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Former Exodus International leader to ‘start a conversation’ with gays hurt by ‘ex-gay’ movement

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Reader comments

  1. The man’s a nutter. (Like Lord Carey.)

  2. I dread to think of how much harm has been done to specific LGBT people by his odious organisation.

    And we know that Exodus Int. helped perpetuate insidious and deeply harmful fallacies regarding sexuality that have become intrinsically linked with the evangelical movement which, in turn, works to curtail the human rights and liberties of LGBT people.

    We do not need to dialogue with this egotistical self-serving man in any way, shape or form.

    1. Quite right. This is about his need.

  3. We dont need a dialogue, all we want is an admission that you were a liar and cheat who damaged people, then just go away, forever.

  4. ‘There are amazing churches already helping people in the LGBT community’ How incredibly patronising is that? What help is he talking about ?If its anything like the help he’s handed out already he can stick it. Why cant they just butt out and leave everyone alone !

  5. David Walsh 21 Jun 2013, 11:25pm

    Here’s the conversion: GO AWAY. Delete your web site and online presence. Don’t start a new one. Get a new job and keep your twisted, self-hating bigotry to yourself.

  6. David Walsh 21 Jun 2013, 11:25pm

    Here’s the conversation: GO AWAY. Delete your web site and online presence. Don’t start a new one. Get a new job and keep your twisted, self-hating bigotry to yourself.

  7. The conversation should begin:

    “How many people have taken their own lives as a result of what you have done.”

    “Just how deep is your culpability.”

    “Are you willing to do jail time for the harm and damage you created by your own failure to reconcile yourself as you.”



    I see no apology, only love me love me I F’d up.

    Its akin to Hitler saying, “I ballsed up gassing Jews”

    But I’m sorted now.

    Love me Love me.

    Burn in your own definition of hell.

  8. When I was 18 my best friend from school and first boyfriend hanged himself to death in the woods in the lake district after getting involved with the UK version of these people, True Freedom Trust.

    I would say to this man, go away, stop seeking attention. Stop trying to make yourself some kind of martyr. It is sick.

  9. What?

    I am sorry for hurting you. I am sorry for destroying your families. I am sorry some of you killed yourselves because of my actions; but cant we just have coffee and get over it.

    That is like a rapist wanting to have coffee with his victim.

    Feck Off

  10. Go find a rock…

    1. No, please, don’t do that ! He probably will try to convince the rock that being solid and mineral is wrong and is a mortal sin and try to convert the rock into being water or air.

  11. No thanks, we don’t accept apologies from lying sneazy hypocrites like you. Bigots, always asking for too much forgiveness to us while demonstrating very little real regret. Just like Cardinal Keith O’Brien. When you finally demonstrate real regret and dedication to apologize for your past evils like fighting vigorously other gay cure groups, fighting and helping repeal the anti-equal marriage laws and working personally with the LGBT community to help make the world a better place for everyone we might consider forgiving you but until then, no, thanks. Your apology means absolutely nothing to us.

  12. I still get the sense that he wants to dictate the terms of engagement with the LGBT community.
    You don’t get to ruin countless lives with a pernicious lie that went right around the world and then try bringing US closer to Jesus the day after flogging your ‘reformed’ ministry on Oprah.
    The relationships destroyed, the self-harm, the suicides, the homophobia stoked.
    You want to make things square, go to Uganda, check out the damage you’ve caused and sort that out.
    Maybe come out whilst you’re there and get to see up close and personal the damage you caused with your lies.
    Until then your apology is cheap.

  13. Poor Alan Chambers. He has blood on his hands, and he doesn’t like it.

  14. Metsän poika 22 Jun 2013, 10:33am

    Sue his pants off (but leave the fig leaf, no-one wants to see his wiener).

  15. Maybe he will become a Ukip Councillor now!

  16. Hypocrite.

    Now that you no longer can keep your hands off dick it’s all apologies and I’m sorry and please f*ck me. F*ck you, is right. You do know that as a religious nutter you WILL burn in hell FOR ALL ETERNITY for the pain and suffering you have caused, right? And well deserved.


    1. He should be rotting in jail first!

  17. Leigh Hamilton 22 Jun 2013, 4:39pm

    I think some of the comments here stoop a bit too low. Chambers has gone so far as to shut down his organisation and state explicitly that “gay cure therapy” is wrong and hurtful, so I’m certainly willing to hear him out. The best thing the LGBT community can do in response is to accept and welcome him, showing a level of compassion and respect that is rarely shown to us by our opponents. We’re not going to get anywhere by lowering ourselves to their hateful level.

    1. Expression of anger about this man is good. Although he has closed his disgusting organisation he will still remain in the business of “counselling” GLBT people and is in a position to do great damage with his idiotic beliefs. The best thing he can do now, as someone above suggested, is to crawl under a rock.

    2. … all of which is a drop in the ocean. He doesn’t get to spread the message that gay people are sick and need curing to fundamentalist zealots who need zero encouragement and then just hand himself a clean slate after a damacene revelation.
      If he thinks that bringing ‘us’ closer to Jesus is a full and frank apology then he just hasn’t taken onboard the full horror of what he did.
      Right now he should be grovelling for forgiveness and atoning for his snakeoil gay cure moneymaking enterprise by setting things right, not hawking his ‘new improved’ christian ministry on Oprah.
      The fact that people in Uganda are discussing the death penalty for gay people is partly down to his Exodus ministry.
      If he gets served with a class action lawsuit, he only has himself to blame.

  18. Zoe Bremer 1 Jul 2013, 9:20am

    If he is truly sorry, perhaps he will pay for the victims of his vile ‘service’ to have the proper psychiatric or psychological help that they now need, provided by genuinely caring professionals.

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