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Vladimir Putin says anti-gay Russian laws are about ‘protecting children’

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Reader comments

  1. The man is seriously deluded isn’t he?

    These laws will do more harm than good. Children need to grow up to know that being gay is nothing to be ashamed of.

    All his laws are doing are making sure that his country remains homophobic and hateful!

    1. your fascination with excrament is rather telling, lol

    2. theotherone 26 Jun 2013, 6:07pm

      erm no…you see the passages you think declair homosexuality wrong where writen in languages without gendered terms – it is impossible for them to declair homosexuality wrond as there was no concept of it or way of discussing it

  2. That There Other David 26 Jun 2013, 2:25pm

    The bigoted ones always pretend it’s children our existence threatens, rather than their own rather weak fragile egos.

    These new laws are about demonising an already sidelined section of the Russian population in order to distract the general public from Putin’s corrupt and dictatorial regime. He may be fooling some, but not everyone. Not by a long way.

  3. Conflating homosexuality with paedophilia, which is what I think he is doing, isn’t going to protect children but it is going to make it easier for paedophiles to operate undetected.

  4. GulliverUK 26 Jun 2013, 2:36pm

    What is the Russian Orthodox Church position on divorce and re-marriage? Does the Church think his, … much-younger new partner.. should be married in their Church? After-all, he is the leader of their country.

    Also, having signed up to all sorts of treaties protecting human rights, including the Council of Europe, then he is bound by those rules – not what the Russian Orthodox Church tell him. He has International obligations which require him to protect LGBT rights, and to promote tolerance and equality. That’s a massive #FAIL on his part thus far.

    This whole thing is little to do with gay people in Russia, it’s about using one group as a wedge and to crusade to revive Russian imperialistic ways and revive the dead corpse of how Russia used to be. Gay people are the new patsy in a war against the west, nothing more. It’s a power grab, by Putin, and the Russian Orthodox church, for total control over the Russian people – it’s not just people who are gay who are targeted.

    1. I’m sure their so named ‘church’ will be willing to overlook Putin’s relationships if they get paid enough, or get given more special privileges written into the law.

    2. Putin is a puppet of religious jews. There no any Orthodox church in modern Russia.

      They are fighting with “propagansa of nazism” too. Any critical for Stalin and Red Army are now illigal and decelared as “nazi propaganda”.

      Alse Putin said there no any russians in Russia. And that is why he makes the main enemy the sex minority because he hates majority of russians

      1. theotherone 26 Jun 2013, 6:09pm

        is this satire?

        1. more like an episode of ‘allo allo’

          1. theotherone 26 Jun 2013, 8:02pm

            so the christian church of russia is actualy a jewish one.


            does this idiot understand the diffrence?

        2. In Russia the “orthodox church” always was only instrument of the Imperial regime. It is not as it is in western countries. Without the state support there is no any christianity in Russia.

          When Russia failed in 1917 the Orthodox church failed too.

          And that is why threre is no any mass support among russians this intitute. It is only puppet of regime.

          Regime in Russia is controled by religious oligarch of jewish descent. After communism failed.

          Many of russians hate them, And that is why thet make the main enemy from “gays” and “west”.

          They are fighting with gernan “nazi” as western evel and LGBT also as western evel.
          The othodox church and communists in parlament are only their puppets.

          If u think I an crazy u can think so.

          But crazy is not me, Crazy is Russia ruled by Putin & Co

          1. Good for you, Ert, for contributing to this comments section in a language which is obviously not your own. I wonder how many of your sarcastic critics could do the same in Russian or French or any of the other languages they were taught at school.

            I think you are right in one essential aspect of your argument. The Russian Orthodox Church allows itself (and has probably always allowed itself) to be an instrument of the state. It follows the Putin line slavishly and disgracefully, especially with regard to the most recent legislation about homosexuality. There is obviously no attempt to side with oppressed on this issue.

            But then, that is not any different from the attitude of the Roman Catholic Church and the Church of England here. One has to go to the dissenting Protestant churches for any glimmer of Christianity charity.

