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US: Pride cancelled in Wisconsin city due to safety concerns

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Reader comments

  1. That There Other David 22 Jun 2013, 11:01am

    It’s a shame. Even in Wisconsin there are LGBT supporters amongst the straights. The Pride may well have polarised the community, but it would also have given members of the community the chance to show its LGBT members that they are not as alone as Councillor Nutting would have them believe.

  2. Bet breeders are stomping their feet in joy. They should have gone ahead with the pride tbh. It shows a strong resolve for equality and not backing down whenever it’s frowned upon.

  3. This is intolerable, this is not some Eastern Block nation like Belarus or Russia where these things happen. This is Mid-West America. They should go ahead with this they would have got massive support from their brother’s and sister’s across the US.

  4. It’s getting worse :( Well…I wouldn’t have payed atention if Wausau was in Serbia.

  5. Christopher in Canada 22 Jun 2013, 1:53pm

    Wausau is twinned with St. Petersburg.

  6. it just shows that equality is a postcode lottery in the usa

    1. It sure is indeed in the neighboring state to Wisconsin we will be celebrating pride with glee as equal marriages will take place here from August 1st. It will be a mega celebration at Twin Cities Pride this year.

  7. By backing down for the first time, the religious right will inevitably take the bone and run with it at other future events. In this taking the safe route has backfired.

  8. I’m sorry, I just can’t. Dave Nutting? :) Protesting a pride parade? The jokes just write themselves.

  9. ...a talent to abuse. 22 Jun 2013, 11:32pm

    Your preoccupation with ‘s-c@t’ speaks volumes. I am glad I’m not you.

  10. Colin (London) 23 Jun 2013, 11:40am

    Sad, Bad and downright mad.

    The council are elected to serve all residents and not moralise about them.

    Having the first Pride was a chance for all to see we are just people and live ordinary lives. Love is love and civil rights and the right to have a Pride parade equal to any church, organisation etc.

    I would hope that the local media would not let this rest. Educate the Council and others in the community.

    Sad to hear.

  11. The Rev'd Fr. Raymond Burgoon-Clark 24 Jun 2013, 12:04am

    If over 50% of US heterosexual marriages hadn’t ALREADY been failing LONG before marriage equality was even on the horizon, I MIGHT listen … BUT … where do the breeders think all those children GLBTQAI couples want to adopt CAME from?

    THEY WERE ABANDONED by their “loving, kristianist heterosexual parents!”

    DECADES after the fact, the African-American churches and political leaders are STARTING to speak (timidly) about the parental irresponsibility of African-American men, many of whom are on the “down-low” and contributing to the rise in AIDS cases in their community.

    Historically, the African-American community has been opposed to adoption. Extended families were able to absorb the unwanted children. That is no longer the case.

    It is the GLBTQAI community that has stepped up to care for mixed-race children, children with special needs, children with HIV/AIDS, etc. Everyone ELSE seems to want only healthy white babies with impeccable blood-lines (!).

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