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Zachary Quinto: I hope the Supreme Court opinion on equal marriage is a ‘galvanising moment’

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    1. You’re better off petitioning celebrities on twitter with this, ask them to retweet, and posting this on other social media would also be more helpful. Right now, it seems as if you’re being perceived as an annoyance by other commenters. Just some advice.

  2. Seriously, why would anyone give a rat’s fart what an ‘actor’ thinks about anything. 98% of them are brainless dolts (and I would know, I’ve worked with them). And this is the dolt who thought he could hide in the closet! Can we all have a collective ‘DUH’! This guy couldn’t play a ‘straight’ person if his life depended on it. Well I guess it doesn’t matter when your secret boyfriend is JJ.

    1. Given that you have told us you are, or were, an actor, you come across as very bitter and unhappy.

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