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Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard loses leadership ballot to equal marriage supporter Kevin Rudd

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Reader comments

  1. That There Other David 26 Jun 2013, 12:13pm

    Ha ha ha ha ha!! Bye then.

    Rudd now only needs to win the election in September. An uphill climb, but not an impossible one.

  2. This is EXCELLENT news! Oz says goodbye religious bigotry; hello equality!

    1. Whatever Julia Gillard’s reasons are for opposing equal marriage (I have never been able to make head or tail of them), it seems that religious bigotry is not involved.

      1. And I can confirm that, she is an avowed atheist. Whilst some may label her as being someone who stood in the way of Equal Marriage they should remember that she gave her party members a free vote. The real problem is Tony Abbott who really IS a religious zealot.

  3. Good bye Gillard, don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

  4. Lovely, Julia can now spend more time with her hairdresser best friend.

  5. Shame! First woman to be PM of Aus., and a staunch fighter against equality. Weird!

    The world, and I’m sure australian gays and lesbians, won’t miss you, ma’am.

  6. As an Australian, I was disappointed in Gillard’s decision to not support same sex marriage but she was actually a great Prime Minister, despite never controlling the narrative. She legislated for universal insurance for people with disabilities, placed a price on carbon and changed the we fund schools (previously private schools got more money than state schools). I also had the privilege of meeting her twice and she was amazingly thoughtful and kind, having remembered my father was ill from eight months previously.

    I wish she had stood for marriage equality but quite simply I don’t think Kevin Rudd cares to the same extent about social justice despite his recent support. It’s disappointing, basically.

    1. Looks like her negative attitude toward same sex marriage equality proved to be her Achilles heel and it brought her down.

      I was no fan of Rudd last time round, I feel cynical about his new found enthusiasm for same sex marriage equality, it looks calculated but pragmatic from his point of view.

      1. Sorry to burst your bubble but her stance against SSM had nothing to do with it.

      2. I don’t think marriage equality was at all an issue in bringing Gillard down, rather self-interest with the upcoming election. And I am a little sceptical re Rudd’s support but it was somewhat tempered by his blog article. If you haven’t read it, I’d encourage you to do so – it’s really quite well written.

    2. Metsän poika 26 Jun 2013, 3:53pm

      I agree. Rudd is just a media tart, but better than Abbott.

  7. Good riddance!!!

    No one will miss you…

  8. Good riddance !!

  9. No simpathy to her!

    It is called Karma!!!!!

    Ruddy is back – and yes he supports marriage equality for all!!!!

    Now he needs to win the election in September 2013!!!!

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