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Metro Charity launches ‘Fck Equal’ new HIV campaign

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Reader comments

  1. I am honestly speechless at that video…

    1. Lion in Winter 24 Jun 2013, 6:17pm

      Because it’s good or because it made you drop your knitting?

      1. “…drop your knitting?”
        I am so stealing that.
        Thanks for the giggle.

        1. …both O.O

  2. It’s like Tellytubbyland got taken over for a porn shoot.

    Seriously, at least they’re talking about it. It’s scandalous that so many young men still don’t have the right information to make decisions about their bodies.

  3. Christopher in Canada 24 Jun 2013, 6:16pm

    Good video. I applaud it. Seeing as neither parents nor schools teach gay kids ANYTHING applicable to them, someone has to.

    Now, if we could just get rid of the slightly paternalistic terms like “bottoms” and “tops”, I’d be happy. Too many gays set up a sub-hierarchy based on sexual positioning, and it spills over into personal relationships (“he’s such a huge bottom”… as if it was a bad thing…)

    When I came out, those terms were not in use yet, and I thought I’d won the luck of the draw by being someone who would never experience “glass half-full” syndrome. Plumbing for anything… some fun, huh Bambi?

  4. Its clearly attractive to you, you dirty little closet case. Feel better saying that after getting aroused? There’s a very, very strong link between pathologically obsessional homophobia like yours and being a closet homosexual.

    Yes, we know all about your kind.

  5. I think localised campaigns like this are likely to be the most effective – as has been mentioned it does seem to grab ones attention (knitting or otherwise) & it is reflects an evidence based approach to prevention in a locality or particular demographic.

    Regardless of whether I like / dis-like the video (which I initially was not sure about) the concept of tailoring specific messages in a local area is likely to be very effective.

    Over the last few yrs I have become convinced that we need a National HIV awareness program focused on the population as a whole with smaller niches campaigns like this one, being delivered at local level – hopefully we will see more of this approach now that HIV prevention is the remit of Local Authorities.

  6. What a disappointment Ms Samuel Bass (Samuel B.) has not posted anything here…….too busy knitting or worrying that GCHQ is monitoring her every comment no doubt!

    Oh silly me, the article as nothing to do with THT or GMFA, how remiss of me to think Ms Bass would comment on such an important topic that she is so passionate about! #fail

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