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US: Colorado Supreme Court rules that trans girl should be allowed to use girls’ toilets at school

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Reader comments

  1. I never really understood the hysteria that some people have about bathroom usage. Since I don’t go inviting people into the cubicle with me, I’m not aware of ever having noticed someone else’s genitalia in a public restroom. Are these people peering under doors or something? What is informing their knee-jerk association between public bathroom facilities and genital exposure? Why are they thinking that either someone is going to show them, or they should take a good look?

    Facetious, I know.

    This boils down to a wrongful belief that transgender women are not “real” women and that they are in there to be predatory. Offensive, nonsensical, paranoid hysteria with no actual basis in any fact whatsoever. And since courts (in theory) rely on fact and not the babbling groundless rhetoric of numbskulls, of course this girl won.

    1. Quite. And really what did they think? That she was going to rape someone?

      1. Why on earth you would choose to use the word rape in the same sentence as a 6 year old is beyond me.

        1. I’m pretty sure the ridiculousness of said juxtaposition was actually the entire point of Joss’s comment.

          1. Thank you.

  2. How cute she is. I wish I had discovered my own transexuality earlier as a child too. Having already passed through male puberty is the hardest thing I have to deal today (fortunately I intend to ask for facial feminization surgery as Christmas present to my parents this year).

  3. Kudos for the courts decision on this but how on earth was an 18 month old diagnosed with gender dysphoria.

    1. She wasn’t. This article is a shortened version of a longer story and some details got left out. She was obviously gender variant at 18 months, but was diagnosed sometime later.

  4. How do you diagnose gender dysphoria in an 18 month old baby?

  5. wello despite the hysteria usually put up by hate groups allmost all republican and protestant extremist racist based, the court did the right thing

    I would suggest that bathrooms have ALL facilities in stalls, floor to ceiling walls sealed along the bottom etc

    This is common in iceland and Denmark and prob other European countries

    Of course the god botherers witll have a fit anyway, but usually lots of these types are also the types that become molesters

    also see survivors network of those abused by priests (google)

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