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David Cameron: Gay and lesbian young people will see that they are truly equal after marriage law changes

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Reader comments

  1. I am no Tory, but good for Cameron for taking this stand. I applaud him for this.

  2. What about the lack of ‘equality’ with private pension providers? This Bill still leaves them the right to discriminate against same-sex spouse in term of pension’s entitlement.

    1. Colin (London) 28 Jun 2013, 11:56am

      We pick our fights…..The rest we can fight in the courts for……

    2. Yes I was about to mention this myself, the bill is flawed still with this, so David Cameron, they will not be fully equal will they? because your government refused pension equality with the pathetic excuse of cost.

      1. Robert in S. Kensington 28 Jun 2013, 12:22pm

        No Bill is perfect. We need to get it passed into law a.s.a.p. then deal with Humanist weddings, pension inequality and other issues after the fact. CP’s aren’t equal either because straights are banned from having them but nobody I noticed, particularly straight people including the majority in Parliament even bothered to campaign or table an amendment for them in the past nine years after the law was passed in 2004 and all of a sudden, it’s now an issue because of this Bill which has NOTHING to do with CP’s and yet they are now going to be reviewed in the autumn. The same can be applied to pension inequality and Humanist weddings. If people are so passionate about it, why wasn’t there a campaign to rectify it over the years?

    3. Trans people have be dumped on again.

      In addition to the flaws the non trans LGB will still have, trans people who are already married will still need spouse consent before being awarded a gender recognition certificate (imagine you are in the middle of divorce proceedings from an angry spouse). Yet one does not need legal spouse consent before taking out mortgages, to see a prostitute or have an affair, to realise you are gay, to father children outside the marriage…but if you want a gender recognition certificate, tough.

      It is also illegal for a trans person to have sex with someone without revealing your trans history. Rapists, wife abusers, paedophiles – none of these people are legally required to disclose their histories…but it you are trans, tough.

      Let us be honest, this is same sex marriage legislation where true equality has ignored for the sake of political convenience. Realising this, I find Cameron’s smug assertions rather hard to take.

      1. To be fair he did say gay and lesbian young people, not trans people. So he isn’t lying.

        I think there is certainly some tidying up to do on protections for trans people, but the marriage bill isn’t the place to do it all. You will probably have to wait for labour to get back in though.

      2. Peter & Michael 28 Jun 2013, 5:06pm

        We understand, but these arrangements have gone back to the Government for further consideration, from the House of Lords, the Report stage may include the arrangements, you seek, wait and see on 15th July House of Lords. We fully sympathise with your comments.

  3. Peter & Michael 28 Jun 2013, 12:09pm

    Hopefully, this measure will stop youngsters committing suicide, and able to receive help and support from Government and Housing Associations, especially when their families will not support them, because of their sexuality. David Cameron has been magnificent in fully supporting LGBT people. We feel the pensions issue will be decided by European Courts in Strasburg, as this measure is discriminatory toward Same Sex Marriage.

    1. “David Cameron has been magnificent in fully supporting LGBT people”

      With respect, the government has shat on trans people from a very great height. See my post elsewhere in this column…there is insufficient space allocated in the reply box for me to copy it here.

  4. It’s genuinely great that this is happening but Conservatives are conservative – it’s in the name. They are only jumping on the bandwagon because the rest of the western world is. Do not forget the 80’s and Section 28!

    1. Still, it’s better than resisting further, or allowing the nay-sayers within their own ranks to dictate the terms, isn’t it?

  5. NO Cameron – not until we get the same tax breaks as str8 couples

  6. This is indeed a huge step forward. However, there is still much to be done to create true equality.
    So, Dave, I’ll say ‘Well done as far as it goes, but you could’ve done better.’

  7. Is there a reason he’s singled out gay students? Does he (or anyone else) really believe that older people don’t face discrimination? Would he like to think to older couples who cannot find a welcome anywhere in their village/neighbourhoods? At least younger people can get on a bus, train or coach and go find a gay club to hang out and meet others, what is a 70 or 80 year old couple of gay men or women supposed to do? If they cannot cope at home and end up in a home, does anyone imagine they will have any friends, even if they do finally crown their dream of being legally married? What’s more, they may suffer abuse and neglect from homophobic staff on top of “being sent to Coventry” by other residents and no-one would lift a finger to prevent or report it. Homophobia knows no age boundaries, let’s not only focus on school bullying, it happens in the workplace, religious institutions, sport associations, hospital wards and residential care for people with learning difficulties.

  8. Stephen Mole 28 Jun 2013, 5:17pm

    Not equal ’till pension rights are sorted

  9. Yeah David, except in all the other areas where queer people suffer violence, abuse and inequality and higher rates of suicide. I guess these issues are not pretty enough for mainstream politics. And it’s still not illegal for teachers to be homophobic in schools so…

  10. I have to say I disagree. Gay kids won’t feel equal because of marriage as they’re still very unequal among their peers in school, at work, family, the media, sports, tv etc.

    Boris says we must tackle homophobia in schools but every last one of them seem to systematically deny that homophobia can essentially be stamped out at the root in schools with PROPER EDUCATION ON SEXUALITY AND GENDER, for once. Not one generation has been educated on the subject properly, ever. We’ve been left to change attitudes ourselves. Why do you think the struggle is taking so long? Because we’re chipping away at homophobia piece by piece at a snails pace because we aren’t really being helped by institutions.

    Proper education in schools will not happen in his government, because they’re still terrified of offending bigoted institutions and parents.

    I’m greatful for what he has done so far, but the real measure of his stance on equality remains to be seen.

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