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US: Same-sex wedding held opposite Westboro Baptist Church

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Reader comments

  1. shame they can’t have their honeymoon in Shirley’s bed

  2. If they had looked hard enough they may have found that it was also taking place opposite a pile of dogCr*p on the pavement. I would rate the latter as more worthwhile and newsworthy than the freako Westboro ‘church’

  3. Kayleigh Swift 24 Jun 2013, 1:32pm

    I wish people would stop giving WBC attention. They thrive off it. If everyone were to simply ignore them, what damage could they do?

    1. they are fanatics. So with more acceptance of the LGBT people they may become very dangerous. Fanatics usually do when they feel that their right are at stake.

  4. Seriously, I’m surprise that that house is still there and that no harm had be done to the owner and his familly by those WBC people. They can be dangerous.

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