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Alec Baldwin apologises to GLAAD for ‘toxic little queen’ comments

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Reader comments

  1. He actually said toxic little QUEEN, not queer.

  2. Shows his true colours, so many in Hollywood are so fake.

    1. Whose photo is that?

  3. Too little, too late.

  4. Karl smith 29 Jun 2013, 6:55pm

    The funniest part of this story is the accompanying photo – in the original story if my memory serves me right Pinknews showed an Alec Baldwin all smiles and laughing in this story he’s shown all serious and pensive haha harious !- well done Pinknews you rock

  5. Am I the only one who does not see any homophobia in his comments?

    1. To begin with I thought the same as you as its barely offensive.. but then you also have to put it into a different perspective, say the member of press was black and he wrote things referencing the colour of his skin which was unrelated to the article (just like this guys sexuality), that would be extremely taboo and realistically so should this. I do however think his apology is sincere, he was obviously frustrated and in a moment of rage we often say things we regret after.

  6. GulliverUK 29 Jun 2013, 7:11pm

    His apology was sincere, he’s a gay rights advocate, he’s lent his support to equal marriage, and sometimes in the heat of the moment people do say things without thinking them through properly – I do that also, so I am glad to accept his apology.

    When do you think the Catholic Church or Church of England will apologise? They have no only said things 1000% worse but they meant every word.

    1. “sometimes in the heat of the moment people do say things without thinking them through properly.” That’s when they show their true colors.

      1. GulliverUK 29 Jun 2013, 8:02pm

        It’s when old historic terms we used when we were thick and stupid surface. It’s often the brain searching for old insults we used when we didn’t know any better. It’s can be a trigger response associated with past episodes in your life, previous times, previous ways of thinking.

        He’s a gay rights advocate and has been a powerful voice in the pro-equality movement, particularly on equal marriage. That’s the true Alec Baldwin.

        I find myself occasionally having OLD insults coming to mind when someone angers me, but those insults are from a previous me, long ago, before I learnt the true meaning of Christmas. For example, on the Chris Christie thread someone mentioned his weight and pies, and it was something I had thought of — I wanted to call him names associated with that, but I didn’t because I know now that issues around weight are very sensitive for all of us, and attacks in that area can hurt other unintended people. I don’t make jokes about weight.

        1. So that’s it then? Is it ok to use homophobic language if doing so is someone who previously has said something nice about gay people? What a stupid argument.

          1. GulliverUK 29 Jun 2013, 9:17pm

            When you grow up you’ll realise that programming within you, from an early age, has a profound affect on you. For example, it is simply child abuse to teach people about a man in the sky who rules everything, and who will send you to hell if you are in any way naughty. That sort of abuse takes decades, if not a lifetime, to remove.

            And if you say that when you were at school you didn’t abuse others in ways that you wouldn’t dream of doing now, then I’m not sure I believe you.

            As we grow we learn, and looking back I think I’ve always been fairly nice to other people, but there were times, a few, when I said things I didn’t mean, or even believe in, just to hurt someone, because I knew those phrases had a power I lacked in argument. and thus it was easier to use those than think us a winning argument.

            It’s good to discuss this tho, I’m not saying I’m right and you’re wrong, I’m just giving my opinion, and seeing where it takes us.

          2. GulliverUK 29 Jun 2013, 9:21pm

            See what I did there. Without thinking I used an insult .. “when you grow up”. I didn’t mean to, exactly, … perhaps I’m just feeling a little bit old… er… today, thinking back to when I first went on Pride, how young I was, and now that I’m 20 years older and young people will be starting out in life, going on their first Pride march.

            But it could be taken as an insult – didn’t mean it, it just slipped out, and I know I sometimes do that, and I try to catch it before it happens, but sometimes it just happens.

            And no, that is not a set-up to reinforce my argument – if there was an Edit button I would have stripped it out as soon as I re-read it. Didn’t mean to be discourteous.

  7. Were his comments poorly thought out? Undoubtedly they were, but in the heat of anger we can all be reduced to our baser instincts. What we must decide is whether the man has a history of homophobic behaviour, in this case no. While we can say he should not have made these remarks we should also say we will not let them detract from all the good he has done in the past. I for one believe his apology to be sincere and hold no ill will for the man. Besides i think George Stark, to be an entirely odious creature.

    1. He does have a history of homophobia on twitter. All the good e has done in the past? Please. He made a video about marriage equality, how brave for an actor!
      He din’t really apologized either. It’s the same old excuse: “I din’t mean it in a homophobic way.”
      Sorry for my English.

  8. So, GLAAD caved before the famous rich man who got himself rumbled as a closet homophobic bigot. I don’t know which of the two I despise more. Ally my arse. For shame.

    1. GulliverUK 30 Jun 2013, 6:16am

      IIRC Sir Elton John has occasionally said stupid things about others, like his comments about Boy George or George Michael. And didn’t Jeremy Irons get in to hot water over marrying his son? I can’t recall exactly how many celebrities I’ve struck off my Christmas card list because they’ve misspoke.

      Some were homophobic and I never knew until they one day launched in to a homophobic rant of epic proportions – Michelle Shocked, Chuck Norris, Stephen Baldwin (!!), Ernest Borgnine (you’re all too young to remember), Mel Gibson, Kirk Cameron. Need to distinguish between genuine homophobes and those that occasionally misspeak.

      Even people like Hugh Grant have misspoken.

  9. Marriage Equality and Gay Rights are simply the new black or pink to many celebrities and non-celebrities alike. People who support ME but use homophobic language are paying lip service only.

