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Trans teen forced to carry out sentence in Scotland’s most violent prison

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Reader comments

  1. Why is this Pink news? Sure, it’s about a trans person, but that doesn’t seem to have any relevance to the story…

  2. The story (as written) has nothing to do with Findlay being trans. On the contrary, it appears the Scottish courts incarcerated her in a manner that acknowledges her trans-ness by placing her with other women rather than deciding to pull a conservative biological determination move and putting her with men. If there is some trans element, the author didn’t cover it. There are many ways that violence against trans people is linked to prison but this article does not demonstrate any of them.

  3. Would you rather she was placed in a male prison?
    If an offence has been committed that carries a custodial sentence, then that person needs to be sent to prison. Their gender is irrelevant.

  4. Erm: “Her solicitor Robin White told the court she had experienced a “difficult” time in the jail because she was trans and was desperate not to go back there.” Seems to have a trans aspect??

    1. Seems to me that quite a lot of (if not most) women have a sh¡t time there, I don’t know why she should be given any extra sympathy when the alternative is a men’s prison.

      1. I’m from the Stirling area and Cornton Vale is no joke. They were double handcuffing women in labour up until a few years ago. It’s pretty much the most shameful bit of our entire justice system. I feel truly sorry for anyone who had to serve a sentence there, but I am glad that our justice system didn’t place her in a male prison. The issue is that because of problems regarding lack of mental stimulation for prisoners there there is a horrendous culture of bullying there. I know a lady who works in conjunction with the prison and women there don’t have the same level of privacy in their cells (and therefore security) because the prison was built very differently to other prisons.

  5. It’s Scotland’s ONLY “all-women prison”.

    Where else can they send her?

  6. I am not sure why Stonewall Scotland are commenting rather than Trans Scotland . . . Stonewall don’t even support the trans community.

    1. Incorrect. Stonewall don’t support the ‘trans’ community in England Stonewall Scotland do in Scotland.

  7. Trans woman commits violent crime and goes to women’s jail….and this is newsworthy why exactly?

  8. Bill Cameron 28 Jun 2013, 1:16pm

    The way not to get sent to prison is not to commit crime. Let her ponder on this.

    Being gay/trans/lesbian does not give anyone a free-pass to commit crime. Incidentally, she probably is ‘safer’ in an all-female prison than she would be in an all-male prison.

    There have been lots of tales in the past about some women ending up in Cornton Vale for relatively trivial offences as not paying for TV licences, etc, but this person’s offence is not trivial and she needs to be locked away for her sentence – hopefully she won’t re-offend when she is released.

  9. Bill Cameron 28 Jun 2013, 1:20pm

    .. incidentally, the article title needs amending, she has not only been charged with assault and robbery, she has been CONVICTED of these offences.

  10. Action and consequences. If you rob or steal or worse and you get convicted, you go to jail. Having a hard time there? Well it’s not supposed to be Club Med, is it now?

    If you don’t like it, straight gay trans bi et al, stay out of prison. Simples!

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