  5. If/when Putin says something, it is pretty much guaranteed that he means something completely different.

    Not only is his government openly hostile to minorities, be they homosexual, other religions that are not orthodox christian, or different nationalities (especially “westerners” and former soviet colonies that have not ‘returned’ to them). But Russia doesn’t even try to hide it’s contempt for international treaties and the rule of law.

  6. Jock S. Trap 26 Jun 2013, 2:37pm

    So protecting children Except LGBT children.

    The country is creating a serious problem and hatred.

    It is dangerous, damaging esp to children.

  7. “I think our legislation is very liberal in this way, and there is no discrimination, none at all,” he said.


    1. GulliverUK 26 Jun 2013, 4:08pm

      Exactly, but more scary is … “Oh fcuk … did I say launch? I meant don’t launch !!!!”

      He’s worse than Julia Gillard, and that takes some doing. :)

  8. Putin the Putrid. Trying to revive the cold war era by the looks of it.

    Wrestles bears et al, but I bet he’d run a mile from the ‘claws’ and handbags of a drag queen or three..

  9. The comments by him, American Republicans and the loony bishops and Tories in this country are all of a piece. They are the same doomsayings that attended decriminalisation, section 28, the age of consent debate etc etc. The fact that all these disasters have never happened ANYWHERE that has passed more liberal laws seems impossible for them to grasp.

  10. not sure who’s worse, former president of iran mr dinner jacket saying that there are no homosexuals in iran or president of russia (equally in denial), saying homosexuals are equal citizens enjoying full rights in Russia.

  11. christian moral legacy; millions murdered in the name of christ and millions more made slaves with the blessing of christianity.

    i dont think gay people will take lectures from moralising hypocrites like you

    1. ‘…The bible does not tell Christians to murder …’

      errr…. your bible endorses such gems as:

      Exodus 21:24
      ‘eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot’

      or broad array of stonning acctivities contained in book of Leviticus, just to name few out of many

    2. on contrary

    3. Evade this, you are a skip rat wallowing in the sewer along with all your other skip rat scum religionists. Now off you pop back to the sewer where you belong Keith.

    4. i found this comment on another website:

      pnelnik (author)

      It seems that the argument against allowing gay marriage is something like this:

      Morality is primarily concerned with the happiness of one or more invisible supernatural beings who sometimes talk to people in their dreams.

      The wellbeing of humans is of secondary concern.
      When people hear voices in their heads, we know which ones are:
      (i) deluded people who never grew out of the childish phase of having imaginary friends
      and (ii) those who genuinely got a message from the big G.
      ( Though please don’t ask us too many probing questions about this.)

      We also know which book contains lots of good info accumulated by people in their dreams from Mr Deity.
      ( please don’t ask us how we know )

      And we know which lines of our chosen book to take serious and which to interpret / quietly ignore.
      ( again please don’t ask how, just trust us)

      Now, using that as a basis of our ethics we know that gay marriage is wrong

  12. Vladimir, dear, I will believe you when this section 28 on steriods is repealed, you have pass and validate laws on equality in regards to race, sex, sexual orientation, gender (freedom of and from religion), institute hate crime laws for all the above and enforce them. Similarily on freedom of speech and expression.
    Pass the crisps.

  13. theotherone 26 Jun 2013, 6:12pm

    with a pout like that i can only think vlad wants to look cute for the boys

  14. All about ‘protecting children’ eh, Vlad? So who’s going to protect LGBT children from homophobic and transphobic bullies then? Your laws are doing exactly the opposite and giving the green light to those who want to harm LGBT kids. But scapegoating already marginalised minorities in an attempt to take away attention from the inadequacies and incompetence of your government will only ever be stopgap to the inevitability of Russian citizens and the rest of the world finally realizing just how much you suck one day.


  16. “homosexuals are equal citizens enjoying full rights in Russia.”

    Ahahahahahahahaha sure, that’s like saying a ban on vodka isn’t discriminatory to the Russian population.

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