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US: New Jersey Governor says Supreme Court overturn of DOMA ‘was wrong’

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Reader comments

  1. Such a shame he doesn’t veto the extra pie!

    Let’s hope that come election time, he will be voted out of office, homophobic ar**wipe

    1. bobbleobble 27 Jun 2013, 4:02pm

      Sadly unlikely. He’s up for reelection in November and for some reason is wildly popular in New Jersey. No decent Democrat has stepped up to challenge him. He’ll be governor for at least four more years.

      His reasoning as to why the overturning of DoMA is wrong is pathetic at best. Another load of crap about courts overruling legislatures although I didn’t hear him decrying he gutting of the Voters Rights Act the day before by the very same Supreme Court.

      1. “I believe the institution for 2,000 years has been between a man and a woman,”

        So what was it for the million years before that? People were roaming about the planet before jesus came along (if he ever did). Were cave people walking up the aisles in tails and veils? How many bridesmaids did they have in neolithic times? Of course there were no people at all in America (The Americas were the last land mass to be populated) until relatively recently. So no marriage at all.

        Or is he one of these who believe the earth is only 6000 years old and god made the fossils too and also made them appear to be hundreds of millions of years old just to test us because he is so jealous and nasty?

  2. ‘ “I believe the institution for 2,000 years has been between a man and a woman,” Christie said’

    Really? 2,000 years, eh – what a coincidence. Get your religion out of politics, Chris, and admit that the real reason you’re opposed is simple homophobia.

    1. I’m not sure how people with such bad factual knowledge can hold these positions of power. I wonder what he would do when he finds out that Marriage has existed since the ancient Sumarians.

    2. They block out anything that doesn’t fit their views, ha ha. Facts are nothing to them – if they don’t fit their dogma they toss them aside without a second thought.

      Sad really.

  3. Catholic. In case you couldn’t guess.

    And a fat, feeble-minded twunt. But I’m sure you noticed that.

  4. the saddest thing in all of this, he is actually among the least objectionable of Republicans!

  5. That There Other David 27 Jun 2013, 4:46pm

    Is he going to elaborate on exactly why he believes the SCOTUS was wrong, or is it just him talking from gut instinct (which he appears to have in spades)?

  6. Robert in S. Kensington 27 Jun 2013, 4:46pm

    How would he like a referendum on obese people running for public office? Nasty bigoted loon.

  7. They should have a referendum on fat-assed lazy bigots being allowed to marry!

  8. CH Brighton 27 Jun 2013, 5:40pm

    Another catholic obeying the Vatican rather than consider his constituents’ needs.

    1. He takes his orders from a foreign power? Aren’t there rules about that? Home security and all that?

      We have the same thing here. MP’s who oppose their own government in favour of the vatican head of state.

  9. Angentprovokatur 27 Jun 2013, 5:52pm

    Glad to see this douchebag didn’t hesitate to show his true colors. During the 2012 election he made political traction by embracing Obama (to save his own ass and that of his hurricane devastated state), even getting some positive reaction from Democrats. Wolf in sheep’s clothing, glad he bared his teeth so all can see.

  10. What a big fat bigoted bag of wind!

  11. What a wanker

  12. Toeing the party line of bigotry and citing the magical drivel of the Abrahamic faiths? Oh yeah, he is lining up for a POTUS run.

    Now, while not a fan of body shaming really – he’s an adult, his choice – he also needs to understand that, given the pressure and 24/7 demands of the job, those undecided may bias against him because he looks like he gets out of breath getting out of bed. And if he doesn’t nominate a VP, people will fear another Palin. So all his hate-pandering aside, if he doesn’t have the acumen to get on a Stairmaster, who cares what he thinks. The law will change without him at a federal level and he goes on the record as a bigot.

  13. Word of advice to this fat idiot!

    He will be caught with his pants down on another mans luggage in some public toilet somewhere next year!

    Go have your coffee and donuts and then SHUT THE HELL UP!!!!!

    Marriage equality is HAPPENING and just accept it and move on!!!!

  14. Dear Governor, please eat lots more lard each day with your 200 snacks. Love and heart attacks those of us who are not brain washed by the Vatican’s insanity.

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