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Maria Miller: I want PinkNews readers to tell me the biggest issues facing the LGBT community

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Reader comments

  1. Jock S. Trap 28 Jun 2013, 3:16pm

    Wow, it’s nice to have a government minister who wants to listen.

    1. Don’t be silly, Jock, she only wants your vote, and shame on PN for cosying up to this shameless opportunist.

      Issues of concern, indeed, where to start?

      Our elderly being abused and starved in the NHS and care homes?
      A police force out of control and accountable to no one?
      State snooping into our private calls, emails and online activities?
      Folk forced from their homes due to the obscene bedroom tax?
      The impending influx of tens of thousands of penniless Romanians and Bulgarians?

      …you get my drift.

      So stop with the false pretences and platitudes, Ms. Miller.

      You and your ilk -Lib/Lab/Con – are revealing yourself by the day to be the one-party enemy of the people, and there is only so much you can heap on us before something snaps.

      Shame on you PN for stooping this low.

      1. And before anyone bleats “but she loves us gays”, the fact is Ms. Miller is an agenda-driven career politician, and if you refuse to look at the bigger picture and what Lib/Lab/Con governance is really all about then you will have equal marriage and all the fripperies that goes with it but conducted under a heavily-surveilled police state under which no action or comment goes unnoticed or unrecorded.

        Honestly, I thought The Guardian was the paper of choice for the PN collective.

        Am I the only Guardionista who has been paying attention to the Snowden revelations these past few weeks?

        Where is the anger and outrage?

        Don’t let Mz Miller off lightly – demand answers!!

        1. Ben Cohen wants a gong. This site is a disgrace

          1. St Sebastian 29 Jun 2013, 3:45am

            ‘Ben Cohen wants a gong. This site is a disgrace’

            Easy fixed James, don’t visit! Go and burn your destructive anger elsewhere. The gay movement has moved on from confrontational anger, we have more of the population considering our cause more favourably than at any time in the past and the way forward is not to antagonise but to engage. Leave the antagonism for when we are going backwards.

        2. Lab, Con and the Guardian as the house journal of the Labour Party all endorse the surveillance state.

        3. Sister Mary Clarence 28 Jun 2013, 4:42pm

          Yep you’re right she is a career driven politician (just like all the others) …. you think Blair or Brown or even Galloway were just playing at it. Frankly I’d be a bit disturbed that she got where she has if she wasn’t … you know, got herself elected as a government minister during a gap year or something …..

          However there is clearly an agenda at the moment of engaging with us, and seemingly giving us at least some of what we’re asking for so, by all mean carry on manning the barricades or whatever you call it, but I’m going to embrace if and try to ensure we get the most out of it.

          1. St Sebastian 29 Jun 2013, 3:47am

            A voice of reason, praise be Sister Mary Clarence.

    2. sychophant

      1. St Sebastian 29 Jun 2013, 3:38am

        James, don’t let your political affiliations and cynicism infect opportunities. We must never close down channels for dialogue for opportunities to combat homophobia and prejudice. After all, if she listens but doesn’t act then we have a right to criticise, heavily.

  2. Ms. Miller, despite your claims you are not quite giving us equal marriage. Giving us the ability to marry is certainly something to be proud of, but this pensions inequality nonsense means that we are still not being granted *equal* marriage.

    1. Sister Mary Clarance 28 Jun 2013, 5:07pm

      I think this is probably the opportunity to raise that though isn’t it?

      1. Robert in S. Kensington 28 Jun 2013, 5:14pm

        Absolutely right, Sister Mary Clarence. The Marriage Bill set out to do one thing only, i.e. allowing us to marry. Of course, we would all like to have everything catered to therein but that’s not how things work with this Bill. I’ve no doubt in my mind that the equal pensions issue will eventually be addressed, similarly for humanist weddings and issues for the transgendered community. This consultation will be the perfect vehicle to do just that.

        1. And this is why I raised both issues :) The pensions issue, and the issue that using the term “equal marriage” in her article or elsewhere is somewhat misleading (even though I’m sure it wasn’t intentionally deceptive).

          1. Tim Chapman 28 Jun 2013, 6:18pm

            You’re absolutely spot on, Marrianne. Until the pensions issue is rectified, it should be referred to as “same-sex marriage”‘ not “equal marriage” or even just “marriage”. What’s about to be on offer is still second class, and I for one won’t be converting my CP until it’s fixed.

