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MEPs condemn attack on LGBT centre in Macedonia’s capital and cancellation of Pride event

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  1. PinkNews please note that the country on which you have reported is officially referred to as FYROM, the Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia and not “Macedonia”.

    FYROM continues to ignore Greece’s justifiable objection to a non-Greek country using a Greek name. (One of Greece’s northernmost regions has been known as Macedonia for centuries.)

    1. The ancient Greeks did not consider the Macedonians as truly Greek but something less. As the nation state of Greece is a relatively modern construct their claim to the region of Macedonia is somewhat hypocritical.

      1. Not really. We have ancient texts where Alexander the Great and King Philip (his father), try to unite ALL greeks under their common cause etc The name of this country, is not that important in an lgbt news site, but indeed the United Nations name of the country is not Macedonia, it s FYR Macedonia. Not so difficult to print or use….
        Wish all the best to our gay neighbours though…

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