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Australia: Children with same-sex parents have ‘better overall health’ than national average

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  1. It can hardly be a surprise given the hoops same sex couples have to go through to parent children. Every single child of gay or lesbian parents is raised wanted and with the love, resources and attention they need.

  2. Robert in S. Kensington 28 Jun 2013, 8:00pm

    Not music to the ears of the anti equal marriage haters I’m sure.

  3. The truth of what most of us are as members of the human race is a truth they cannot defeat with their bollocks and lies. This truth is what fundamentalists are up against.

    1. Beelzeebub 28 Jun 2013, 8:54pm

      Truth and fact does not come into their thinking.

  4. Tide of truth:

    While we were deep in the closet for so-o-o many decades, people assumed many things about us. Myths, misconceptions and outright lies were formed and greatly aggravated by religious beliefs. These so called “facts” had inevitably became solidified through the profound and yet deafening silence of us being continually locked inside that closet. As the time went on, this misinformation was repeated, being repeated over and over again from person to person and from pulpit to pulpit unchallenged. This happened so much so that the old saying “Tell a lie enough times and it becomes truth” became true. Now that the closet is wide open. Now that people can actually visibly see us in person. Now that they can see us day to day functioning in the light of truth. They can now see that we are, at root, no different from any other minority. As with any minority you will always have from the very greatest of persons to the absolutely worst with the vast majority in between being a

  5. Continued:
    As with any minority you will always have from the very greatest of persons to the absolutely worst with the vast majority in between being average everyday people.

  6. Beelzeebub 28 Jun 2013, 8:59pm

    Because those children will grow up with a natural education about the human condition.

    Not indoctrinated into hateful separatist ideals fomented by ignorant fearful parents themselves poisoned by either their own parents religion or learned fear of difference.

  7. And we should be surprised by these ‘findings”. We are more likely better balanced individuals ; we are less confrontational, more gentle and more understanding of others, NATURALLY, because of who we are. No surprise that when we build families the children within flourish faster into more world-aware individuals. Simples.

    1. Where is the link to the study?

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