    2. That isn’t quite true, it depends how old you are.

      We are getting equal marriage for younger couples.

      1. That still doesn’t sound equal to me. If you’re not straight, you’re subject to judgement on additional criteria to determine your rights, and it’s biased against the people who are most likely to be negatively affected by this.

  3. What do we want? The removal of state sponsored homophobia and transphobia in schools. Religious groups should not be allowed to run schools if they espouse views that certain ways of life are lesser. Children have no choice in which school they go to so they should be protected.

    1. St Sebastian 29 Jun 2013, 3:57am

      ‘ Religious groups should not be allowed to run schools if they espouse views that certain ways of life are lesser. ‘

      There is a simple solution, if religious schools are to accept ANY state funding, they must undertake not to make any commentary/teachings that are homophobic. It is possible for these schools to teach that homosexuality has always existed, it is accepted by the state and that homophobia is not acceptable. (This should also apply to sex education, disease mitigation – condom usage – and if they like abstinence).This approach is respectful to both their religion and to homosexuals. Their ‘beliefs’ can then be left to the pulpit.

  4. Midnighter 28 Jun 2013, 3:25pm

    Excellent. It is very encouraging to see that the gains being made are understood to be part of a process.

    Top of my list “Religious bigotry and the special dispensations it is afforded in matters of equality and rights.”

  5. Julian Morrison 28 Jun 2013, 3:26pm

    Trans people are being criminalized for “sexual assault by deception” by claiming our real genders and not “disclosing” our medical history when having sex. Bad legal precedent is being made. That needs fixing!

    1. Well it’s best to be honest with people

      1. Julian Morrison 28 Jun 2013, 4:10pm

        If a trans woman says “I’m a woman” or a trans man says “I’m a man” (or just gives that impression nonverbally), they ARE being honest with people.

      2. Yeah, like you tell all your partners, even consensual one-night-stands, your full medical history.

  6. In a word, Religion and their hate towards us.

  7. Homophobic bullying should be a major priority. It is still a serious problem and unfortunately some of the suggested amendments to the same sex marriage bill could make things even worse.

  8. Dear Maria,

    My boyfriend keeps wiping his knob on the curtains.

    What can you do to help?

    1. She can do nothing for you because she is not a therapist, and you need a therapist. It is not necessary to be so seamy.

      Also, buy some good olive oil and rub it around your neck… .

    2. St Sebastian 29 Jun 2013, 4:13am

      Thanks fagburn, until I read your irono-cynical passive-aggressive response, I hadn’t thought of using this opportunity to help non-LGBTI homophobic people with a psychological programme to deal with their irrational fears. We should put you on the provisional list for when this programme starts.

      1. JackAlison 8 Jul 2013, 9:13am

        I LAUGHED
        i only hope MS. Miller read it.
        I even laughed louder at the holier than thou reponses of righteous indignation

  9. Dear Ms Miller,

    Perhaps you could make sure your party are not elected at the next election as the majority of your MPs voted against equal marriage. Indeed, the majority of voices from within politics and the media against gay equality on equal marriage and indeed on all gay equality issues over the last 50 years have been from within the Conservative party and its supporters.

    So please get rid of all those Tory MPs who dont support full equality.



    1. Unless we extend that from gay to also look at trans, when the eager legislators wishing to do the queers down have been Labour rather than Tory governments.

    2. Robert in S. Kensington 28 Jun 2013, 5:21pm

      That’s not going to get us anywhere and I would strongly advise you not to write such a comment to her. You seem to forget, the Marriage Bill allowed for a free conscience vote which includes religious beliefs whether we agree or not. I don’t like the fact that many in the party voted against the Bill but that’s their right as a matter of conscience. The point is, in spite of that, it passed and will continue to pass into law.

  10. Right where do I get in contact with her? Got plenty of stuff to ask her about and some personal stuff which am not publishing on the public web?

  11. Just a couple which spring to mind. Probably many more.

    Homelessness among LGBT people due to savage welfare cuts, complete lack of affordable housing and family estrangement.

    Persecution of LGBT asylum seekers because of this government’s vicious immigration and asylum policies.

    Homophobia in schools and self-harm among LGBT youth because of inadequate diversity and support training, underfunded youth networks and services, an unwillingness for schools to take homophobic bullying seriously and the rise in numbers of faith, academy and free schools, which are free to teach what the like.

