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Australia’s first lesbian cabinet minister elected Senate leader

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Reader comments

  1. Beelzeebub 26 Jun 2013, 9:09pm

    Congratulations luv.

    The knives will be out.

    Watch yer back.

  2. Darren Gill 27 Jun 2013, 7:56am

    I welcome the change in leadership. I still can’t believe both Julia and Tony were firmly against equal marriage. Tony is just scared that if he allows a conscience vote, he will lose all credibility in politics. Go on Tony, do it for your lesbian sister, I wonder if she even talks to you.

    1. I think that she ws a supporter of Gillard and that is the reason for the change

      1. Yes originally she was and Gillard personally was not a supporter of gay marriage. Nor was Kevin Rudd until earlier this year. However Julia supported a consience vote whilst Abbot forced his Liberal conservative party to vote against despite a more than enough of them would have voted with most of Labor to get it through.

  3. Congradulations!

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