S. Trap 1 Jul 2013, 8:34am

      OMG – You’re so funny!!!

      Do you write this yourself or do you need someone to do that for you too?

    3. gay people made your marriage fail? Are you sure its not because your a complete knob?

  53. .....Paddyswurds 30 Jun 2013, 11:34pm

    Oh For Phuck sake, Pink News. Just how childish are you prepared to get?

  54. Christopher in Canada 1 Jul 2013, 1:49am

    Why any man would settle for the half of possible male sexual expression that being str8 is, is beyond me. No nipple or pec stimulus, no anal… just putting jelly in the doughnut over and over again… BORING.

  55. They tried this on Facebook but I believe there were taken down (the page)

    Straight people have all the rights they need….now they are attempting to make a mockery of ‘Pride’. It’s like toddlers….I have a whole bunch of lovely toys….then I see what another toddler has and I want that as well. Or ruin and break it of I can’t have it

    Grow up you cretins.

    1. GulliverUK 1 Jul 2013, 10:46am

      They’ve got a fb page;
      started 19th May this year – it’s possible their previous attempt was removed.
      30 likes. When this was discussed on Digital Spy forums quite some time ago most people thought he was nuts – and most of them were straight. It’s true that “some” straight people don’t really understand Gay Pride, and that’s usually because they haven’t really considered why it’s important to us, and/or because they’ve never been to one.

      Looking through old posts I see I also asked that if they have a Straight Pride, will it be ok for my straight friends to invite me, like we welcome them to Gay Pride? If not, why not exactly? Is this exclusively for heterosexuals, i.e. no gays allowed?

  56. basically they are discriminated against by not being allowed to discriminate? smells like c4m to me.

  57. Never seen going to a hotel/B&B as an ‘invasion’ before. I paid for the room same as anybody else. Wow, I guess I was a complete ass last week, you know going on holiday like a straight person would. Shocking behaviour.

  58. Yes because straight people get beaten up all the time for showing affection to their loved. They’re not allowed to get married, give blood because they may have something terrible…..oh wait that’s gay men and women….

    What are these loones talking about?

    1. People who label themselves ‘gay’ can get married , there is nothing to stop them , no discrimination – marriage being the union of a man and a woman .As for giving blood – people who label themselves ‘gay’ tend to have a higher chance of STD contact , drug taking, not to mention a 1000% more chance of anal cancer , live 20 years less – mention this of course and the ‘thought crime’ so-called ‘homophobia’ is trotted out …..

  59. “[Homosexuals] have the right to… invade hotels and B&B’s run and owned by people who object to homosexuality, and then sue them when refusal is given.”

    Let me see if I understand. Heterosexuals are persecuted because there aren’t any hotels and B&B’s run and owned by people who object to heterosexuality for them to sue? Oh dear. How do they survive in such an un-hostile world?

  60. normal woman 5 Jul 2013, 7:36pm

    As a Transwoman i dress and walk and behave the same as other women

    so do i qualify as normal enough to join straight pride?

  61. I think that group of people goes for being mixted up a bit. They mixted being heterosexual and being proud of it and being homophobic and being proud of it. funny this way of thinkings. they can’,t have the world going their way so now they are victims and poor little heterosexuals in need to be protected. If I understand their thinking it can be only a winner/looser result in this sexual orientation question. Equality and winner/winner answer isn’t possible for them… How sad!

  62. MHA 94114 7 Jul 2013, 4:10pm

    As far as I can tell, Breeders have always had the right to: Get a parade permit, not be discriminated against for any reason when they check into a hotel or B&B (or avail themselves of any other business’ s services, for that matter), dress ridiculously (or not) when in public, and to assemble in crowds or assemblies for the purposes of having fun and being together. Let alone get married, have and adopt children and hold down a job without fear of being fired for being straight.

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