    Exclusion of trans* communities from the equal marriage bill, forcing the dissolution of civil partnerships when obtaining a GRC, refusing to recognise the continuation of marriages forcibly divorced, and excluding genderqueer and other non-binary people from the institution completely

    1. GulliverUK 28 Jun 2013, 4:15pm

      Argggggg! Forgot that one, and yet it’s something which is on my mind constantly. Being rejected by your parents is bad enough, but having to leave or being thrown out and living on the streets is a hell I’m not even capable of imagining. Every time I see a homeless person on the street I can’t help wondering are they one of the 40% of homeless who are LGBT? It’s absolutely heartbreaking to think how insecure they feel.

  12. gino meriano 28 Jun 2013, 3:55pm

    if you use the word EQUAL, then why is the same sex marriage bill for gays a different one to straights and why are there differences in the Bill vs. the Act ?

    1. Write to Maria Miller
      100 Parliament St
      SW1A 2BQ

      1. GulliverUK 28 Jun 2013, 4:12pm

        Wouldn’t waste my breath – I emailed her, got an auto email back saying on that email address she only dealt with constituency business, and it said to email her department. I did, I’m still waiting to hear back almost a month later. Where is my response? Why no acknowledgement, why no response at all?

        Her department can read my comments here, and elsewhere where I post. If they want to contact me PN have my email address, in case they’ve lost my original email, i.e. binned it.

  13. GulliverUK 28 Jun 2013, 4:02pm

    1. Pension inequality – it’s not “equal” marriage you are proposing – this means even our “marriage” will still be 2nd class – so the whole thing was a pointless exercise.

    2. Homophobia in schools – particularly no need to record bullying by schools, no need to take effective action to promote tolerance (LGBT history entirely optional), made much worse in Acadamies / private schools who can opt out of almost anything

    3. Religious homophobia – they get away with murder, literally, because their words harm and even kill young people.

    4. Gay “cures” must be outlawed altogether – allowing this practice, including possibly on the NHS, is an affront to our dignity and condones homophobia by church leaders who cite this as reason why they can continue their homophobic assault.

    5. Police forces not at all consistent in dealing with us – I still wouldn’t want to engage with the police on anything because there are still very homophobic police officers there.

    1. GulliverUK 28 Jun 2013, 4:08pm

      6. Lifting blood ban. Only it hasn’t been lifted at all. The very people who are the lowest risk, those in committed relationships, but who are having sex, are still totally banned. Other countries are more enlightened, they test the blood and aren’t judgmental. The **NEW** testing techniques can detect HIV, not the anti-bodies, and thus is the one we should be using.

      7. GPs + NHS hospitals still homophobic in places – I wouldn’t dream of telling my GP I was gay.

      8. Groups like The Christian Institute promote homophobia and yet are charaties – WTF? We pay in our taxes for them to abuse us !!!

      9. Tory MPs making very disparaging remarks, very demeaning intellectually defunct, very hurtful remarks in public sets a tone for the general public which condones discriminatory behavior and intolerance. There are MPs in other parties, obviously, but it’s very disturbing that the so-called Tory modernisation hasn’t worked.

      I’ve got more but these are off the top of my head.

      1. Sacre bleu 29 Jun 2013, 4:35am

        We also have to start dealing with the impact of the ‘Pink Ceiling’ for those of us with careers. From my experience it is especially bad (and I acknowledge that it is not limited to the Alpha-male environment) in the commerce/ business/ legal/ medical fields. I am sure there are many of us that can attest to career discrimination in other many other areas and we need to hear those voices too.

    2. Robert in S. Kensington 28 Jun 2013, 6:08pm

      You don’t really mean that the Marriage Bill is a pointless exercise surely? You’d rather not have a marriage bill at all, pension inequalities notwithstanding? It never set out to include equal pensions because it hasn’t even been addressed for CPs but I strongly suspect it will be once the review takes place in the autumn. Tory MP Mike Freer has requested information from all pension providers in the UK which I think will be very helpful for the government to address this inequality. But I certainly don’t think the Bill should be called pointless if that’s what you really mean. It needs to pass and then the other inequalities can be dealt with.

      1. GulliverUK 28 Jun 2013, 7:17pm

        We want equality, marriage is just one area. Another is in blood donation. I won’t want to have come this far and get “nearly” equal marriage – it’s just utterly unacceptable. I would rather they got it right, now, and put this to bed once and for all, rather than keep promising to fix things all the time.

