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Ex-Wimbledon champion Martina Navratilova: ‘Gay men still feel oppressed on court’

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  1. Common sense 26 Jun 2013, 12:35am

    I know Jason Collins had a very public coming out but he is not the only active sportsman to have come out. What about Gareth Thomas, Matthew Mitcham, Orlando Cruz and Robbie Rogers?

    Other sportsmen that have come out after leaving active sport include John Amaechi, Kwame Harris, Greg Louganis, Glenn Burke, Johnny Weir, Billy Bean, Wade Davis and Esera Tualo

    1. also ian roberts

      came out in ’95 in a tough guy sport (rugby) in Australia and kept playing

      him and martina are the true trailblazers

  2. Martina is pointing out something behind the scenes must be going on the ATP Tour. Men tennis is an individual sport is is not a team sport. So gay men on the tennis tour SHOULD be able to come out yet they do not. The question is why? Glad Martina is speaking up about this. There has to be some gay men in the ATP top 100. It would be impossible for there not to be.

  3. Coming out for ANYONE is the ultimate ‘truth’! The revolution ain’t going to be done without it!

  4. They are probably under pressure from sponsors and the ATP to not rock the image of tennis. Plus I guess they still have to hang out sometimes, practice with each other and play doubles or whatever.

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