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Ed Miliband: ‘The terrible death of Lucy Meadows shows the trans community still face prejudice’

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Reader comments

  1. And the fact that the GOVERNMENT prosecutes trans people for having sex while stealth. Interpersonal prejudice is not he only problem!

    1. While I agree that the recent High Court judgement is incredibly problematic, it’s worth noting that it’s the judiciary, not the Government, which is choosing to interpret the law on sex by decption in this way.

      1. Indeed: this is the courts applying the 2003 sexual offences act

  2. Will Ed Miliband be then criticising elements of his own party who have, in their positions of power, given special dispensation and council resources to transphobes to perpetuate transphobia?

  3. Miliband is deliberately avoitding the main point.

    Britain needs to implement the Leveson inquiry findings in their entiretyto prevent a tragedy like this recurring.

    All party leaders are too scared of the press to do so.

  4. That There Other David 28 Jun 2013, 2:16pm

    Nice of one of the parties to register that the T part of LGBT are still being very much short-changed. When the equal marriage dust settles we need to maintain our lobbying until the legal discrimination against the transgendered is removed.

  5. The task ahead is to eliminate social prejudice.
    Now that will be a massive task.

  6. *sigh*

    Maybe if your party hadn’t legislated to *remove* hard-won rights from trans people, Ed…

    Consistently fought for equality my ****!

  7. Totally agree with your comment SteveC, human rights regarding the Trans community has been kicked under the bus for far to long. Respect …

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