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Gay asylum seeker gives evidence to the Home Affairs Select Committee

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Reader comments

  1. how does one prove his/her sexual orientation. ukba is as bad as turkish army that asks gay people, who disclose their sexual orientation, to provide photographic evidence showing them engaged in sexual act with another man

    1. I wonder myself how you are supposed to prove it, and think it’s terrible, but how would you stop people seeking asylum under the pretense of being gay? It’s a difficult one

      1. Sister Mary Clarence 26 Jun 2013, 12:02am

        Freddie in claiming asylum a person identifies himself or herself as gay.

        If they fail to prove it, they are returned to their home country.

        The gay thing only works if it is a country with a rabidly homophobic attitude to gay people (that’s generally death, torture or imprisonment of gay people as standard practice).

        So if they make their claim that they are gay and they fail, they are deported to a country that routinely engages in killing, torturing or imprisoning of gay people as standard practice.

        No so much of an issue if you can slip quietly into the country without a big hoo-ha.

        More of an issue though if you arrive at Her Majesty’s Pleasure strapped to two G4S security guard.

        In those instances, the rabidly homophobic foreign governments have their next victim on a plate.

        People faking gayness exists more in people’s heads that in reality I think.

  2. It’s awful how we keep trying to send people back to dangerous situations, whether they are gay or not. I’m glad that Serigne is able to stay here, and be safe, and not just because he’s cute.

  3. alwaysniceman 26 Jun 2013, 4:20am

    Many British lawmakers and officials could get civilised and real one day

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