        We did not set the timetable for equal partnership rights, we did not ask them to create us a separate unequal legal arrangement called Civil Partnerships. The government can set the agenda in many things, it could have stamped out most homophobia 20 years earlier, it could have dismissed Civil Partnerships and provided marriage, fully equal marriage, 20 years ago. It could have sorted out adoption for couples 20 years ago. When I wanted to get married – I couldn’t. When I wanted to adopt with a partner, I couldn’t. The fact they didn’t care 20 years is their fault, not ours.

        I take your point, but to be honest I have waited all my life for equality, I could have ….

      2. GulliverUK 28 Jun 2013, 7:21pm

        … been willing to wait until 2015 when Labour get in for them to implement full equal marriage with full equal survivor pension benefits, BACKDATED fully. It’s £18m, and that cost is borne by the pensions industry, for which sums that size are rounding errors.

        I don’t want this going through and then us coming back next year, and the year after, and five years after that, putting right all the things which are wrong. I’m a “get it right first time” type of guy.

        It’s also very difficult for me to refer to this as equal marriage — simply because of the pensions part. It’s very important. People really aren’t thinking properly. Everybody Dies, and … not IF, but WHEN, you partner dies why should you receive only a tiny fraction of what heterosexual widows would get. It is a really big issue – but I understand why younger people don’t find pensions remotely relevant.

  14. Support for the health and well-being of young people in schools (including religious schools) – particularly:
    1) promoting diversity and inclusion in schools, by zero tolerance of bullying, no use of “gay” as an insult, requiring teachers to be gay-friendly even if the school’s religion is anti-gay etc.
    2) effective, LGBT-inclusive sexual health and relationship education, so teens can look after their bodies and keep themselves happy and safe.

  15. Since there are LGBT people who are disabled too I’d say. Why are some LGBT people being forced to do ATOS tests while large corps like vodafone pay no tax?

    1. Jock S. Trap 29 Jun 2013, 9:30am

      Did you are Labour the same question?

  16. Tackle homophobic bullying in schools. End of story.

    It was on all major parties manifestos last election and nothing (to my knowledge) has been done.

    1. In Wiltshire there is a zero tolerance campaign going around all of the state secondary schools.
      As the school I went to has a deputy head teacher who is in a civil partnership with a 6th form teacher & 1 openly gay guy. It seemed slightly redundant.

      However since the campaign another guy has come out & a girl has come out as bi.

  17. Dear Ms Miller
    RESIGN! now along with the rest of the Coalition.

    I’ve lost two friends to suicide due to your government’s bogus austerity measures, especially the destruction of social securit. Both would still be alive if Atos etc and I D-S had not been allowed to destroy their lives. (I know others how have, and still do, teatter on the brink.).

    YOu , your banker, boardroom etc mates; and the right wing academics who thought it all up in the 1970’s (Friedman, Greenspan et al) are responsible for the economic mess; and many still purpurtrate anti gay hate too…

    If you and your ilk REALLY like US style policies in education, health, welfare, and business etc, then pack up and get a one way ticket to there.
    Leave the rest of us to create a truly civilised society where everyone can live in decency and dignity including ALL LGBTQI persons.

    1. Labour gave us ATOS. The Tories and Liberals merely left it in place.

      1. While Labour started ATOS, the current government has made the process even more vicious towards disabled people, and ATOS is not the only problem. Cuts in different but related areas have already meant that I lost the funding for care workers I need to live a vaguely normal life. Other disabled people are in danger of losing their homes due to the ridiculous and arbitrary “bedroom tax”.

      2. Sister Mary Clarence 28 Jun 2013, 5:14pm

        Jen, please don’t be muddying the water with FACTS …. I mean, when, when exactly, was that ever helpful.

        Clearly the Tories did some sort of Vulcan mind melt meld thingy on the last Labour government that caused them to introduce it.

        …. I thought everybody new that ……!!!!

  18. Doesn’t her party have an LGBT wing that should be informing her on these things?

    1. GulliverUK 28 Jun 2013, 4:56pm

      LGBT Tory

      But they need to hear the views of all of us

  19. Don’t trust this woman. She had the opportunity to tell the religious nuts to feck-off, but instead, legislated their right to discriminate, which means we are still not equal.