    I can understand Baldwin’s anger in defending his wife. He could have called the man a little lying bastard but instead his insults were directed towards the man’s sexual orientation which had nothing to do with the accusation against his wife.

    And he did not say it on the spur of the moment. He WROTE it and made it public.

    A homophobe is a homophobe and Alec Baldwin is a homophobe.

  10. I’m sorry but Alec Baldwin is NOT homophobic! The Daily Mail loser should be apologising!

  11. i think his approach to daily mail c_unt was rather mild

  12. JackAlison 30 Jun 2013, 6:03am

    If I am irate with a black person do I use the “N” word?
    If im irate with a jewish person do I resort to anti semetic jibes?
    NO NO NO
    This guy might be gay friendly but like many in the public eye he believes its appropriate to spray gay slurs and then quickly “apologize….unreservedly for the hurt I may have caused….”
    and then we hava co-dependent friend reassuring the gay community that so and so is really not like that?!
    gimme a break…. we use language to communicate…duh!
    Its just becoming all too common for cheap publicity. Half the ppl. mixed up in the anti equal marriage debate ive never heard of only because of their outrageous bigotry…. each appearing to outdo the other by the comparisions to marry animals ,paedophilia, good with antiques, artistc. depraved and on and on it goes….

  13. GulliverUK 30 Jun 2013, 6:03am

    I see the religious freaks have been here giving negative marks to all / most posts.

    Don’t let the nutters drive a wedge between people. I generally ignore negative points, for my own posts, and for others, because I know they come on here to deliberately stir up trouble.

    PN note – you are going to have to do something about this. A better system is REGISTERED USERS only, thus accountability and traceback, and a mailing list (bonus), plus seeing who gave you a point, or took one away. It’s time to start planning Reader Comments v3.

    I’ll give a point where I can to reverse some negs.

    1. What a pompous jerk you are. Noticed it over many weeks. You just love the sound of your own voice. Yes I gave you the thumbs down and I have no religion.

      1. GulliverUK 30 Jun 2013, 1:05pm

        You’re entitled to your opinion. But a better, more mature and adult response would be … “I utterly disagree with you on (a) because “x”, and only party agree with your point (b) because I feel “y”.

        It’s the people who give negs and don’t say why which I find the biggest jerks – their IQ must be incredibly low if they don’t at least realise that negs alone are pointless – utterly worthless, it’s explaining that you disagree, and why, which helps everybody.

        My advice is just go elsewhere, you’re wasting everybody’s time, and that’s a luxury not everybody has in abundance. Either that or, preferably, stay and say why I’m a jerk. Is it content or tone? If it’s tone then I’m very busy and don’t always take time to express things the way I really want to. If so, that’s my fault and my issue – perhaps I must make more time to draft posts more thoughtfully.

        But if you don’t point out the bits which annoy you, or which you disagree with, and why, how can I learn ?

        1. Samuel B. 2 Jul 2013, 2:37pm

          “It’s the people who give negs and don’t say why which I find the biggest jerks…”

          Says she who is known to liberally dispense red arrows like confetti at a wedding.

          Methinks the lady doth protest too much.

          Sweetie, if your ego can’t handle a few red arrows you have no business being on these here boards – so here’s another to add to your collection.

          And FYI being red arrowed around these parts in some instances could be regarded as the highest accolade when one is brave enough to step out of groupthink mind-already-made-up consensus mode and dare to say something provacative and, more to the point, truthful.

  14. David Walsh 30 Jun 2013, 9:51am

    Gay rights organizations should shun this guy. We can have better straight allies than some hot headed loudmouth actor who gives a half-apology for a vicious, homophobic rant.

    Seriously, he already has a history of foolish, childish behaviour. He called his daughter a pig and was kicked off a flight because he became hostile when asked to turn off a game on his phone. He’s a clown and doesn’t deserve a free pass for not being to control himself just because he’s a rich, famous guy.

  15. The daily hate mail is full of toxic queens.

    1. GulliverUK 30 Jun 2013, 1:15pm

      There are certainly “some” people who many find quite disagreeable. They did an excellent coverage of Gay Pride this year, loads of pics, and quite reasonable.

      Also, if you’re talking about the printed paper, that is a different sub-part of the group, which caters for a specific audience, for example it has lots of adverts which are geared towards an older generation. If you’re talking about MailOnline, and although they do share content, they are run separately, with the online version geared towards a younger generation. It’s quite confusing since “some” of the online articles do tend to attract robust right-wing responses, although that appears to be changing also. Online is a bit more “Ok” magazine.

  16. No I don’t see the big deal either. I’d of said the same thing.

  17. floridahank 30 Jun 2013, 5:03pm

    Hollyweird is full of nut jobs — hetero and homo — not another place on planet earth that you’ll find such a screwed up bunch of vain, egoistic, materialistic, immoral people.

  18. From the mouth, the heart speaketh. I don’t accept his apology simply because it’s not sincere. This is just another case like Israel Dagg apologising for his twitter comment to another rugby player only because he was pressured into it – he wasn’t sorry at all, and sadly, neither is Alec.

  19. Oh Paula Dean is dropped left and right and Baldwin says sorry and the LGBT org is quiet as a mouse. How many times does this jackass get a break

  20. This anal douche by product needs to be “Paula Deen’d”

  21. Pavlos Prince of Greece 2 Jul 2013, 3:51pm

    Whom really cares what he say ? Only important thing here is: his photo, not his words. An incredible handsome men, since many years.

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