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Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt urged to ban gay conversion therapy

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Reader comments

  1. 1 in 6 charlatans acting as psychiatrists using this conversion coercion make the profession of psychiatry/psychotherapy/psychology in this country look completely inept and inhumane, might as well go to one of the psychic channels for therapy.
    Has the British affiliated association for each of the above jobs , banned this practice being executed by it’s members ? or the GMC ? if not why?

  2. It is my understanding that all professional bodies in the UK are against such therapy.

    The GMC (General Medical Council) recently help a closed doors hearing. Dealing with Dr Paul Miller who was reported to the GMC in 2010. No outcome as of yet!

    I do know the UK Council for Psychotherapy actively campaign against such therapy. I would say any reader that finds a therapist that offers such therapy should report that person to their professional body. The sooner we put these dangerous people out of business, the better.

    1. The complaints process employed by these professional bodies is not fit for purpose and appears to littered with nepotism for fellow “professionals” in the same field. I have worked in patient advocacy and can surmount that the procedures for complaints are long, labourious, readily dismissed and made exceptionally difficult for a vulnerable patient to seek justice, Doctors can commit crimes and still be allowed to practice under GMC guidelines.

  3. I’m utterly opposed to conversion therapy but I’m as concerned by churches and groups affiliated to religious institutions offering these kinds of alleged treatments. I know from experiences close to me how damaging these so called spiritual leaders can be when they make misguided forays into psycho sexual counselling.

  4. Sandgroper 28 Jun 2013, 4:21am

    Go on Jeremy, you know it is right, just do it.

  5. The “Christian” Medical Fellowship in the UK actively campaigns for gay reparative therapy. They boast that they have “over 4000 UK doctors and 800 UK medical students as members.”

    As someone who has suffered under the hands of these charlatans I would strongly support and measure to close them down.

  6. Zoe Bremer 1 Jul 2013, 9:16am

    This is the sort of treatment that should result in a psychiatrist being struck off the medical register. The British Psycological Society could also take action against psychologists, but many counsellors are not part of a professional body, so this legislation is urgently needed and needs to cover the work of religious leaders in their capacity as counsellors as their work is often unsupervised and unregulated. This is not surprising in a country that does not have legal requirements for qualifying or working as a counsellor or as a minister.

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