  20. It’s time you started prioritising transgender people and our rights and issues instead of sweeping us under the carpet all the time. We can now be prosecuted for not disclosing our medical history to partners; our issues, such as fixing having to to divorce our husbands and wives if we wish to transition, were completely left out of the Same-Sex Marriage in England and Wales bill (whilst in Scotland they were included), the care we receive from the NHS is in shambles, transphobia is still prominent in society, fuelled by the vindictive press who have learned nothing from Leveson and still continue to hunt us like witches, the police mistreat us, the governmental services mistreat us… I could go on and on, Mrs Miller. Something has to be done.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 28 Jun 2013, 5:11pm

      I sympathise and something needs to be done to address these concerns, but you can’t order government ministers what to do but what you would like to see them do and why you think it is necessary. This intended consultation will give us the opportunity to do just that.

  21. Robert in S. Kensington 28 Jun 2013, 5:07pm

    I welcome Maria Miller’s outreach and this will be a good opportunity to voice our concerns and desires for a fairer and better society, especially for LGBT people.

    I understand the frustration by some here but responding to the government in a critical and sometimes caustic manner to the point of rudeness isn’t going to achieve anything, in fact nothing, no matter one’s political affiliation.

    Embrace the offer and let her know when the time comes what you want, including equal pensions, humanist weddings, additional protections for transgendered people, mandatory sex education including sexual orientation and sensitivity training for teachers to stamp out homophobia and bullying.

    1. GulliverUK 28 Jun 2013, 5:22pm

      True. It’s more important that we list out the things which make our lives difficult or harm us – there is ample opportunity to admonish the government over welfare reforms and austerity elsewhere. If those things are a priority in how you chose a government or vote then equal marriage rights aren’t going to make you vote Tory. I have and will put LGBT rights are the top of the list, now and forever, I’m in to gay rights, because I’m gay, and I like rights!

      If all parties are offering the same promises on gay issues, then, and only then, will I look at the 2nd tier issues, welfare, general fairness, protection of freedoms and privacy, economic theory and ideology.

      Let’s use this opportunity to put forward our concerns relating to LGBT issues without being judgmental about the rest of the government programmes.

      1. Robert in S. Kensington 28 Jun 2013, 5:58pm

        Well said.

      2. Gulliver – If all parties are offering the same promises on gay issues, then, and only then, will I look at the 2nd tier issues

        Perhaps you also need to balance their likelyhood to hold to those promises and their ability to carry them out (how many elected members are likely to disregard their partys promises and policy).
        Agree with the general sentiment though.

        1. GulliverUK 28 Jun 2013, 7:27pm

          I started typing that out, but ran out of space so deleted it. Yes, promises are one thing, but you have to add in whether you believe those promises (a skepticism factor).

          We were promised by ALL main parties that they would sort out homophobia in schools. As far as I’m aware they have done precisely nothing, and now we’re starting to talk about the next election already, and I honestly don’t believe anything at all is going to be done. So when I put a score against achievement it’ll be negative. I use a scorecard — I now, nerdy right!? – but it focuses your mind.

          1. Glad to help ;)

    2. St Sebastian 29 Jun 2013, 4:44am

      Note to all – ‘Embrace the offer’ and be constructive, negativity will bring you exactly that, negativity. We need to use our energy to ensure that they follow up with actions after the talking is over.

      Well said, again, Robert in S. Kensington.

  22. Nursing homes exclusive for gay community More attention in general as older gays seem to be forgotten

    1. GulliverUK 28 Jun 2013, 5:25pm

      Yes, another excellent point. Apparently many LGBT people go back in to the closet if they have to go in to a nursing home because these places can be very oppressive towards people who are LGBT. There is ample evidence that is a serious issue.

      I have no intention of every going back in to the closet. I’m, frankly, too old to care what others think about me, but others might not feel able to be themselves.

  23. In one word, RELIGION.

    1. GulliverUK 28 Jun 2013, 5:33pm

      Only marginally accurate. Whilst I have very mixed feelings about religion, on the one hand, if we were starting from the dawn of time, and I had controlling choices, I would have never allowed mankind to develop religion in response to ill-informed superstition. On the other hand I can see it helps some people in ways which are currently societies don’t currently do easily.

      You can you accept that the polling data shows, dramatically, that most religious followers in the Anglican faith, and Catholic faith, both here and in the US, support full equal rights. So it is not the majority of followers who are homophobic, but rather leaders in many Christian and other faiths, and a small minority of followers.

      I cited religion also, but more from the tone of what some leaders, like O’Brien, and some Anglicans, have said, in the UK, in the press, about us – things which are reprehensible and should not be tolerated. The leaders are more politician than religious mentor.

