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New York mayoral hopeful apologises for approach to voter who called his rival a ‘dyke’

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Reader comments

  1. The news for me is that this man has to apologize for what a stranger said to him on the street.

  2. Joseph patrick Mccormick proves yet again what a shockingly bad reporter he is.

    This is a copy and paste job.

    1. Joseph Patrick McCormick 21 Jun 2013, 6:12pm

      Would you like to expand on what is “shockingly bad” about this article?

      Everything inside the quotation marks is pasted, and is credited to the Washington Post, which published the original article. The rest of the copy I wrote myself.

      I look forward to your criticisms.

  3. Jeez, leave the guy alone. A media scrum where a silly woman makes a dumb remark and because he doesn’t immediately know how to handle the situation, he has to apologise? What a non-story.

  4. Not sure he has to apologize for someone else’s ignorance. The city has all kinds, and it’s not up to him to police their minds. I would be looking to his own actions and behaviours to measure him by.

  5. As far I am concerned, any person who remains silent when someone uses homophobic (or racist, sexist language) in their presence signals that this is acceptable, and is just as much of a redneck as the person(s) who use such language. Had the woman used a racial slur instead I am sure she would have been pulled up for it straight away.

    Given this, I do not think the candidate should be crucified over the matter. However, the fact that the incident has made news and the candidate has publicly acknowledged that homophobic behaviour is not acceptable can only be viewed as a positive. This message needs to be hammered home to the wider community at any and every opportunity available.

    I also believe that the reporter had an obligation to say something at the time, particularly if his/her reaction was that “incredulous”.

  6. Did this make anyone else laugh like mad? It was just the suddeness of the ‘whats her name.. the dyke’, who says that ? lol Also i love how he says “it’s not your fault” i think that needed expanding on.”…your fault (pause) that you’re prick” some people are born that way ;)

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