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TUC: Government is undermining its good work on equal marriage with austerity

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  1. Colin (London) 27 Jun 2013, 3:20pm

    To me this article shows how out of touch with reality Francis OGrady and the TUC are.

    Governments are reacting to the way the population of the UK act. The TUC members are happy to buy goods made all over the world so spending their cash in China, India etc. The country gets poorer. No thought to the fact that if we are poorer as a country then 1. Jobs go and are created in China etc…2. No jobs no taxes therefore services must be cut to balance the books.

    Further to tie her stupid remarks to SSM is only jumping on the issue of the day. Leave the gay community alone. Please don’t associate us with an unintelligent group of moaners whose members are happy to give jobs and wealth away by their spending patterns and then moan about it.

    Add something meaningful to the discussion like convince your members to support british made goods.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 27 Jun 2013, 4:42pm

      I agree. Our manufacturing base is virtually non-existent. What exactly do we make that the rest of the world wants I wonder? If we made more things of value and quality, the unemployment rate and demand for goods at home and abroad would resolve the current fiscal hole we’re in and help bring in more tax revenue, avoiding austerity cuts entirely which do nothing but harm the economy, especially in bad times such as this. Taking money and services out of the hands of people isn’t the way to resolve deficits. No money to spend, buys nothing, simple.

  2. What’s going on here?
    The TUC is trying to win over support for their Labour paymasters after they refused to let us marry?

    Jog on Frances. You just want support for your strikes

    1. Seriously?! You do realise that it’s the TUC who PAYS Labour, not the other way round.

      Labour paymasters, Jesus wept. Some of the only meaningful opposition to the coalition has come from unions, certainly not from the Labour party.

      1. I have yet to see any coherent or meaningful alternative put forward by any of the unions, or indeed anything beyond a short-term sectional interest in their own wealth.

        They are in perfect step with Labour in that!

  3. Absolutely ridiculous comments above. I’m looking at what O’Grady has said and am struggling to see a single thing to disagree with.

    The TUC is not merely trying to win over support for Labour. They’re standing up for our rights in the workplace and schools by pointing out where austerity is damaging them. Union leader makes declarations in support of gay workers’ rights, what a shocker.

    I far from believe that Labour are the panacea to our problems or anything even remotely close, but there’s nothing party political about opposing the damage austerity is doing and standing up for our rights as human beings.

    I’d rather have Frances on my side than the commenters above.

  4. I don’t think my employer should have to take action if I am abused by a member of the public.

    Why should my employer be responsible for what a member of the public says?

    I am their employee not their child.

  5. Equal marriage is the only good thing I can think this government is doing, not just for LGBT people but at all.

    Austerity and cut backs are having a disproportionate impact on LGBT people, who are much more likely to be dependent on welfare and public services due to family estrangement among young people and childlessness at old age. HIV+ people no longer receive incapacity benefit. Jobs are being cut right through public and voluntary sectors and the NHS reforms & real term cuts are only going to make it more difficult for trans people.

    I’m glad the government has come to accept our relationships as equal to everyone else’s, but don’t be fooled. They’re still evil.

  6. I think it’s ridiculous of O’ Grady to single out LGBT workers in this way when the government reforms affect all workers. There was only ever one case of third party harassment which went to an employment tribunal, and, in any event, there are other laws that prohibit harassment. The government has also done nothing to amend the public sector equality duty so I don’t know what her concern is there. To say that these amount to “vital legal protections” when no-one ever used them is just nonsensical.

    Similarly, the austerity measures can hardly be said to be having “a severe impact” on the LGBT community. I’ve seen no evidence whatsoever to suggest that trans people are getting worse care, or that hate crime isn’t being tackled.

    The reason for these austerity measures was the reckless spending of the last Labour government which left this government with a crippling debt to pay off. If you want to blame anyone for the tough reforms coming in, blame Labour.

  7. The lack of workplace protection impacts particularly hard on transpeople who do not hold a GRC or have been approved medically. Unfortunately, it is entirely legal for employers and educational authorities to force a transwoman to present as male or a transman to present as female as, unlike Argentina, UK law does not guarantee freedom of gender identity expression. Taking away what little rights we do have in the workplace is a spiteful and cynical move which only goes to show the weakness of ‘our’ government in that they are so beholden to ingratiate themselves to the reactionary transphobic climate that tabloids such as the Mail and the Sun constantly try to create. The government seem to be stuck in a one track, unmoveable mindset on the road to oblivion until the inevitable happens and they’ve gone too far. With ever-increasing numbers of disaffected, intelligent young people this crazy government seem intent on creating Britain’s very own version of the Baader Meinhoff gang.

  8. Colin (London) 28 Jun 2013, 10:28am

    lalocura and others.

    We certainly are all entitled to our opinions and i would not want to upset your value system in any way.

    My point was that I think the TUC are living in the past and actually damaging business in the UK so reducing it’s wealth.

    The TUC comments are too simple in context. To me and I have 30 years turning around failing businesses in UK all over Europe, North America and Australiasia.

    In order to give state benefits, health care education etc a country has to have income. Income comes in the form of good and services it sells to other countries. Governments tax businesses and employed people to pay for country wide services and major works, road building etc.

    If unions become to strong and don’t see the world picture then business owners find it easier to set up business in another country taking jobs with them. The country gets poorer and state services etc need to be cut back. If the country borrows from the world bank it pays interest so

  9. Colin (London) 28 Jun 2013, 10:36am

    taking money out of the system further. How can you expect job security when:
    1. Business people find it easier to set up businesses overseas. Red tape, union rules etc
    2. The population of the country buy goods not made in their country because they are cheaper. Cheaper to buy but the full cost is that you just gave jobs to other countries so your kids will never work. Buy goods on Amazon. Goods shipped from overseas. Local shops close. no jobs, no taxes, high street dies. local authority gets reduced income from rates on local businesses so either ups your rates or cuts services.
    3. Recognition that the world has changed in the last 10 years and the way of business, community, earning etc has changed for ever. The way your parents lived has changed so don’t hang onto the past. It’s a world wide job market not local. More so now than at any time people need to be flexible, creative and arrive at work wanting to improve the business service so it competed on a worldwide stage.

  10. Colin (London) 28 Jun 2013, 10:43am

    4. Pay rates will normalise accross the globe in the next 30 years. This means for Europe wage cuts as India, China etc wages rise. Europe is the lazy part of the globe with high wages and employment rights. Time will tell if the world adopts the European model or Europe will drop many of the employment benefits we have today

    Please the above is not the whole story and clumsily written by me .

    TUC today need to study what is going on in the world and work with employers to build world standard businesses that are flexible, scaleable and compete on a world wide stage.

    To tie her comments to gay rights is frankly laughable in it’s naivety.

    I wish you well

    1. Right wing nonsense.

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