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Another defeat for equal marriage in Northern Ireland in the Stormont Assembly

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Reader comments

  1. CH Brighton 26 Jun 2013, 1:39pm

    Well, we won’t be going there with our honeymoon pink pounds, then, will we?

  2. Ah, the bigotry of religion! Northern Ireland is a primitive place, probably wanted neither by the rest of the United Kingdom nor by Ireland. Is it not time that it was expelled from the United Kingdom?

  3. Since Northern Ireland’s ‘unionists’ are so keen to live by different rules than those in the rest of the UK, then we should evict Northern Ireland from the Union.
    And the Republic can happily do as it wants with them, within the limits of international law, of course.

    1. The majority in the Republic don’t want it. It’s a financial drain on Westminster, it would bankrupt us in Dublin.

  4. That There Other David 26 Jun 2013, 2:29pm

    Can anyone please demonstrate one benefit to mainland UK that keeping Northern Ireland in this country brings?

    1. Errr? Practice for security services in riot control?

      1. Funny.

  5. If the scots vote for Independence next year then the taboo over the Union will be broken. I doubt it will be long before there are moves in England and Wales to reshape the remnant of the union without the bigoted, blackmailing six counties who are stuck forever in 1690.

  6. Jock S. Trap 26 Jun 2013, 2:39pm

    Absolutely appalling.

    Not having or considering marriage equality is bad enough but surely they could at least recognise them.

    Too many religious bigots still governing the country.

  7. GulliverUK 26 Jun 2013, 2:43pm

    So when businesses shut up shop and move to Scotland or England and Wales, because they don’t want to be seen as discriminatory, and when new business avoids Northern Ireland because they won’t be able to transfer staff there, what will they do then?

    Who on earth would get married in the UK and consider relocating to Northern Ireland only to have their “marriage” turned in to something else? And won’t this encourage more and more people to leave Northern Ireland? If you’re gay why would you stay there when there is such bigotry and homophobia in the legislator?

    Polls indicated 57% are ok with equal marriage.

  8. Robert in S. Kensington 26 Jun 2013, 2:46pm

    If Catholics were to eventually outnumber protestants in NI, and hopefully they will one day, then a referendum to remain part of the UK could be held which would probably result in the majority voting for reunification with the Republic.

    What I find so annoying is that DUP Paisleyite members are allowed to sit in the Westminster Parliament (all voted against the Marriage Bill) and yet our laws don’t affect them because of devolved government. About time that changed.

  9. Guys, enough of the Northern Ireland bashing. It’s just the right-wing Unionist politicians that are holding the law back, the article clearly states this.

    Multiple District Councils have passed motions supporting same-sex marriage (off the top of my head, Belfast and Fermanagh), It’s just the DUP and UUP holding it back in the Assembley. The law will come into effect eventually.

    Northern Ireland was the first region in the UK to host a civil union and they happen just as regularly there now as they do anywhere else in the UK.

    Go back to a PinkNews article on the 6th June and you’ll see “57% of people in Northern Ireland now support equal marriage”.

    1. You would be right if the politicians were self-appointed or hereditary, but they’re not. Those politicians are elected by the people of Northern Ireland, so the consequences of the people’s choice must, in some small way, fall on the people.

      1. GulliverUK 26 Jun 2013, 4:18pm

        Which is also why I would never allow politicians to vote, because some can’t be trusted. Just look at the bizarre way they vote, walking through the lobbies. In the US they have electricity and computers and things, and they press a button !!!!! Heathens :D

        Why can’t we have an opportunity for all the public to register their feelings on a quarterly or six-month basis? Why do we need to have all our council elections only every 4-5 years? Why can’t we focus the minds of these people from a grass-roots level?

        Now I am not dim and I know full well there are all sorts of issues and problems here, but there are all sorts of issues and problems anyway, so why not at least think about putting voting in to the hands of voters, on a regular basis, across a range of issues – the courts can always decide laws aren’t right, ultimately. Given how some Catholic politicians, who were great supporters for the LGBT community, turned their backs on us and voted against marriage equality..

        1. GulliverUK 26 Jun 2013, 4:20pm

          …on the understanding that they were going to hell if they didn’t do exactly what their leaders expressly told them to, then it’s clear we cannot trust some politicians, and they shouldn’t be voting based on religious views.

