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UK: Government to tackle legal high drug use in LGBT community

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Reader comments

  1. My, you’ve received a lot of press releases today, Scott.


    PS The figures in the LGF survey on gay men’s drug use are junk science, as discussed previously…

  2. If this government were serious about tackling drug abuse and reducing the danger of drugs, then they wouldn’t have refused the call for a proper inquiry – just an actual, objective study – into whether prohibitionist drug laws help or hinder this aim. The only reason these “legal highs” even exist is to bypass bans on other drugs.

  3. Croydon Guy 1 Jul 2013, 5:18pm

    For years we’ve said, decriminalise the substances, supply them through chemists, with proper safety notes, the cache will evapourate, the demand will plummet and the financial incentive to produce them will vanish.
    Isn’t this still the best plan we have?
    – however unpopular it may be with the tabloids.

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