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US: Brooklyn woman says she was raped at knifepoint ‘for being gay’

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Reader comments

  1. Anti-fascist 21 Jun 2013, 1:47am

    Poor woman !

    For such crimes, I say ‘Life in jail, with no chance of parole’.

    I am a liberal but when it comes to crime, I am for VERY TOUGH measures. Yes, more jails would be needed but so be it ! If only a tiny fraction of frickin’ military expenditures is instead spent on security (ie. jails, jail staff), the financial aspect of the problem is solved !

  2. So called ‘corrective rape’, it’s called. It rarely occurs in the western world, but it’s where gay men or women are kidnapped and raped by a group of opposite sex rapists, to somehow ‘correct their thinking and behavior’. … As if victims then come to realization ‘oh, silly me this is the type of sex I’ve been missing all along!.’
    These type of animals need putting down.

  3. Rape crimes should result in life sentences at the least – and I mean they spend the rest of their lives in jail – with no chances of getting out.

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