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Amnesty: Homophobia reaching ‘dangerous levels’ in Africa

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Reader comments

  1. It reached dangerous levels a long time ago!

  2. And Russia, with Putin and his Government effectively encouraging homophobic violence including anti-gay murders. The legislation modeled on Thatchers Section 28 law, is only the tip of a nasty iceberg.

  3. Religion is slowly losing its grip in educated countries. They will regret this one day. When they come cap in hand saying they now accept us, we must all tell them where they can stick it.

    1. That’s why Africa needs help, in many of these countries there is an alarmingly high rate of illiteracy. Telling them to “go stick it” will not help tackle homophobia in these countries. I don’t want to turn my back on the LGBT people of Africa, call me a “do-gooder” but I’m not ashamed to admit that I care about these people rather than scoffing at them from my privileged position.

  4. It has long been dangerous for individuals in Africa who are known to be gay.

    What some now fear is the rising danger of sustained, systematic violence against gay Africans by militias or the police. There is a real risk that the current climate of hatred could lead to anti-gay pogroms.

  5. This is absolutely dreadful.
    The worst thing is that these countries have no intention of giving up on their hate laws: blackballing a conveniently powerless minority fulfills such a useful scapegoat function. It is much too tempting to use this to hide whatever ails each country. Tackle problems? Oh no, let’s just shout very loudly about something else and distract everyone from what’s really going on.

    They have no intention of adopting rational reasoning that would help in the fight for better health (e.g. reducing HIV) of their citizens. There is no intention to figure out facts in the face of indescribable ignorance. They are going down a path that puts shame on the heads of the powerful. Whether that’s African countries, Russia or countries in the Arab world, or elsewhere.

    This is just absolutely dreadful. I can’t think of anything the Western world can do except to offer refuge and asylum. And in that the UK in particular is doing very, very badly. Shame on us.

    1. Well you’ve hit the nail on the head in that second paragraph, when you look at it in most countries in the world it is difficult to be gay. Western Europe, North America and increasingly parts of South America are relatively LGBT friendly, but that’s a small percentage of the world’s population.

      Asia, the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Africa still mostly have very conservative attitudes towards LGBT people. Let’s not kid ourselves, corruption and hate are found across the world and sadly it’s the norm. The relatively free and open society we have is by no means representative of the lives of the majority of people on this planet and is a very recent phenomenon even for us.

  6. We can’t deal with corruption, poverty and lawlessness but look guys how we are dealing with those gays.

  7. Funding should stop to countries criminalising lgbt people. Religious organisations linked promoting hatecrimes to be brought to court for such crimes, have withdrawn any state funding.

    1. the UK is restricting funding to countries that criminalize homosexuality, many of them are facing the facts that either they reform, or lose billions of pounds worth in aid.

  8. With the exception of the enlightened South African constitution and laws there prohibiting sexual discrimination – Africa is literally and figuratively the darkest continent on the planet! In terms of human social development, Africa as a continent is by and large at the bottom of the totem pole. Give it another century or two.

    1. How true, almost a pride in backwardness. In everything?

  9. George Broadhead 25 Jun 2013, 6:20pm

    It is quite clear that countries in which Christianity and Islam are dominant – Africa and the Middle East being the prime examples – homophobia is rife.

  10. Christopher in Canada 26 Jun 2013, 2:36am

    Seeing as most people are lucky (LUCKY!!) to get a Grade 3 level education…

    Can’t help but think that Europe’s eggs have not only hatched, but they’ve come home to roost. Too bad colonialism happened when it did – science should have been the reason for exploring, not riches and saving souls.

  11. Zoe Bremer 1 Jul 2013, 10:37am

    Whilst most of the money comes from nasty US relgious groups, perhaps a fair amount comes from groups in other countries, including the UK. We all need to check the policies of British churches and other congregations and religious charities that send money to Africa. The continent relies heavily on overseas aid from countries such as ours. Need I say more?

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