  24. Seriously been a responsible adult I want to know where I can contact Mrs Miller personally? Am not been sarcastic and neither was I before when I asked if I could contact her personally? Some things due to the data protection act have to be required to be private. So may I please ask – with standing am not been rude could someone please send me where I could please contact Mrs Miller when dealing with sensitive information?

    Thank You,

  25. So, in the past week alone PN has given a platform to the likes of Shami Chakrapatti (Leveson colluder), Google (NSA colluder) and Maria Miller (nuff said) to air their laundry or tout their wares.

    Yet our freedom is under threat like never before and instead of expressing your indignation at these entities you let them off the book because they profess to wave the rainbow flag?

    Stop sweating the small stuff people fellow PN brethren, do your own research and see where these entities fit into the police state control grid that is clamping into place around us by the day.

    Mz Miller’s niceties are a distraction to the bigger picture, and frankly if you are not outraged at her, Google and Mz Chakrapatti’s audacity to present themselves as our friends while shafting society as a whole, then frankly you haven’t been reading The Guardian these past couple of weeks.

  26. This is the most influential lgbt website in the uk. How depressing

  27. So, Mz Miller, how do you sit with the UK-sponsored massacre of innocent Syrian civilians?

    Doesn’t your war-mongering party leaders’ disregard for the sanctity of human life jar somewhat with your professed support for all things rainbow-coloured?

    And why, prey tell, have you colluded into tuning my sexuality – but one aspect of my identity – into a point-scoring political football come jamboree?

    So many questions ala Paxman but never a (ahem) straight answer.

    1. St Sebastian 29 Jun 2013, 5:03am

      Samuel, completely off track and out of context re Syrian issue. We need clarity with this opportunity and not to confuse it with other non-LGBTI issues. That is not to say that Syrian issue isn’t an issue worthy of commentary, just use another forum appropriate to that issue.

      1. So Seb, you are saying gay people should not be consciable and use opportunities like this to demonstrate we are not insular, narrow-minded, self-absorbed placard wavers who only shout and scream for our own rights while turning a blind eye to the human rights abuses committed thousands of miles away by Mz Miller’s war-mongering, arms industry-toadying comrades?

        Where has our collective sense of conscience and moral compass disappeared I ask?

        I find many of the comments and abundance of red thumbs in the face of blatant truths as shocking as they are revealing, and I am ashamed at being gay if this is representative of the typical attitude of gay people on the street level today.

        If the truth is inconvenient for your shallow, fragile egos to process, then quite frankly the rights we are winning have been only by default:- they most certainly have not been earned.

  28. Thank you for inviting feedback, Maria. The most serious issue, in my mind, is homophobic bullying in schools. This is most pernicious in religious schools. It bights lives and must be stopped.

  29. Equality in northern ireland, i know its not popUlar bUt i want to feel like a hUman being with rights here, not an afterthoUght and pUnchbah for the ni assembly. And aUsteritys impact on oUr health and social groUp.

    1. Sorry for spelling on my phone. Oh and eqUality in NI schools, my time was apalling in my catholic school and we were taUght that being diffrent was wrong. This is not acceptable in this day and age in the rest of the UK only in NI.

  30. Sacre bleu 29 Jun 2013, 4:53am

    Poor attempt at cynical humour. Keep it real and constructive if, in this context you want to be taken seriously.

  31. Why has government in effect thrown the trans community under a bus when it comes to same sex marriage?

    Why has government ignored the substantial lobby against ‘spousal veto’ that allows one person to obstruct the civil rights of another and will also cause famiy disintegration?

    Is government institutionally transphobic or is it just ignorant of what trans is?

    What happened to the LGB&T and separate Transgender Action Plans launched in 2011?

  32. lavendermenace 1 Jul 2013, 11:11pm

    Stop deporting LGBT asylum seekers back to murderous, homophobic regimes like Uganda.

  33. Ms Miller, are you prepared to listen to intersex people and are you prepared to include us in an intersex-inclusive LGBTI law reform effort?

    Are you prepared to grant intersex people equality and fundamental human rights?

    Are you prepared to include intersex people in marriage equality law reform?

  34. Kailana Alaniz 6 Jul 2013, 8:56pm

    Stop the medical community from harming and sterilizing Intersex people without their informed consent. There isn’t much worse then to have some of the highest educated people in the world dictate what everyone else is supposed to look like. Why not start with Intersex inclusion.

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