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Stonewall reveals top gay-friendly universities

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Reader comments

  1. In other words:- those who giveth the mostest to Stonewall’s coffers in order to curry favour.


  2. All the comments are about how universities treat gay, lesbian, and bisexual students and staff. Not a single mention of policies or treatment of transgender students or staff. How is it that in 2013 were are still ignoring a part of the population?

    1. Stonewall doesn’t really do Transgender.

      1. They don’t really do bi either, but at least they have the decency not to suddenly include trans people when it comes to the bit that asks for cash!

        I think our B & T communities need to develop their community groups better as alternative voices.

    2. Sonewall dropped the ‘T’ from it’s name a long while back

  3. “providing lesbian, gay and bisexual students a single place to find out how strongly the UK’s universities support gay students.”

    Probably this is inadvertently more accurate than the reporter realises – I doubt Bonewall are checking how well LGBT student groups are working with bi students and challenging biphobia.

  4. This annoys me to no end, I am now president of a student LGBT+ (we accept all sexual and gender minorities unlike stonewall), last year I was on the committee and we LABOURED to get them to change the information on the university I am a part of as often they rated us down when we in fact provided the thing on the ‘checklist’, they haven’t changed it. I already take issue with the fact Stonewall tend to only care about L and G but they could at least get their facts right while pretending their elitist organisation know ANYTHING about my university.

  5. really angry with this, stonewall couldnt be bothered to update their info on my university!! leeds met LGBT society hasnt been called “carnegay” for 2+ years and our SU has done so much for inclusivity of the entire LGBT community, something stonewall doesnt do.
    and considering we are involved with local charities and leeds pride, its not fair to say we “dont engage” with others. stonewall needs an overhaul

  6. You really need to get a life.

  7. Paul Brownsey 3 Jul 2013, 8:00pm

    I’m afraid that a series of green ticks may well not reflect how things are on the ground.

    I retired three and a half years ago from lecturing at Glasgow University.

    I went back a couple of year ago to give a talk to gay students and found that many of them would be scared of their lecturers’ knowing they were gay.

    Students needs to feel confident that if they have any LGBT-related problems, they can rely on a sympathetic response from staff. I knew of a case six or seven years ago where a student got thrown out from home after coming out to his parents and when, in consequence of this, the student asked for extra time for an essay, was told by his tutor, “I am not sympathetic but, you know, there are places where you can be cured.” Stonewall should inquire whether students feel confident about disclosing their LGBT status to staff. As a staff member who had to deal with student pleas for special consideration, my impression was that many didn’t feel that confidence.

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