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Independence Day 2 director confirms film will include gay character

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Reader comments

  1. as long as they arent played by the hugely over-rated will smith im happy.

  2. Independence Day 2 without Will Smith ? Sorry, but not watching. He and Jeff Goldblum made the film.

    1. Beelzeebub 26 Jun 2013, 9:02pm

      Will Smith wanted too much money to do it and Jeff is ancient. Old hat. Representative of older films.

      Its how Hollywood works.

      The story is about what the world does with all of the crashed ships and alien technology in ID4 and the f*ck up that ensues.

  3. Probably the gay character will be an evil alien.

    1. Beelzeebub 26 Jun 2013, 9:04pm

      Or perhaps the “redeemer” telling the heteros to stop breeding like rats and to get over religious crapulence.

  4. If I remember correctly, the original had a gay character too. It’s just that he was cannon fodder.

    1. The original had Harvey Fierstein.. who initially made me cringe with his rather over-the-top queeny performance, until I realized that that was essentially who he is as a person as well. He’s a good guy, and I loved him in Torch Song Trilogy. I got over my first surprise at his appearance in ID4. And what helped was knowing that Roland Emerich is gay as well. My first reaction was really “oh god, they included a gay character, and it HAD to be some sort of stereotype”. Sometimes, first impressions can be wrong. I’m glad mine was.

      1. Mikey, your first impression that Fierstein and Emerich were presenting an offensive gay stereotype was correct.

        1. how can you say it was being presented as an offensive stereotype, however, when one knows that Fierstein is actually LIKE that in real life? he was basically playing “himself”.

          1. Well done Fierstein and Emerich for portraying the one character in the movie that a mainstream audience would assume to be gay, as a hysterical, mother obsessed figure of fun who needs a therapist. Yep, that role really challenges gay stereotypes.

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