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Russia: Federation Council passes anti-gay propaganda and adoption bills

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  1. Write to your MP and Euro MP, demanding action against the Russian government. Sanctions must be an option (though I doubt that will happen they controls the gas supple!). It is however important that they fully understand the disgust that the rest of the western world feel about their anti gay laws.

    Gay people in Russia face increasing persecution, right on our doorstep.

    I think this will inevitably lead to an increase in asylum applications from Russian citizens around Europe.

    1. It’s such a shame that Poland and Lithuania aren’t more LGBT friendly. If they were, then they could be lobbied to pretty much shut down the geographically separate Kaliningrad region. Russia would likely never dare to get hostile over the issue considering Poland and Lithuania’s ties to both the EU and NATO.

  2. Russia is a small-minded backward nation. Big in size but the brains the size of a pea.

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