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Google introduces rainbow search bar in commemoration of Stonewall riots

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Reader comments

  1. I just tried it on the UK Google and can happily say it works! I giggled like an idiot for a full five minutes. :)

  2. Google, which originally lied by denying it has a “back door” via which the NSA and GCHQ habitually enters and spies upon and steals our personal and private data.

    Why not just say it as it really is, PN, and stop giving free press to PR stunts which are designed to make us think the mega corporations really love us.

    Surely I’m not the only Guardian reader on these forums?


    1. I think this news is important because it reflects how things are changing. 10 years ago all corporation would have stayed as far away as possible from the “gay.”
      You have every right to not like corporations, but the fact that corporations like “us” is good news.
      Sorry for my English.

  3. Why don’t they make a “doodle” instead?

  4. Who ID’ed the males who have “rectal sex” as homosexuals?

  5. Here’s Steve Iko from Copenhagen:

  6. And yet Google still have “Bisexual” as a filtered word, despite promising to unfilter it.

  7. “Google enjoys surprising and delighting our users,”

    Surprising “frequently” delighting “Never!” Google have become a pain in the A$$ with their engineered prompts to get you to answer their way not yours! the frequent request for information and phone number links to accounts/ They make way too many presumptions that people are to niave to realize they are mining/establishing user profiles which can be hacked/sold or traded or seized by people as in the US recently.

    Google may be doing some pretty artwork! “pretty invasive artwork with motives”

  8. Metsän poika 26 Jun 2013, 9:22am

    Detritus, entrails and flotsam – I am glad you seem so concerned for us rectal se loving gays as I was under the impression you hated us. Thanks for caring. Are you sure you are not one of us?

  9. harrymason666 26 Jun 2013, 3:11pm

    It works with:

    gay marriage
    gay pride
    gay rights
    marriage equality
    gay parenting
    New York Pride
    San Francisco Pride

    and maybe others.:)

  10. It works on the Norwegian google as well. Could it be safe to assume it’s the same in all google sites?

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