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Boris Johnson: Take pride in London’s LGBT vibrancy and fight to tackle the homophobia that still exists

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Reader comments

  1. TheBrutalKremlin 28 Jun 2013, 9:48am

    Funny, he wasn’t so happy to host it last year. Follow this man at your peril – he’s a baffoon in Giuliani clothing – the man who turned NYC over to the realestate people, so now, most LGBTs can barely afford to live there – buyer beware.

  2. Jock S. Trap 28 Jun 2013, 10:18am


    I certainly think London is a Great place to be Gay and even more so since he took office.

    It’s nice because I feel safer in London now than I did in the first 8 years of the century.

    Of course marriage equality will help close that gap of discrimination even further but it is important that education includes relationships whether they be same sex or opposite sex…. and i don’t necessarily mean sex education.

    We already have proof that schools that educated and teach, for example LGBT History and fight against bullying, thrive. This needs to be rolled out to all schools.

    I’m pleased he’s just been named most popular politician because he gets things done and he will on this.

    1. Jock S. Trap 28 Jun 2013, 10:19am

      As for Boris…. He stands up for London in a way no-one does or indeed has before. He gets things done. He promotes London. You only have to walk outside to see the effects Boris has on the city. Massive building programs etc… and if he can do for Great Britain what he’s done for London then I’d vote for Boris as PM!!

      1. Oh you mean office space not homes for people on the waiting lists? If 5 years there will be no agerage people in London. Just super rich and super poor. Lets see how that one pans out!

    2. I must be missing something. I’m actually on the verge on emigrating. I know that will make a few bitches happy! London to me is over too expensive too conservative. Where are the artists and creative people (I don’t mean advertisers)? Just rich Russians and Chinese and very poor people with no options. It’s a theme park great for tourists rubbish to live in

  3. He can shove ir up his arcelor

    Boris is a Tory and a bigot.

  4. So where was he last year when he abandoned World Pride? Bl**dy hypocrite!

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