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President of Senegal rebukes President Obama’s call for tolerance of gay people

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Reader comments

  1. That There Other David 27 Jun 2013, 2:12pm

    No, because some people in Senegal are gay. However, the rest of you are homophobic in extreme. Either that or so weak and pathetic you allow your government to oppress and discriminate a section of the Senegalese population.

    I’m glad Obama was able to embarrass Senegal simply by being there yesterday.

  2. If you’re not ready to decriminalise it, you’re being homophobic. There’s nothing more to be said on the matter.

    Perhaps someone should repeatedly punch him in the face, whilst claiming to abhor violence?

  3. Isa Kocher 27 Jun 2013, 2:44pm

    we are NOT homophobıc. we just get off on usıng abusıng torturıng and kıllıng gay people that is all. ıt is our human right.

    1. Yes, and they still love to burn women and children accused of witchcraft.

  4. Very weak minded backwards people.

    It will be many generations before things will change in these backward countries unless the Pope realises how many people they are losing and decides that we are suddenly ok.

    Tyranny of the masses at play.

  5. ‘I am not homophobic but I am not prepared to even discuss decriminalising a substantial minority…,etc’ (paraphrase)

    Simply ignorant and hypocritical!

    Sall is relatively new and so far seems to be making a realistic attempt at dealing with the corruption of the previous president. But it remains hard not be patronising about African ignorance when it is demonstrated so clearly in this way. The recent Amnesty report on African homophobic legislation just underlines this.

  6. Perhaps the slight silver lining is that reason, rationality and science is compelling evangelicals to retreat to countries like this.

    Not much consolation to the people who are persecuted in these places though.

  7. Christopher Coleman 27 Jun 2013, 4:37pm

    Countries like this should have only a curtailed membership in the UN and other international bodies. That goes for Eastern Europe, too. Problem is that even many democratic and advanced countries show more than a few human rights stains.

  8. Not homophobic? So why do you need laws punishing people for being gay then?

    Who exactly is “not ready” to decriminalise homosexuality? And if some people aren’t ready then what are you doing to educate them, seeing as you’re not homophobic and all?

  9. While I applaud any country the right to self-determination, I find it hard to reconcile a country’s desire to oppress and criminalise any of its citizens when just over 50 yrs ago it too gained independence from a colonial power who would deny its citizens “Liberty, Equality in Law and Brotherhood”.

  10. Pushing Senegal can only backfire. It’s about Islamic law meets traditional African

  11. I bet Mucky Sally of Senegal had plenty of outrage 25 years ago when the South African government said they were not yet ready to allow their black population the vote. Its exactly the same – the ignorance, stupidity and hypocrisy of the black african leaders knows no bounds.

    1. JackAlison 8 Jul 2013, 6:54am

      “hate the sin… the sinner”
      Dont anyone tell me that Scott Lively and the christian nutjobs havent been skulking around this country.
      However….the usual suspects!? read the link plz

      where will it end
      I feel so bad for all those LGBTI africans who are at the mercy of this unmitigated hatred and violence directed at them.
      Thank goodness Obama said something. It puts them on notice.

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