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Australia: Kevin Rudd pledges to push for referendum on equal marriage

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Reader comments

  1. Yay! While we’re at it can we have a referendum on the rights of women to vote? I never got the right to vote on their rights (sorry ladies, of course you’re equal, just using an absurd analogy to make a point) the fundamental rights of minorities should never be voted on. We don’t get a right to vote on the prisoners’ right to vote, which they are granted, if they’re guaranteed that right without a referendum, why are the rights of the GLBT community open to the majority to vote on?

    1. That There Other David 28 Jun 2013, 1:00pm

      I think he’s using the referendum threat as a bargaining chip. What he really wants is for Tony Abbott to guarantee that Liberal MPs (the right-wing party in Oz) will be allowed a free vote if Rudd wins another term and submits a bill before the Federal Parliament. Abbott has previously stated that he would whip his MPs into voting against any such proposal.

      At the moment though it’s all just talk. Rudd cannot introduce a Bill for a vote nor a referendum unless he wins the election in September.

  2. Thank goodness they got rid of that nasty woman. He was elected PM, not her., she stole the office from him anyway!

    They did nothing to help Woman!

    1. I meant SHE not they

  3. The referendum approach is a cop-out. Doing the right thing and recognising legal equality should be party policy not an optional extra.

  4. Yeeeeeeeehaw. Kick butt, Ruddy.

  5. Australian politics, sport and media seem to be riddled with the worst kind of sledging. You’d think decent weather, plenty of space, no obvious enemies and a reasonable standard of living would make people a nicer rather than bullying the Cr*p out of each other all the time. NZ is much more civilized.

  6. Godric Godricson 28 Jun 2013, 6:33pm

    Well done Mr Rudd.

  7. JackAlison 29 Jun 2013, 3:14pm

    Labor’s party platform now supports marriage equality since their last party conference.They are still in power and with the greens have the numbers to push this thru. However they are going to continue to milk this human rights issue like a political football and use it as a wedge issue against the opposition. If this is the callibre of the New Rudd Mark II god spare us. Things really havent changed all that much

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