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President Obama: Same-sex marriages should be recognised across all American states

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Reader comments

  1. Too bad that obama’s “thinking there should be equality” does not change a thing…. and he doesn’t seem to be that agitated to make a change.

    1. Get real – Obama is by far the best US President we’ve ever had !

      Who else mentioned gay people in his inauguration address and gave strong support in several key speeches since then?

      Would you have preferred Mitt Romney to have been elected?

  2. bobmarchiano 28 Jun 2013, 11:29pm


    Did Obama win you over with his charm,singing and his TV spots. I like the man but he has done nothing for this country or its gay community. All talk and no push if you believe in something you fight for it. You just don’t travel the country and talk about it. Hit some heads together make some deals and get it done
    The greatest President you must be under twenty and failed American history

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