    2. Not just the unionists Ciaran the SDLP are behind them all the way…..!!!

      1. Jim, the fact is the opposite. The SDLP are in favour of equal marriage.

  10. Don’t despair, they may come around to equality shortly after Iran.

  11. backward potato eaters

    1. Wow. That’s really some bad trolling.

    2. Some people are racist, get over it? Stay classy.

  12. Interesting how some people will accept support for equality from NI but are happy enough to turn their backs on us when we need support from them. Solidarity, eh? HAPPY PRIDE EVERYONE.

    1. That There Other David 26 Jun 2013, 7:50pm

      Of course we support you Shirley, but as an Englishman with Northern Irish family I’ve seen this same crap go round in circles for decades. The Proddy side of the fence are so wrapped up in their past they are incapable of moving forward on any front. I wouldn’t mind so much, but the rest of the UK absolutely pours money into Northern Ireland in order to keep it going. How much longer does anyone expect the rest of us to keep bankrolling a 17th century theme park?

      I guess I’m just tired of it now.

      1. It’as hardly the people’s fault, is it? And as someone on ‘the Proddy side of the fence’ who has been running Ireland’s first LGBTQ/Straight school club for the past 3 years I take exception to your comment about our ‘incapability to move forward on any front’. I’m kinda tired of this stuff too, funnily enough.

        1. That There Other David 27 Jun 2013, 9:35am

          Well, unlike me you’re in a position to do something about it. Vote those DUP dinosaurs out of office and maybe, just maybe, there could be some real change. However, whilst election after election the same red shouting Bible-bashing faces are returned to Stormont the patience of those of us the other side of the water continues to wear thin.

          1. Right. Because the Tories are such a fabulous choice. LOL.

          2. That There Other David 28 Jun 2013, 10:02am

            Compared to the DUP they most certainly are. Issues based politics always trumps grudge based sectarianism.

    2. Well said, Shirley. It is a shame that people here start slagging off the entire province of Northern Ireland rather than expressing solidarity with the real losers from this – the gay population of Northern Ireland whose lives will continue to be held back by these sorts of decisions. Northern Ireland is still ahead of plenty of places in the west where Civil Partnerships do not exist – for example Italy and some US states. And as Ciaran above pointed out, a majority there are in favour of gay marriage. It’s taken a very long time for England and Wales to get gay marriage, we aren’t even there yet, and our country is still not a safe place to express affection for your partner without fear of violence (see regular articles about homophobic attacks). So less of the smug moral high ground and more solidarity, please.

      1. Well said, Tom. As a gay man living in Northern Ireland I find the level of ignorance in some of the comments above totally astonishing – not necessarily surprising – but still totally astonishing. It’s hard enough at times to be gay in Northern Ireland without our gay brothers and sisters in the rest of the UK making stupid, ill-informed, downright WRONG and quite hurtful comments.
        And it’s not as if England, Wales and Scotland are such havens of peace and goodwill for gay people … I refer you to some of the comments made by Members of the Commons and the Lords, to the inaccurate assertions and the downright lies … and, as Tom and others pointed out above, you haven’t got Marriage Equality yourselves – yet!
        We WILL achieve full equality, if not through the political process then we’ll get it through the Courts – already several political decisions have been successfully overturned by the highest court in Northern Ireland.

  13. I made two comments here and they have disappeared. Any idea why?

    1. Perhaps they have only temporarily disappeared pending moderator review because the comments were heuristically detected for possible comment abuse? I’ve seen new comments fail to appear even after an immediate page reload, only to appear hours later. I suspect that’s what happened.

      1. I was just being paranoid- they’re here after all!

  14. Strange how unionists want to be part of a union whose marriage laws they increasingly want no part of.

  15. Thank you for the common sense and support Tom. It never fails to anger me how many people in England, Scotland and Wales feel so superior to people in Northern Ireland. This is a beautiful part of the world and like the the other island (not the mainland as its often referred to) it has its good and its not so good points. The LGBT community need support not to be made feel less than deserted and unwanted by our brothers and sisters. Yes some of our politicians make bad choices and support religious based decisions….but this is not unique to Northern Ireland and its certainly not reason to blame the people as a whole. We have fought hard for our rights and the first in the UK to perform civil partnerships.
    So less of the Northern Ireland bashing please, as a community who work so hard to oppose bullying its sad to see it on a LGBT news site. Rant Over!!

  16. I am ashamed to come from such a homophobic religious-ridden back water where pious politicians, who are probably among the most corrupt in Europe, dictate their sectarian feelings over a warm and wonderful people…..what a shame on them….thank God I live in Spain and will marry my lovely man in October when we will be accorded all the rights that heterosexual couples have….

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