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Sunderland: Two women suffer homophobic attack by gang of youths

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  1. What a bunch of cowards for a pack 20 to attack two women.

    All it earned them is 20 minutes of self-inflated glory and aggrandising; but, then, the real payoff is years of internal turmoil of self-hatred, self-disgust and self-punishment – consciously or unconsciously – for what they did. They wont win in their sick game; although, the victims usually recovers from their wounds, evening gaining strength from it, much faster that the abusers.

    1. Mumbo Jumbo 25 Jun 2013, 1:35pm


  2. This sort of thing is exactly why I left North East England… though at least the police are taking it seriously. About 10 years ago when I was living there with my then-girlfriend (not Sunderland, but close), we went to the local shop and on our way out there was a large gang of teenagers waiting for us. They started following us down the street, we ducked into a Chinese takeaway, and they hesitated to follow us inside (though we could hear some saying “why don’t we just go in and kick the sh– out of them”), the owner of the takeaway let us use their phone to call the police… one single officer was sent out and (while the gang dispersed upon seeing him) he was very reluctant to even walk with us the 10 metres to the end of our street to make sure we got home safely, and all he said was that he’d “have a word” with the gang. Really pathetic.

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