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US: Disney Channel programme to include same-sex parents for the first time

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Reader comments

  1. One Million Moms are going to frothing at the mouth over this one.

    Good on your Disney!

    1. One Million and One Bitches – could be Disney’s next animation Feature….

      1. LOL, and let’s hope cruella de ville succeeds to makea coat from their skins in this one

        1. I’ve always felt that Cruella De Ville sounds like a great name for a drag queen. x

    2. Im sorry hit the wrong key. YOU ARE UP!!! I hit down …sorry my latop wont change it…im still trying..

  2. Good for them! Disney has always been an inclusive employer and is a great example of how the world could be – without the divisiveness of religion trying to impose its morality on the vast majority of the populace. I once went to ‘Gay Day At Disney’. 30,000 gay people – and twelve mindless ‘christian’ demonstrators. Everyone was full of fun – except the miserable religious dozen. If that’s what religion does to you – thank god (pun intended) I’m am agnostic!

  3. Brilliant. It all reminds me of a wonderful badge I saw on a woman’s lapel in San Francisco years ago – ‘Doing My Best To Piss Off The Religious Right’.

    1. I saw a bumper sticker in Boston: “Don’t test on animals. Test on Christians.”

  4. I love that final quote. How is it that showing/saying anything about a lesbian or gay couple is shoving homosexuality down people’s throats but showing or talking about a straight couple is just normal? No logic. As for Disney, I’m just sorry my kids have outgrown “Good Luck Charlie”.

  5. Crying tears of joy! :”D

  6. I’m so excited to see that they’re helping the LGBT community in such a positive way!
    Love it love it love it <3
    Awesome example for kids to accept anyone no matter who they are <3

  7. …Only like 5% of the population is homosexual. You’d think every one was the way this pops up. We won’t be watching in my house.

    1. ^thatguyisanasshat 22 Jun 2013, 5:01am


    2. Tired argument AH(ole). Only 0.5% of the population are Jewish. Only 2.7% are Islam. Only 1.8% of the nation’s population attend church weekly (perhaps more of the population go to a gay bar weekly than the church?). TV should represent all people and gays it seems are under represented.

  8. Can’t WAIT to watch with my 4yr old lil Girl! We LOVE the SHOW!! Its Awsome that I like it also! Sooo!!! Im sure they will do a great job of teaching children AND PARENTS!!! What Real LIFE IS LIKE!!! LOVE IS LOVE!! I will make sure that MY BESTFRIEND since I was 17 yrs old and HER PARTNER will be here to all watch it! Disney is for familys and always warms the heart. : )

  9. Finally Disney joins the 21st century!

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